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Search Engine Optimization

Build your brands today with SEO, structure your online presence with our SEO services Singapore, your website deserves the organic rankings in the search engine result pages. You will gain traffics to your website without paying for ads!

  • Web search has been a powerful tool for people to find what they need and content.
  • It has evolved to become a powerful channel for those seeking to attract attention, traffic, actions, and customers.
  • Valuable keyword for each landing page and optimize to make the page SEO-friendly and stand out.
  • We do content marketing that earns you organic backlinks.
  • Optimize your content for specific keywords based on searcher intent.

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White Hat SEO

You will usually see some non-competitive keywords ranking up after 6 months of engaging the services with us. Our SEO services Singapore team only use white hat SEO tactics to help your rank organically.



Monthly Report

Domain Authority / Page Authority Updates

Bundle Keywords

Package Fees

$2000-4500 monthly based on bundle of keywords and how competitive the keywords in particular industry

Technical SEO

  • Site loading speed
  • File sizes
  • Caching issues
  • Use of unique IP address
  • Content reorganization
  • Sitemap updated to search engines
  • Website Development
  • User experience (UX) design
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript clean up

Off-Page Optimization

  • Importance of backlinks
  • Page rank such as domain authority and page authority metrics.
  • Backlinks profile examination
  • Link diversity
  • Unnatural anchor text profile
  • Link spams
  • Links relevancy
  • Link velocity
  • Author rank

On-Page Optimization

  • Keywords (Research And Development)
  • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
  • Title Tag
  • Blogs
  • HTML, Meta and Link Tags
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Robots
  • Duplicate content and canonical link elements
  • Headline Tags (H1-H6)
  • On-page content optimization


The very first step is the briefing on the project. This is the research and development section of the website we are building on, the UX design, the keywords we want to show up in google or the search engines. What are the things we need to do and share what is needed on both your on-page and off-page optimizations.

We will take note of the business model, the involved products, services, customers, revenues and targeted audiences. This information will be essential for the content marketing strategies later.

Thorough check on your website positioning and how well your website is optimized. Making sure all things like SEO keywords, meta description meta tags and link tags for each page and category, are done right so that search engines can crawl and index your website easily.

Check that essentials like sitemap are being submitted to the search engines. On page optimization should make it as easy as possible for the search engine such as google, bing and yahoo to scan and crawl all the pages on the website. In order to simplify this process for the search engines, sitemap have to be created and submitted to them.

Site audit will also make sure that the speed of your page is fast and identify problems and solutions to better the website functionality and initial optimization tasks need on our part.

After the site audit, we will check off and optimize all the areas on the website that are in need of improvement. Keywords research will be done for long tail and short tail keywords that are highly relevant to your business and the related amount of monthly searches worth your effort to be able to show subject authority on.

The simple definition of keywords are what your potential customers, clients, and viewers will type into a search engine to get into your site. To take for an example “best Kia Cerato tires” are the four words that comprise the keyword that the user typed in.

The amount of quality traffics coming into your website daily will depend on how you organize the pages of information on your website. And how strategic your SEO team is on targeting the long tail and short tail keywords with clear writing on each page of the website.

Key to beating your competitors will be knowing and drilling down on what got them where they are on the first page or hitting the top 10 position in search results today. This analysis will help you or us to help you outranking them with a unique SEO strategy and better monitor their monthly activities.

Do you know that people will visit a website less often if it is slower than their competitors by a quarter of a second! This is how crucial speed is in improving the overall user experience, not just for ranking purposes and also to stop visitor high bounce rates.

Know what they want to be ranking for and what are the SEO strategies currently working for them

Customize or emulate their strategies to help you build your competitors gradually.

After the competitor analysis, we will work on content and pages reorganization.
We will better organize all your information with related keywords only.

If you do not narrow down your content so that you can have clear criteria for each page. Google will get confused and you will end up ranking poorly or not at all. We are sure not to confused google with information overload and always make sure relevant keywords or words are found only on a particular page in a systematic manner.

We will consider the user journey in your on-page site architecture and always improving the user experience of the website’s visitors. (Example: ‘Purchase’, ‘Products’, ‘Main menu’)

This will improve user retentions and eventually lead to better search engine optimization improvements

Making sure you are always following Google’s guidelines

Content marketing is the most powerful strategies to improve search engine optimization performances. In addition to the previous step of organizing all your information in all your static never-changing content.

Your website will always benefit from an installation of a blog which in the current context aid in showing Google and the customers your expertise and the ability to provide better products and services.

Content marketing comes in all forms such as videos, images, words where you post your latest demonstrations, thoughts, news, information, pages, new products, services related to your business.

We will give thorough advice on what you need to be doing to improve on your content marketing

Having many backlinks from high authority websites is how the search engines see you as someone with knowledge and expertise. It rounds down to how many likes you and how many people are able to show that love to you.
Backlinks are basically links from a particular website page to a page on your site.

The more relevant backlinks you have, a higher more authoritative site the better. They are usually shown in blue color, underlined, even though it may sometimes be not underlined and in a total different colors.

Most webmasters try to keep it standardized blue color now. Backlinks can also appear as images made into hyperlinks that can take you somewhere else when clicked into it. Backlinks are the best, build it over time with lots of patience.

Links are not easy to acquire. Doing the white hat ways through content marketing, guest posting, press releases as well as social media sharing.

Backlinks are essential and extremely important when it comes to doing SEO because they are at the core of how Google decides to rank individual web pages for keyword-related searches. This is usually measured through the back end algorithm of Google better known as PageRank.

You can check your site link profile and optimize your site link to make it clearer for Google search engines to crawl.

We will provide site performance report on a monthly basis. This report will contain insights on how optimized and well is the performance of the website working currently.

You will get to see the overall site page authority, domain authority, backlinks, traffics, keywords ranking and other information which will aid you in the understanding of how people are interacting with the website.

These reports are gathered through trusted SEO tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Semrush, and Majestic software.


Any honest SEO expert will never tell you that they know exactly what google want.

We do know what they say they want but not the actual formula to how they rank the pages using their computer algorithms.

No one will know and search engine like google rank each of the web pages on the site are kept secret.

Secrets kept to counter and reduce unscrupulous people from gaming their results.

Each search engine refine their strategies and ranking factors almost on a daily basis.

They want GOOD USER EXPERIENCE and good user experience means listing web pages that each contain information directly to what the keywords the searchers are looking for.

Good user experience are what search engine are looking for in your website and every web pages.

200 google ranking factors with a single focus to improve good user experience.


SEO also known as search engine optimization is not only alive but pretty much strongest driving channel as compared to any physical stores we used to see 20 years ago.

Website is more powerful than physical stores in the modern world.

SEO is the main driver to website and aid in the increase reach and search volumes

Search engine is a tool or resources driven to by intent of the “keywords” towards content destination.

SEO practices share the goal of providing searchers with the results that is more relevant to their searchers

There are 4 kinds of searcher intents primarily known as navigational, informational, transactional and adaptive queries

More than 80% searches happening online are informational and only 10% of the searches are navigational or transactional

Informational queries may be most valuable despite the less immediate conversion into sales.

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SEO Client Case Study

Crate and Barrel Traffic & SEO

Crate and Barrel Google impressions grew 150% in 90 days. They came to us with the following challenges:

  • Improve organic traffic to their website
  • Increase their discoverability for ‘Experiential Learning’
  • Improve engagement on their website

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Why Do SEO?

More than 39% of the website traffic is coming from SEO, and more than 93% online experience beginning from a search engine. Search engine optimization is powerful, and one of the most powerful marketing tactics in the modern world. They are targeted and get potential visitors that are looking for products and services you provide with high conversion rates.

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google. It is now the best way to collect leads, increase customers, sales, and conversions. Your website has more purpose that you think it does; you have to use it to grow profits.

When you rank on the first page, you can be sure that your target audiences will find you, your website when they are looking for products and services you offer.

Make sure you are always on the first page of Google; they find your listings before they notice your competitors.

When the traffic increases, it usually leads to more conversions provided, your website contains all the content your customers need professionally.

You require a lot of patience in SEO, and a lot of time spent on optimization for your website content and writing to produce the targeted traffic you wanted. You can make organic search terms and keywords to show up faster by paid inclusion means PPC or search engine marketing will help to speed up the processes. SEO is like waiting for your web pages to show up slowly in the search engine result pages; it all takes time to have the patience to achieve it gradually!

Search engine optimization is the most powerful marketing tactics ever.