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We are a web design company specialized in web design and development. we design websites that stand out in the crowd and appeal to all search engines like Google.

Designing a website is easy but designing a good website, now that is a different story.

Web Design Services in Singapore

Web Leads is a professional web design company specializing in designing and developing all clean and modern website design solutions. Our websites are built with expert web designers with more than ten years of experience. We convert customers through clean designs, fast, clean codes, and search-engine-friendly websites.

Building Quality Websites For Your Businesses

Your website gives your business identity. Our agency wants to make sure that it screams professionalism. At Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency, we pride ourselves on creating amazing websites that only meet all your business needs. All websites will provide visual appeal and added user-friendliness for your customers.

Web design and development is the first step into the digital marketing space. Your business will never be the same again with an online presence today. Our marketing agency always makes sure your web pages and blog posts look the best, appeals to google search engine, your target audiences for higher conversions, and deliver higher profits to your business yield.

Web Design

Web Leads provides a range of digital marketing services. Our team always has a flair and excels in delivering work in the digital world. We stand firm in the belief that technology and the internet will never fall; it should always remain in this world to connect with people.

Responsive Web Design

There are many devices we use to access the Internet these days, and it is not possible to keep up with your audiences if your websites are not responsive. We tested many strategies to make sure your websites look good on all platforms; this decreases the bounce rate and eventually increase conversions.

HTML 5 & CSS 3

We make sure only the latest technologies and trends are used on your web design and development projects. Clean codings that make sure you have no worries for technical SEO and rankings on google search engines. We use only the best practices in the market to remain competitive in the world.

Integrated Content Management System

We can provide all sites with content management systems catered to your business; some of the more common CMS includes WordPress, Magento, and more. This new technology empowers you with a tool that provides tons of benefits; business owners can know update and edit content without the constant need of web developers or web design agencies.


Are you looking to target particular regions? Our team has had experience working with multilingual projects throughout the world. We can develop websites that allow you to do custom translations, such as Thai, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Russia, Japan, Korean, Thai, and more.


Web Designs That Appeal And Converts

Stand out from the rest!

Building useful and good websites is our specialty; we are always looking for new ways to improve designs and user experiences through constant investment of knowledge. We continuously look for data through Google analytics. And study their performances of every single web page. We understand your customer’s behavior, use it to refine your website, and it’s site architecture.


Professional Web Development

All in one solutions!

We are specialized in the development and designing of websites that have high usability. We utilize many content management systems, such as Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, and Wordpress. Above all, we are highly proficient in Wordpress. Wordpress is easy to use, highly customizable, great support, and most importantly - SEO-friendly. All site pages will be categorized into four main categories, such as content pages, navigational pages, sales pages, and credibility pages. These site structures will be work accordingly in our team to better facilitate on-page optimization and planned properly to improve conversions.

Need Help With Your Website?

Web Design & Development Singapore

The importance of having a good website for your business

Break Through The Noise

Your business website reflects the image of your company like a physical store, and it is important to craft a high-quality and search engine friendly website that allows you to convert your targeted audiences into customers.

Here at Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency, we believe that websites are now the most powerful tool in marketing. It builds your awareness fast. Spread your messages vastly across the globe as compared to any physical store in existence.


Niche and site types

Do you know that there are many different kinds of websites?

In Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency, we will work with you for all kinds of different web development and projects. There were three broad categories when we browsed through the websites available in Google today. They mainly fall into the informational site, e-commerce site, entertainment site.

Increase the conversion rate

Increase the conversion rate

As a reputable web design company in Singapore, We have built a process to make your website converts visitors to customers.

Web Design Service

We build websites on any platforms such as manual codings or any content management systems. We optimize your websites so that it is ensured search engine friendly for you and your customers.

We optimize all your websites making sure they are all mobile and friendly for all screens and devices.

eCommerce Web Design Service >


Website Maintenance Service

We keep your website safe and ready for your customers at any time. Our support team will continually maintain your site by scanning and patching your website, fixing, and updating any new content for you.

WordPress Maintenance Service >

Search Engine Optimization Course

Understand SEO and know how to optimize your website. You will learn how to optimize your website for on-page, off-page, and technical SEO in 3 days.

Targeted for anyone who wants to learn how to grow their business with organic traffics.

Search Engine Optimization Course >

Why Work With Us?

Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency is highly driven for what we do; designing and developing top-quality websites driven to help you achieve your business goals is one of them.

We strongly believe that the website is the most powerful marketing tool for your business. Always looking for up to the minute ways to improve the reliability, performance, and designs of your websites constantly. This results in increased sales, attention, traffics, actions, and customers. Website helps you sell your products and services 24/7, no salesperson or employee can ever do that for you.

Our Work Process

And how we do its

Understanding Site Type and Niche Market

Understand your business helps us know what your goals and your target audiences are. We will work on what kind of site it will be and what niche you will be focusing on. A sharp niche focus approach will make it easier to rank high in search engines, a greater flow of visitors. Consistent branding is important and, is the key aspect of developing a popular and profitable website.

Planning the site layout and web design

We plan and design wireframes with well-planned architecture that is SEO-friendly. Structured page elements that are balanced, well flowed together with matching style, color, and lines for better user experience.

Website development and performance optimization

The development stage is the time when your website will move onto the creation of web pages. Categorization of web pages processes: content pages, navigation pages, sales pages, and credibility pages. We will make sure the performance of the website will be high by filtering only an excellent hosting server.

Testing, Debugging and Performance Audit.

After designing and developing your site, it is time to do debugging of any possible errors. We will do a performance audit to analyze performance. Our experts will do checking of the page sizes, total w3cache, page caching, content delivery network. Lastly, the cache-control header process, compressing components, CSS, Javascript, and image optimization will be done in this section.


After a long and tiring session of developing your website and going through countless revisions and testing, your website is ready to launch finally!

A Good Website Leads to More Visitors and More Visitors Means a Higher Chance For Conversions.

Our Clients


Still Not Convinced?

Listen to What Some of Our Clients Have to Say:


Tydus is a foresight driven and optimistic serial entrepreneur who is well-versed with many digital marketing tactics. He designed my website according to what is most suitable for my many businesses and gave good recommendations based on his past experience dealing with serial entrepreneurship. Projects was paid in installments and everything were reasonable with him. With him in your team, you have no more worries for all back end and front end website issues. You can contact him anytime and he will give you fast response at all time. Tydus is an extraordinary individual driven to the success of not only his own companies but also to clients like myself. Based on what he recommended for SEO and website creation direction, we have been hitting positive ROI higher than what we expected of 150% and more. We are excited and looking forward to work with him for more projects!

Janessa Teo

Marketing Manager, HipVan Pte Ltd

I have done a few projects with this agency. The web developer and content marketing team have shown me good assistance and well-read expertise when driving organic SEO and content marketing skills. The website is formed with a hierarchy that is so good and clear for users to see information; I would say I am really impressed. It was a pleasure working with this agency and looking forward to the collaboration of more campaigns with them.

James Yeo

Marketing Director, Friendly Dolphin Swim School

A beautifully designed website for TAG Dental

Web Leads has worked with TAG Dental to create a clean and modern WordPress web design and optimized it for search engines to increase the visibility of their website. See how a new Singapore dental clinic in Bukit Timah started gaining visitors and new appointments over a short period with our web design service.

Our Company ONLY Design Web Excellence Services

How do we help your business achieve web excellence?

Expert Content
Stunning Designs
Qualified Traffic

Do you know what the rock is cooking? Like great cooks and the Rock. We have been underground training ourselves as web designers and web developers freelancing behind many big projects such as Singtel, M1 and Circles Life before moving onto the big stage.

We are a team of six young designers, web developers, and digital marketers. We started providing web design services and development since 2011.

We have perfected our web design services and skills with local and global projects for web development. We make sure to blend the art of blogging, copywriting, web designs, web development, content marketing together to make sure your websites shine in whatever products and services online.

We can do any designs and websites above your imaginations and expectations. We strive for excellence and are confident we will be the best small team for your business!


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