Understand Google Search Engine

It is important to understand Google as a search engine. Its market share covers three times more than all of its competitors in the world. It is growing and the dominance of it can be seen in Asia as well as the United Kingdom.

Cultures Of Google

In order to understand Google, we need to know why was it even created in the first place. Not long after the creation of Google, Google started this ten pointers manifesto and these 10 points have since formed the Google philosophy.

It is directly relevant to the Google search engines.

User Focus

Google despites its highly successful revenue-generating model, has a strong guiding principle that revenue comes only as a result of helping the users.

The search experience is of the utmost importance and they set a clear distinction between paid and earned (organic) listings.

Google revenue model comes from the paid listings and you will be amazed that they actually do not employ any user distractions to support more of its revenue generation.

This shows how Google puts users first all the time and it’s gain at second.

Google Do Searches

Google do searches and focuses on doing this extremely well. They make sure they always do this better than anyone in the world.

Google products all directly evolve from the continuous improvement to only one thing (search) and the application of its knowledge Google learned from the mission over the years.

The focus on doing this extremely well has enabled Google on the monopolization of the search environment in any market possible in the world.

Gmail, Google Map, Google Business, Google Web, etc all came out as a result of a constant attention to solve the search needs.

Searches in Seconds

Google wants to give you the quickest answers to your questions. This ties to Google’s principle of faster is always better than slow.

In terms of delivering results to searches best matching their needs, it is solely about getting to the result as soon as possible.

They have this commitment of “doing search well,” it is one huge achievement for Google to be able to deliver search results in fractions of a second or almost instantly depending on the speed of your Internet.

Voting Counts on Internet

Links from the content on other websites provide a direct association between information for Google to crawl and discover.

Google has tested many approaches to decide how to rank a website for any given search query. It concluded that external signals (links) help to understand the value and relevancy of a web page, satisfying users’ demands.

Despite having many hundreds of other ranking factors that combine. Link building and backlinks (links) is the most important factor.

Answers Anytime Anywhere

Google love to help you whenever and wherever you are with any information. People now having a mobile is growing worldwide, and content is now going mobile-friendly as well.

The delivery of the information/knowledge is no longer restricted to just people in a single location with the computer.

The progression of mobile technology brings about a full alternative mobile search experience with ever limited differentiation.

Learn To Be Good and Earn Money

Only the good get to earn money. Google is a business and it needs to make money to succeed in any goals the business has.

Google makes a profit through advertising, search technologies they supply to their users. Google has three pillars when it comes to advertising like relevancy, simplicity, and integrity.


Not all of the search results have paid or sponsored ads in the search results.

The adverts allowed on the Google search results have to be relevant and should add some values to users.


The advertising is not distracting to searchers or users on the search engine result pages.

They do not pop out or serve any flashy content, animations, or incorporate flashy distractions.

The adverts are text-based and are proven to offer the greatest click through rates.


All paid results are marked with “ad” to indicate it in Google search results.

This informed users of the differences and make informed decisions when they click into it. They should know and are able to tell which is earned and which is paid results.

Google has adhered to a very high standard when it comes to the ranking of the paid-for-positions in the sponsored sections of the search engine results pages.

Discovery Never Stops

The information in the world grows exponentially, people are searching for information daily.

There are always a driving force and requirement for people to search for more content, understand and display it on the search engine result pages.

Great is a Good Starting Point

Google always strives to improve in all measures, they set goals of an extremely high standard and are usually unachievable. Google encourages its team to stretch, grow and deliver what does not exist.

Many integration and improvement have been done to improve and anticipate changes in Google.

Artificial intelligence has been added recently into the system to help people understand better for those who do not know what they are looking for.

Universal Access to Information

Google aims to serve and deliver information to people regardless of age, geolocation, and any other individual attributes.

Google is founded in one country California (United States) but does not limit its global presence.

Every people in any part of the world with Internet should be able to access and enjoy the web. They should be able to seek any kind of information they wants at any time.

This new innovation had dramatically improved information and education. People now search for any answers they want to have posted through the search engines.

Google revolutionizes education in the most beneficial ways to mankind.

It changes the way people now think of researches, collecting information and a whole new revolution in education’s framework for the whole new generation.

We should all thank Google for this contribution and coming out with these universal powerful search engines.

Culture Encourages Creativity

Google does not adhere to the standard in the past, you can be successful without adhering to the historical business expectations.

Google office blend fun and work during office hours. They strongly oppose any practice that are barriers to progress.

Some of the new cultures brought forward to practice in Google are in my experience many companies should strive towards.

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