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Smile Tutor Tuition Agency is an agency that has work it’s way up using digital marketing and website instead of a physical store. It is an online website store that helped to provide valuable information to parents and students who are looking for tuition lessons. They will provide services such as sorting out the best tutors for you — reviews and advice on what to look out for when searching for tutors.



Smile Tutor Tuition Agency has been using SEO, social media ads, and Google Adwords to boost their online presence and increase sales yearly. These digital marketing strategies have been working fine for them. And they wish to improve so that they can target more valuable keywords since their domain page had been around for quite some time. With the previous strategies, Smile Tutor Tuition Agency created a lot of awareness, sales but did not get good results from the newly launched app installs and users. We believe the reason that might have caused the low download rates might be insufficient educational content. And users might not know how to use the app yet.


Facebook Advertising Strategy

Strategize and create a Facebook ad that creates awareness for the launch of the application. This action will help to generate traffic and hopefully also convert them into downloading the app. Targeted users include parents and students who are looking for tuition lessons.

Email Marketing

Users who have provided email addresses, we will send them newsletters to update them of the new promotions happening in Smile Tutor Tuition Agency. The newsletters will provide information, education, entertainment as well as some success stories inspiring facts to convince them. It will also have e-invites and promotional codes included for a specific timing to encourage more buyers to convert with urgency.

Website & Application Design

Plan a smooth user flow of any sort to cut off drop off rate. We will guide first-time users with information and how to navigate around the application with ease. Doing this will ensure retention rates.


The main objective of the Smile Tutor Tuition Agency is to acquire new application downloads. And users among parents and students get to discover and be able to view curriculums all in one place within the application and website.

Target Facebook ads were released, and we strategize it by posting ads that target groups of audiences. Audiences are targeted based on demographics, interest, retargeting, and lookalike audiences.

We focus the ads on these ad sets so that we can reach out to higher potential customers that are more likely to convert into sales.

We did video and images content marketing to engage users on social media. “Words” marketing that inform via Google Adwords that reinforce social media marketing to lead users down the conversions funnel.


We split the project into four phases – Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Content Marketing, and SEO. We maximize reach by first spending on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads; we can find all the users at these 2 two channels. The immediate initiations of these two strategies make it ideal for us. After that, we moved on to do content marketing to build expertise and provide information about the application and lastly SEO to get our content found.


A. Creating Attractive Incentives And Contests Through Facebook & AdWords Advertising


B. Driving Traffic To Landing Page


C. Encourage Visitors To Convert As Users Of Hitcheed



Copywriting and Appealing Visuals

Our creative team designed the images, and the copywriting team wrote promotional information testing different varieties of Facebook ads and responses. Some of the examples can be viewed as shown below: infographic, appealing images, and education videos help to address all user queries. With all the information provided, these will encourage users to take action and improve conversions.

We sent out emails via the mailing list collected to create customers’ persona. This helps us to pinpoint ads that attract potential customers through Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Informational newsletters are sent via email etc. Purposefully update them on the benefits of using the website and application on finding tutors and related. Throughout well-planned content marketing, we hope to develop and create higher retention rates of using online platforms.



Professional appeal and create the right perceptions

We make sure the website and application look good overall. The site architecture, landing pages and applications user pages need to “read” professionalism. We want users to stay longer on the site and more willingly use the apps or websites to finding services associated with tuition lessons. Both information and site have to present expertise in this field or industry to generate positive conversions.

We strongly believe in blogging and visual marketing on generating conversions. We initiated different landing pages and copywriting copy. It provided both education and entertainment to show users how effective the app and website can work together to bring more convenience.



63% Growth In Mailing List

12%Increase in Users in 2 months

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Digital Marketing Strategies

We gathered customers that signed up through the email newsletters, did a remarketing, and send out commercial messages at once. These emails, in turn, help to build brand loyalty, trust, and brand awareness.

The landing page for the smiletutor was outdated, we concluded from user experiences and unstructured designs. We did testing with a few new designs and landing pages to check on the conversion. We initiated and started on a few A/B testing on the website design after realizing that the website isn’t performing at it’s optimum.

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