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2 Days Beginner to Advance Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Course Singapore.


Social Media Marketing Course


Social media experiences offer new ways for customers to critique, question and promote new brands.

Social media is an effective and affordable channel to reach prospects, leads, and customers in the world. More than 85% of people in Singapore are reportedly to be on social media every day. People now spend more than 2.5 hours daily surfing through social media.

There are many social media channels such as:

  • Collaborative projects (Wikipedia)
  • Blogs and Microblogs (Tumblr, WordPress content)
  • Content communities (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Virtual game worlds (Warcraft)
  • Virtual second worlds (Second life)
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Businesses of all types are beginning to use all kinds of social media communication tools nowadays to reach consumers. Social media marketing is a vast discipline that encompasses everything from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter to content sharing platforms like YouTube and Medium.

There are hundreds of social channels to choose from with each of its own unique processes and protocols to follow. This social media marketing course will help you sort through all these madness, help you make a plan and start creating social media marketing that matters and add on values to your company.

The two days social marketing course will teach you how to avoid social media mistakes, gain social trust from your prospects, create 2 ways communication, powerful uses of social listening tools, and finally how to generate leads and sales by the end of the course.

Social media revolves around all aspects of everyone’s life from personal to corporate. Many departments have to be in sync together via social media for businesses to strive.


Social Media Marketing Course Singapore | Key Features

  • Up-to-date course modules
  • Practical training
  • Certificate of Completion
  • After course support
  • Cover all popular social media channels in detail. 
  • We have tried and tested all social media marketing channels
  • Campaigns with hands-on case studies we have worked on. 
  • Case studies practical application.
  • Social media channels describe and implementation details step by step
  • Straight to the point teaching, proactive advice face to face session
  • Comprehensive curriculum developed by a social media marketing expert.
  • Pay per click social media marketing beginner to advanced level
  • Leading social media training organizations that have taught social media marketing globally. 

About The Course

Our comprehensive two days social media marketing course will equip you with anything you need to know about Social Media Marketing. All strategies, frameworks, case studies, tools needed are highly actionable, and you can apply to your career in digital marketing or businesses.

This course is for all beginners, intermediates, or advanced Social Media lovers and Social Media Marketing Experts.

The course will include team exercise, real-world framework, practical concepts and tools that you learn can be applied straight away after the course.

This course is conducted by one very experienced marketer who has knowledge of all popular social media platforms.

International, Local, B2B, and B2C scenario case studies with hands-on activities to better understand the concept and what can be applied during real-life marketing situations.

Students will learn through demonstrations and practices to measure and optimize their social media channels effectively.


In this Social Media Marketing Course:

You will learn all social media marketing strategies available and how to apply them all on your social media channels.

You will learn how to get started with all the social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and take action!

Learn how to monitor and manage your marketing tools such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck

You will learn how to choose your channels within social media.

You will learn to identify your social media journey, goal setting, social media audit, create a strategy and then achieve social media success.

You will learn how to use vision and goals to create inspirational social media marketing campaigns.

You will learn how to do a comprehensive social media audit and how to use a social media spreadsheet audit template.


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This Social Media Marketing Course will help you to acquire competent knowledge and skills to master all Social Media Channels. You will learn to grow any business with this comprehensive understanding of social media marketing, content marketing strategies.

You will learn how to distribute them successfully using each social media channel differently.

You will learn to apply the knowledge in real-life.

You will learn the dos and don’ts of each social media channel.

You will learn the three main digital experience powering social media and how to leverage each.

You will learn about social media content marketing and the five types of content effective useful for conversions.

You will learn how to do a social media audit to better understand the accuracy and branding of your social media profile, etc.

You will learn social media automation processes such as cross-posting, social media branding updates, segment and communicate with followers, etc.

Why blogging works for SEO and social media marketing. Fresh and new content ensures the survival of your website in search engines and social media presence.

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Led by instructor | Lecture, group discussion, questions, and answers.

▷ Introduction to Social Media Marketing
▷ Understand Social Media Marketing System
▷ Understand how to select the right social media channels
▷ Pros and cons of using each social media channels (Example: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
▷ When to use each channel, and how to select the right channel?
▷ Why social media is ultimately all about storytelling?
▷ Creating the best story


Interactive | Lecture based, Questions and Answers, Practice, Trial and error.

▷ What are the major social media channels?
▷ How to grow on Instagram?
▷ Learn what works on Instagram
▷ Research the ten keywords and produce different types of content
▷ Using hashtags on Instagram
▷ Learn how to create shoppable posts on Instagram and Facebook
▷ Use Facebook and Instagram Live effectively
▷ Stories Ad on Instagram
▷ How to use Facebook eCommerce ads
▷ Learn to use detailed targeting on Facebook
▷ How to scale and Ad Creative Examples
▷ Facebook ranking factors and how it affects major search engines?

Interactive | Lecture, demonstration, and modeling, case study, questions and answers, group presentation, group project work, practice, quizzes.

▷ Optimize your LinkedIn Profile
▷ Why design and use a background image?
▷ Growth hacking tool
▷ Advertising on LinkedIn
▷ Create and optimize your company page
▷ Set content and audience
▷ Writing an article and sharing on LinkedIn
▷ Connecting with the right people
▷ Adding more information to your audiences

Interactive | Lecture, demonstration (visual and verbal instructions), Questions and Answers, Trials and Errors, Case studies, Individual projects)

▷ Introduction to YouTube Marketing
▷ How to get skyrocket subscribers?
▷ How to drive the right traffic?
▷ Keywords research for video marketing
▷ Creating a business account
▷ What is channel tag and how to use channel tags?
▷ Tips to help you succeed in Youtube SEO
▷ Learn to manage, optimize and monetize your YouTube Account.
▷ Some of the key advertising terms
▷ How to analyze and create effective YouTube Ads
▷ Manage your comments on YouTube Channel.

Interactive | Lecture, demonstration (visual and verbal instructions), Questions and Answers, Trials and Errors, Case studies, Individual projects)

▷ Why use Pinterest?
▷ Create a business profile for Pinterest
▷ Model Influencers
▷ Profile SEO
▷ Learning to create a design board or pin
▷ Get targeted followers
▷ How and why Pinterest ads work?
▷ Creating campaigns, ads, and ad pins

Interactive | Lecture, practices, questions and answers, guided steps by steps, trial and errors, case studies

▷ Finding customers using Twitter
▷ Following top influencers
▷ How to get followers?
▷ How to communicate?
▷ Create a poll through twitter
▷ Get more retweets
▷ Understanding twitter dashboards
▷ Understand twitter analytics
▷ Robust monitoring via Tweetdeck


Marketing Executives, Digital Marketer, Social Media Managers, Entrepreneurs/Business owners, Serial entrepreneur, anyone who is looking to get ahead at work or looking to change career, and anyone who are just intrigued by the change of the world with social media.


We will issue a certificate of completion after achieving at least 70% attendance for the course. You will have to be able to show proficiency in understanding and proficiency in all social media marketing channels.


We will provide each student with a windows laptop. However, it will be better for students to have their laptops set up before the class. Students must possess basic computer knowledge.



Social media is important because your customers love to share, review, and share information about your company with people they trust. People are buying based on trusted review their friends made on social media. Still dragging your feet not venturing into social media meant losing all your customers to your competitors with good social network presence.

Social media is a social platforms that people goes to share conversation, seek information and connect with each other. The major social media platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. They have been growing rapidly the past 5 years in incredible rate.

You do not need to have all social media accounts before the course. Our instructors will guide you on the steps to create one on each platform during the course to get started. However, it is good to have as well as this will speed up the pace of the course and we can dive straight down to the main topic.

The course will touch on all business to consumers (B2C) and business to business (B2B) effective social media channels. You will understand the dos, don’ts and what to ask yourself when you select each channels specific to your marketing campaigns. The three main social media channels we will go in-depth will be Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We will also share about how email marketing can help to complement all these channels in driving leads into conversions.


We have structured the course to be easy and yet conducive enough for anyone to learn it fast. We will take you from any beginner to an advanced level throughout the two days. You will be able to ask questions and be answered by industry experts on all relevant queries you have on a face-to-face basis. Specifics will be taught and you get shortcuts to all the essentials of advertising and selections of social media channels.

A strategic marketing approach needs accurate data that need to be collected for practical applications. We will focus on the most effective ones and explain in detail why some of them stand out in the course. Tools include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Sysomos3
  • Argyle Social
  • Salesforce Radian 6
  • Twitter tools
  • Facebook insight tool
  • Hootsuite
  • Tweetdeck
  • Crowdbooster

Trainer Profile

Tydus started working with us at Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency back in 2013. He is an SEO and Social Media consultant that specialized in the sporting and car industries.

He has also worked with F&B restaurants in charge of the whole project of bringing in leads, sales and traffics for the past two years through Facebook and other social media channels. Companies he has worked with, increase their sales of up to 75% within the next six months of completed project with him.

Tydus has conducted more than 3000 classes for social media courses and did more than 300 big projects under the Digital Marketing Agency. He is well polished and experience to share with you what to do and not to do in this current online world. Well-loved by students to providing well structured, and teaching you only the essential tactics to successful Facebook Marketing, he will be the number one Social Media Marketing guru to guide you.

About Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency and Academy

Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency and Academy is the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore. We have a team strength of about 45 people well versed with all digital marketing techniques from SEO to website development, etc.

We started from 2013 in Singapore, and since the founding, we have successfully served more than 1,200 clients. You can find us featured in:

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Course Fees

$700 Nett/Pax

  • Minimum 6 to start
  • Class size is cap at 20 seats (additional 6 seats reserved for the needy as part of Web Leads Corporate Social Responsibility)
Course Duration:

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Understand all the Social Media Channels and Choose the Right Channels For Each Content Marketing Strategies!


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