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The Importance of a Website for Your Business Success

Jason Cheok – OCTOBER 4, 2019

 importance of a website

Many people search for information before making any decision about buying products and services nowadays. Most consumers who have Internet devices will do researches online first before making any purchases.

More than 93% of consumers’ data supported last year, do researches through Google search engine first before making any other decisions. This new buying behavior and trends show the need and importance of a website for today’s business.

You need to have a professional website if you wish to be successful in today’s modern marketplace. Every digital marketing efforts point to your website as one of the last destinations for conversions to happen. Your website is the backbone and center of your whole digital marketing efforts. We will discuss in more detail below to get you started with a professional website and the reasons why you need one.

Website Importance For Marketing

The website is the backbone of all your digital marketing efforts. Every content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing you do to create your only online presence experience will have them pointing to your website at the end of the sales funnel or customer journey. Your website needs to have content and information that provides a clear idea to your customers about what are the products and services you are offering.

Let’s start with two of the most prominent digital marketing channel to reach audiences. You can do all kinds of content marketing and sharing to engage and reach audiences. In the end, you still have to send them somewhere to learn more about your business and the information you provide. Similarly, we put up content on our web pages and share it via social media and search engines. If they do not know about what we offer and what is digital marketing, they can learn more by clicking on the link provided and have them read more through our content on the website.

Your website will become a depot for all the educative materials your customers’ needs. They can find information of all sorts about the products and services you are offering. The information on the website will help your customers understand more about your company. And persuade them that your business is better placed than all of the competitors in the market

Content marketing is the most powerful digital marketing strategies ever. And content needs to have somewhere to stay and live, whether it is blog posts, information, products, and services descriptions; you need a website to display it so that customers can search and find it.

Your website provides all the information your customers need to make smart purchase decisions which physical stores cannot offer. This reason itself is also why businesses that work hard to provide information through their website and online presence tends to do better now in the modern marketplace.

Your website is the house of all the fabulous content you may have up your sleeves and ready to show off to your customers – the blog post you are reading now is also one of our effort on our website to provide you with more information!

Are you doing email marketing and web analytics? Your website also plays a critical role in both your email marketing and web analytics. You need a place to send them to such as content or call to action landing pages to have them take action to conversion.

From the website behavior, you get to use your web analytics expertise to understand better ROI and the Cost Per Acquisition through email marketing efforts.

Every week we send newsletters to our clients to update them of the new information we update, which might be of interest to them. They can learn more by clicking into the links to our website via specific blog posts they are interested in.

Paid ads need a full landing page to show content and reduce cost via quality score bidding. PPC or pay per click search marketing strategies is a paid advertising strategies used by marketers for quick listings into the SERP page top position by paying.

It is a great way to reach customers that have interests in the products and services directly. Likewise, you need to have a website to lead the customers when they click on your PPC ad. Be it a landing page you tailored, blog, or product pages, the ad will need to have a destination on your website.

links example

Google had come out with many extensions to make the ad on the SERP more enticing and favorable to click. Your ad can have multiple destination pages to provide more information, covering more areas on what the customers might be looking at during their searches.

The ultimate goal of the website is to have all the questions they ask in Google search engines answered with the high-quality information you provide.

Another search marketing method known as the SEO works in the same way without paying Google to list your content in its SERP. You have to earn the listings by providing superior content or information that answers the queries directly. Customers use search engines to digest all information in the world now.

You can bring some of the online traffic to yourself by having an SEO-friendly website when customers search for your products, services, and challenges they faced in search engines. The more you practice optimizing SEO for your content and web pages, the higher the chance you will gain in conversions from existing and new customers.

Website Importance For Sales

Websites, like physical stores, drive all kinds of sales nowadays. Sales are crucial for business growth, drivers for businesses to provide better products and services.

Sales and profits are the only way to keep business up and running. Improving sales and profits is the only best way to determine the longevity, health, and success of your business.

Developing a website needs a lot of time, effort, and patience before you get to see the results you intended. Having it launched does not mean you will get paying customers to your business straight away.

However, through great content marketing to spread the word and effective search engine optimization of your website, you will gain and improve the chances of bringing in more qualified leads that are more likely to convert and make purchases.

The higher your website is on the top, the better impressions you provide to your customers. And the more likely people will click and visit your website giving you the opportunities to make a good impression and from there make your sales.

Moreover, your website works 24/7, and you get to sell your products and services around the clock. It increases your sales opportunities and increase the availability of your business to make sales. You can save time engaging with leads constantly as people will be able to get all the information they need you provided on your website.

People like to make smart purchasing decisions. Your website will help to legitimize your business and help them make intelligent choices. You can entice customers by providing them the information you need through content marketing.

The content you put up on your website will save the cost and time of you looking for an additional salesperson in the past. The information on the website will give them the information they crave and convince them to buy products or services from your business.

Develop Your Credibility with a Website

In the modern marketplace today, businesses without a website are seen as less credible or authoritative. There is no much content to see and show their expertise. When there is no effort from business to show it, they will find them less of an expert and usually ditch the whole idea of buying from them. Siteless businesses are seen as low authority in consumers’ eyes, and customers are more likely to believe that they do not even know what they are selling.

Website act as a hub with all the information they want to see, such as mission, vision, and business goals. All the information will foster relationship building with customers, and people will trust your brand more. With this trust, in the long run, helps to build a better and longer-lasting relationships.

With all the knowledge and information you have in your head to provide the best products and services. You can now use your website to show it and establish authority.

Show your customers that you are the right entrepreneur or business owner to provide the products and services in your niche. Provide them with educational and valuable content so that they get to know you as an expert with these products and services you provide and encourage more conversions.

Entrepreneurs who are well-read will usually be more able to write long blog posts about the products and services they sell. They will be the right person to provide you with the best product and service you need. Here is also one of the main reasons blogging kills all other content marketing types and dominates as the number 1 killer for conversions, sales, and leads.

Every website’s content is unique, showing what the brand can offer, you can use the content to favor by showing leads and customers what makes your company and business different from the rest through content customization.

The website helps you stay ahead in competition with your competitors if they have, and you don’t – you lose out to almost 100% flat down in conversion during the customer’s consideration phase. They will not even think of you as a brand they want to do business with.

24/7 Salesperson For Your Business

Your website never sleeps and helps to bring in leads and sales to you 24/7. When the whole team has ended the day from work, your website continues working hard to bring in sales to your company; they work non-stop without needing constant payment.

Just take a second and imagine how many more sales you can generate if you never sleep for the day. With the advent of the Internet, you now can have the website work hard, making robust sales for you while you sleep. The website will show off your brand and information to any customers that are searching for products and services related to your niche day or night.

creative website marketing strategies

You can do whatever you like anywhere while getting your website to do the hard work. The hard work you have done and content will stay online in the digital estate unless you take it down. Your website becomes your digital salesperson introducing and providing the information to your potentials customers.

The best part of all is that you do not physically need to be there to reap the sales benefits. Your website will do whatever you like it to do, be it providing product information, making the sales, and collecting the data for payment online.

For a second, imagine you are looking to buy a thumb drive you need. Would you go traveling around to local stores and find those that sell thumb drives like these, or you prefer staying home sitting at your comfortable couch searching the Internet shopping for the thumb drive online? Most people will choose the latter in most scenarios. And that is why smart businesses nowadays who understand these switch in consumers’ behavior build websites to show their products and services online to capture more sales and increase profits!

Your First Impression Counts With A Good Web Design.

You need to have a professional website for your business branding. In-store physical stores had most people coming into their stores after searching online first. Your website is now the first impression of your business to the consumers. This lasting first impression comes way before seeing the look of your physical stores. 

The website is so vital that a website built with unattractive navigation and non-appealing website design turn customers away quickly before you even realize it.

More than 95% who participated in an online survey agree that web design is crucial for customers to trust or reject your whole branding and business. 

You should make sure your website always has these elements in place (not limited to) for your website:

  • Attractive and neat – Your website should have colors, pictures, and videos standardized. They should align with the branding you wish to portray in the website design. Good website design should allow high-quality site architecture so that visitors can comprehend content easily with good loading speed. 
  • Valuable and helpful content – Your content marketing on the website should be high-quality. It should inform the visitors of your products and services offering and optimized for SEO with keywords visitors might search online to find your brand.
  • Fast page load speed – Improve your customer experience by improving the load time; it should load within a few seconds and drop the bounce rate of visitors to your website. 
get free website traffic with SEO
  • Navigation-friendly – Try to make sure people do not need to click more than three times to see the content they desire. Navigation menus should mobile-optimized and keep simple for users to view from both desktop and mobile devices. 
  • SEO-friendly – Your site needs to be optimized for the search engines like Google. Professional web design companies will incorporate SEO packages to get your website up online. 

You may need to find a web design agency to handle the tasks for you if you do not have an in-house team yourself to do so. 

If you don’t have the resources in-house to design and maintain a professional, working website, then you may need to get help from a web design agency. (But more on that in the next section!)

Everyone Needs a Website and How to Get Started?

Everyone today needs a website to act as a resume to showcase your products and services. The benefits of having a website are evident, even if you are doing local businesses in a physical store. It is how people find you from anywhere in the world now; it validates your existence and showcase your expertise in no other way.

If you want to make money as an employee or as an entrepreneur, you need a website now in the modern marketplace. Having your website launch in professional ways is not difficult.

Many website builders in the modern world provide you with easy drag and drop solutions. These companies include popular ones like Wix and Squarespace, which are affordable and easy to use. You can also use the WordPress free version if you have web design essential knowledge.

However, if you are serious about creating real professional website design that works optimize with the search engines. It is better to consult a professional web design company or agency that are experts in these and knows how to get all the work done correctly. Building a website is like buying an asset; it does require an up-front investment cost, but it will all be worth it as it will generate you with so much more profits later.

It is good to have a digital marketing agency to do it all for you nowadays, they know inside out of the search engines and how to optimize the web content needed to perform well for search engines. These will, in turn, grow your profits, and your target customers will be able to find you whenever they are looking for products and services related to your company. Remember, your website works 24/7?

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