What Are EDMs?

What are EDMs? 

The word EDMs stand for electronic direct mail; it is one of the company’s email marketing strategies to build a robust and reliable database of customers and prospects’ emails. 

Email marketing is one powerful electronic descendants of direct mail; it has changed the way businesses now communicate with their customers. 

It involves a strategic, timely sending of promotions, directs offers directly. An EDM uses multiple forms of marketing and communication to reinforce and strengthen a marketing campaign message. 

EDMs boosts omnichannel marketing such as: 

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Remarketing 
  3. Google Ads 
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Traditional Marketing

It helps create awareness, in a reminder manner, using emails to keep your company in front all the time to mass audiences and targeted audiences that are ready to engage with your products and services. 

We use email marketing or email marketing (EDMs) to build customer loyalty, drive more sales or conversions. 

Benefits of using EDMs (Email Marketing)

Insights and Useful Information Collection

It is one form of mass communication that allows you to collect data that is useful and reusable. It does not matter if your email campaigns were successful or not successful. The analytics and data collected can be used later for future planning and marketing campaigns.

Most email sending platforms have powerful and built-in analytics that will let you know how many people have viewed and responded to your email content. You will be able to derive data such as how many conversions, how fast they see the email, the best time to send an email, how many people opened your emails, even the locations they opened your email.  

The data collected will help you understand the kind of content you should create in the future, the content that will work well for your audiences, and what kind of content is still in need of improvement.

Overall this data collected will inform and create better ROI for your future marketing and content creations.  

Time is money

EDMS help to save you tons of time and money. Email marketing service providers now allow you to reach many big audiences that are previously only available to the big company. 

Build a Stronger Network 

You can personalize your email marketing for each email you sent out, unlike direct mails that are usually generic and cost you ways tons of money and time to personalize it. 

Unlike the direct mail marketing (traditional marketing), you can add on a personal touch, which will improve the communication between your company and your potential consumers. 

Always remember that relationships are how you can increase the value of your customers and convert your prospects. 

Many customized approaches that can be done only through EDMs will give better control and personalized strategies to the company. This kind of marketing will open the doors to stronger ties, more extended retention periods, more repeat business, and a higher rate of referrals. 

Effective Email Types

We have concluded below with the types of emails that work best for you, depending on the actions you want your customers to do. Are you trying to get customers to purchase, or are you trying to strengthen the relationship with your customers? 

You can build all kinds of email marketing funnels or types limited only by your creativity. However, all email marketing types or funnels, fall into one of these three categories: acquire, nurture, and convert. 

Here are some ideas for your next email campaigns, categorized and split between eCommerce and non-eCommerce deliverables. 


  • New arrivals or product launches 
  • Special promotions, or offers 
  • “We Miss You” for recurring sales 
  • Holiday specials 
  • Re-order (Re-marketing)
  • Sale Reminders 
  • Free trial
  • Top-of-mind
  • Trial upgrade
  • Free demonstration
  • Webinar invites
  • Refer a friend
  • Loyalty programs


  • Company newsletters 
  • Industry news or blog updates 
  • “Welcome” Message 
  • Testimonials/Case studies 
  • Tips and advice 
  • Event information 
  • New products and services 
  • Sales Reminder 
  • Promotion
  • Webinar invites
  • Free trial
  • Trial upgrade
  • Refer a friend

Key Considerations to Develop Powerful Electronic Direct Mail 

You need to follow these five best practices if you want your EDMs to be as successful as possible. These five considerations will work for all kinds, whether you are marketing to consumers, other businesses, regardless of what business industry you are in. These five essential factors will have a direct effect on the success rates of your EDMs efforts.


It would be best if you created automation with your email marketing tool. The power of the email conversion funnels is in its ability to remind, engage, and persuade audiences to take specific actions. You need to understand how much is too often and strike out a balance when you are trying to close sales. 

Imagine you are speaking to someone, would you tell them something and then continue to remind them every five minutes? If you are needed to make a call to a prospect to close a sale, do you call them twice a day? So how often is too often?

Most of the recipients will open and check the mails within 24 hours. It is a good practice to send a sequence of messages after two days, at least. You do not wish to appear as a spammer, so it advisable to extend the days between each message when you reach the third message in a sequence so that it seems like you are not spamming people with too many messages.

The timing has no rules, the main goal here is to find a balance in so your audiences can accept between staying in front of your contacts, and looking like a spammer. 

EDMs or email marketing campaigns built to influence audiences to take some actions are different from other types of email marketing campaigns. You need to make sure they are time-limited and offer some value to the recipients. 

Informational newsletters emails are great to show your industry expertise, filled with links to your most recent blog posts. Try not to send them every day or every other day that would usually be too much, which will cause them to get annoyed, unsubscribe, or request less frequent delivery. 

The key is here is to offer more relevant content that is useful and highly relevant for them. 

Message number 1 — Day 1 

Message number 2 — Day 3 

Message number 3 — Day 5 

Message number 4 — Day 9 

Message number 5 — Day 15 


It would be best to give reasonable offers to your target audiences and are very straight to the point clear within the email content. The heart of every email conversion funnel is to help your viewers understand what they will get in exchange for doing the action you want them to do. 

Your EDMs will not work unless you are providing what your targeted audiences want and needs. Your offers need to be genuinely desirable, vitally relevant to the targeted audiences, or they will not be motivated to act. 

You have to spend time researching what your audiences want or need via Google, online forums, questions sites like Quora.com, and your competitors’ content to understand the pain points and problems your customers are currently facing and seeking solutions. You can offer all these solutions through your email marketing campaigns. 

Match the offer to the audiences depending on where they are in the consumer journey, and where you would like to move them to the overall marketing funnel. 

EDMs strategy after often very flexible when it comes to the offer, but you must always remember that your targeted audiences’ wants and needs are the top priority, if not, your conversions will suffer. 

You may also do audience segmentation to help improve your conversion rates significantly. 

Subject Line

The subject line of your email marketing campaigns is important; it is one of the most important elements; after all, the more people who open, the higher the conversions. 

However, always ensure that the subject line matches the content of the messages you would like to convey. Recipients will be very frustrated, clicking through a subject line, discovering the content of the message unrelated, and destroying the chance of creating the brand trust. 

It is good to keep your subject title simple, short, and powerful to convince people to click and open your messages. 

Design and Messages 

Always make sure your messages and design are precise and professional. It will help create a good impression, perceive your quality, and build stronger trust with your recipients. They should also be responsive design optimized for all devices, so people opening your emails get to view it as in the best design. 

This is extremely important now that more than 50% of the emails are actually opened on mobile devices.

Unless your products and services are complex, shorter messages will always be better in email marketing. I am not saying that long-form content will not work, many of the marketers who had done email marketing also have great successes with long-form messages, but you need to make sure those messages have to be written well; if not, it will not boost your conversions. 

Follow-up email 

Once your EDM is successful, do you abandon them and stop sending them emails? The answer is no. 

You have to make sure to continue nurturing, engage them with the future email campaigns and automation based on the behaviors they display on your website and interact with your future email messages. 

Renurturing email funnels are like any other nurturing kind of messages sequences. They continue to build a stronger relationship with subscribers who are in the middle of the marketing funnels (either they are not ready to purchase from you, completed a purchase and not ready to make the next purchase)

It would be best if you still created email funnels for audiences inside this channel, they may or may not make purchases at the end, but it is always good to keep them engaged. 

The dormant customers like the one in the middle channel are similar, and we usually use re-engagement funnels to continue to reactivate inactive customers. 

This email conversion funnel will always include the conversion button asking the customers if they would like to still be on the list. It could consist of a simple call to action that asks the recipient to click one button and stay on your list or one promotional offer, such as one discount on specific products and services. 

To increase the conversion rate, always make sure that you provide a clear vision through words, images, or videos of what you want your recipients to do after receiving your EDM. 

Your CTA is the key to gain higher conversion rates. 

If the recipients act, you have successfully acquired your clients to re-engage with you and stay on your email marketing list. 

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