Social Media Marketing

The emotional feeling of trust is what makes social at the heart of customer experiences.

Social Media Marketing Services

Engage with your customers globally and locally via social media platforms with our expert social media marketing agency. 

  • Social platforms are powerful because it is driven by conversations and not campaigns.
  • Customers get to evaluate, give praises, criticizes, and share their opinion of your brands. Word of mouth is powerful and sales are heavily influenced by these recommendations or criticisms.
  • The best online platform to drive awareness of your products and services, it creates trust among customers and target groups.
  • People use social media widely in the world; the numbers will continue to grow. You can now reach people with your messages, products, and services within a few clicks or seconds. Using social media well will have a significant influence on your business.
  • With the power of social media, you can now reach massive audiences in the world previously not being able to in the past. You will eventually find more potential customers that will be interested in your products and services.


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Social Media Marketing Done Right = Increased Sales

Customer Benefits

  • Customers get to interact with brands, companies as well as other peers to make smart choices of products and services.
  • Customer experience is the only currency that will make the big difference in today’s competitive world.
  • The shared platform allows customers and brands to communicate more seamlessly. Customers get to experience emotions, having conversations, and sharing information.

Business Benefits

  • Social media reach is fast and people get to know of your products and services you provide within seconds.
  • Build and develop fan bases.
  • Increase brand exposure
  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Increase leads, sales, and conversions.
  • Create trust among customers and the target group.
  • Better customer care.
  • Two-way communications between customers and brands.

Power of Reach

  • Social platforms are powerful because it is driven by conversations and not campaigns
  • Social media allow your messages or products to reach millions around the world in a matter of hours.
  • Search engines with results coming in billions are using social media signals to help deliver better results.
  • Facebook advertisings were introduced and reach exposure is now faster than ever.

Exclusive Discounts

Referrals work faster through social media with its massive reach. Give exclusive discounts to fans who have liked your page, further build a relationship, and reward them for your loyalty. Moreover, you can also track the offers performed through analytics to measure the success of these actions. There are no referrals that work better than these with a system to track success rates.

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Social Media Marketing Services

Growing the right fans and advocates
  • Social media exploded worldwide ever since Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn platforms started a decade ago.
  • Social media marketing is started as one of the subsidiary branches supporting internet marketing.
  • This kind of marketing, unlike traditional marketing, created more trust and transparency between customers and companies.
  • Social media marketing reach is high – a proven successful method of engaging customers that are interested in any particular products and services in a helpful way.
  • Content such as written format, videos, photograph tutorials, specifications provided more value to customers before any purchase decisions.

7 Years and counting, we have worked with SMEs & MNCs from all walks of industries, helping more than 2000 companies go-digital!


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Whether you are a B2C or B2B based business, all businesses need to jump onto the digital marketing bandwagon now. More and more customers trust online more than any offline marketing now with social media transparency. Our experienced team will be here to help!

In the 30 minutes session, our consultants will share the following:

  • Competitor analysis performance on social media and search engines. 
  • Show you the keywords that your companies need to leverage.
  • We will analyze your current sales strategies’ effectiveness.
  • Valuable information sharing. Actionable guide to identify pain points and solutions that work. 
  • SEO performances of competitors. We will set realistic goals for your important business.


    Experienced Social Media Management Team

    • Facebook Page Management
    • Experienced Account Executive
    • Monthly Blogging Creation
    • Content Creation ( Graphics / Artworks / Gifs / Info-Graphics Videos )
    • Minimum two unique posts per week
    • Build up your followers and audiences
    • Engaging customers and building strong brandings
    • Tweetdeck and Hootsuite Analysis
    • Holiday and Seasonal Posting
    • Level 1/2 Community Management
    • Recommendation of influencers / talents / call to actions
    • Twitter and Youtube Content productions and optimization
    • LinkedIn Marketing
    • Manage and monitor your social media with marketing tools.
    • Monthly Reports

    Do you still remember those days before Amazon, Uber, Grab, Taobao, Qoo10, and days before other market leaders emerged?

    We are no longer only limited to buying only from retail stores offline. The technology now has advanced until we are readily connected with a smartphone anywhere we go. Imagine living a day off without a smartphone or with your smartphone battery dying on you? People now are making purchases through the website, doing information research via Facebook reviews, videos on Youtube, Instagram for pictures, and more. Social media is part of an important essential sales funnel, and it impacts businesses of all shapes greatly. Combine your social media to your website and create an all-rounder digital marketing experiences for your customers is the only right way to go to attract new customers.

    Social media helps to improve customer relationships by offering engagement websites, and physical stores cannot replace. It provides you the ability to respond to customers’ queries 24/7. This platform enables community growth and customer loyalty-building more efficiently.

    You have to grow, reach out, and connect to your customers online now.

    Develop your website with good branding and digital marketing specialist that are firm in delivering what works. We provide a one-stop digital marketing solution as an academy and agency in Singapore. We have helped many clients globally, achieving goals, taking action, and getting things done. We will do the same for you delivering you the best and put you ahead of your competitors.


    Advantages of Facebook advertising (Social Media Marketing)

    You can use search engines and many channels online to bring in viewers to your websites and introduces your products and services. 

    One powerful way we do now to target the massive audiences in B2C background is to have customers coming from sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more other social media platforms. 

    The evolution and birth of internet marketing provided more precise targeting as compared to the previous traditional marketing. You can now target customers based on the customer persona you have created for your business. 

    One of the most popular platforms to put up content marketing and advertising is Facebook and Instagram. I would say more than 90% of people in Singapore have one Facebook account, or more than one.

    You can use Facebook advertisements to analyze target persona, know what works, and do not works. You can also reach massive audiences, and put up your marketing advertisement more strategically with more detailed, demographic data like:  

    • Gender 
    • Age 
    • Marital Status
    • Location 
    • Interests 
    • And more 

    When you understand who your audiences are and how to reach them the “right way,” you are one step ahead in the cycle of conversions. 

    Our social media marketing team in Singapore will do creatives, with the relevant, persuasive advertisement, designs, and content. 

    Your campaigns will show on the news feed to all your targeted customers from all devices people use now, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktops. 

    Social media marketing targeted ads services will result in more effective spending of your marketing budget, and you will get more value or ROI for your spendings. 

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    Why Do Social Media Marketing?

    Increase your sales, revenue, traffic, brand recognition with little to no costs!

    Statistics and researches have shown that website traffic comes mostly from search engines. Thus search engine optimization is one very important digital marketing strategy that helps to elevate your search engine rankings and obtain more traffics to your website. Posting high-quality content and sharing it via social media will create buzz, sharing, likes, engagements and people like business owners who are attracted by your content will provide links back and eventually improve your search engine ranking power!

    Social media marketing is all about conversations and interactions. With participation in social media marketing, it humanizes your business and gives a positive impression of your brand. Social media like search engines are channels to showcase your content marketing such as blog post, image, video, infographics content, etc. But with the added conversations only happening in social media like sharing, liking, and talking about it improve the conversion rate more for people in middle of the sale funnels ready for conversions.

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