What to Look For in SEO Company?

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Why Implement SEO?

Do you know the importance of SEO for your businesses? Millions to billions of people are searching on the world wide web through search engines now. Do you know what is SEO? Have you found out about these modern marketing strategies that are stealing tons of business from you in the modern marketplace?

Searchers on search engines are buyers. Many facts prove that people nowadays go to search engines to do researches before any purchase decisions. Are you still skeptical and wondering if your business can really benefit from SEO?

SEO is complex if you have no experience of how it works and are new to digital marketing. If you have started your business, you know you need SEO in the modern marketplace. SEO can be done by yourself if you learn how to do it or handled by a digital marketing agency that provides SEO services.

This article will cut you off the different jargon. I will help you understand what an SEO company does and provide you the understanding you need.

So what exactly is an SEO company and what does SEO company do best? The services they provide? What to look out for when consulting one SEO company for SEO services? How is the payment like, and what are the benefits of having an SEO company for my business and website?

What Does SEO Company Do?

An SEO company comes in many forms and usually is one subset of a digital marketing agency. They help clients with services like optimizing their websites for search engines. Search engine optimization is the makeup of three processes mainly the on-page, off-page, and technical factors.

SEO company tweaks and make changes to website design, content, and programming code structures so as make it more friendly to the search engines.

The better your on-page, off-page signal the better your keywords and phrases you wish to rank for will perform in search engine results. You need to have your content rank high for related keywords to tap into the traffic potential for conversions.

An SEO company has experts that have vast knowledge and skills when it comes to ranking the website on search engines. They know where to look for SEO problems, audit, fix and bring more organic traffic to your website via search engines.

Major search engines include Google, Yahoo, Bing

SEO companies consist of web designers, developers, and many more digital marketing experts. They know what it takes to make the whole marketing campaigns work together holistically.

SEO experts employed under agency comes with different areas of specialization. They provide a range of services in speed and usually help to speed up your SEO processes. It includes a team that searches for SEO problems through checking CMS. Title tags, website’s global navigation, disabling Javascript to check links, content and more.

SEO experts and companies will treat your website like its own, solve SEO problems and make website work as it should. Common SEO problems include: fixing link profile, canonicalization, robots.txt, meta robots, page not indexed, relevancy issues such as duplicate content and more.

Benefits of Outsourced SEO Company

SEO is best handled through outsourcing, hiring external SEO professionals, and not done internally. Below are two benefits of engaging SEO services with external companies. SEO helps to brand and grow your businesses.

More Focused on SEO

In-house SEO workers are often spread too thin and do not have as much time to focus on true organic SEO.

There is simply too much work for SEO to be grouped together with other digital marketing operations. Outsourced SEO company allows you to be laser-focused and have you one team that is devoted full-time to SEO.

Your business will benefit as both internal SEO and external SEO allows you to focus on SEO and improve it essentially.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

An experienced SEO company uses the latest tools to help the website rank higher on search engines. They make sure your site is built accessible for search engines crawling with good site architecture.

They know what keywords and the content will fit for your business. They will rank your website and attract the right traffic needed for your business to strive.

They identify, tweak and make changes to your website design, and content. SEO experts improve relevant backlinks to your website and increase the likelihood of your website ranking high for valuable keywords.

The higher your content rank on the search engine, the higher the CTR, the more traffics the more opportunities for high-value leads and conversions.

Ranking organically for keywords that are aligned with your products and services increase the quality of traffic. People who search for your products, services with related “keywords” are usually more interested to know more and likely to buy.

Good search engine rankings improve your branding and credibility for your business. Despite PPC ads staying on top of SERP, many people still find Google’s Algorithm more credible.

Improved organic search rankings will bring in quality traffic for your business.

More Current in Industry Trends

Due to laser focus, they are usually very well-read and up to date with the rapid changes in search.

They know first hand and have a firm understanding of the changes that have taken place in the SEO industry.

They know what kinds of sites are affected and how your industry’s site fit into it and make changes accordingly.

Search engines make changes to their algorithms constantly, whether its an update to XML sitemap protocol, maps search, local, image and video searches.

An experienced SEO Company will help enforce it at the right time for your business.

SEO Companies Ensure Justified Deliverables

An SEO company provides essential justified deliverables that make developers and higher management happy within the campaign. You can check with an SEO company for a monthly report and understand how SEO has worked for your business.

An SEO company knows what are the first few things with a quick result to optimize:

  • Global navigation
  • SEO – friendly information architecture
  • Sitemap
  • Better internal-linking
  • Redirection of duplicate content
  • Link building tactics
what is an SEO company

Above is how we helped one of our companies generated more traffic and sales with SEO.

Always have your SEO company to show you detailed reports of traffic, source of traffic, search engine positions and much more to validate the SEO company effort and campaigns.

SEO Services Cost

Digital marketing agency in the recent charges based on monthly retainer packages. The packages fluctuate between $200/month to $10000 per month.

The charges depend on skills level, reputation, local market, currency and the time of the year SEO services are provided.

Why such high differences then? Imagine yourself buying a Rolex Watch. Price also ranges from few dollars to a few thousands of dollars between the authentic and the counterfeit ones.

White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO

Like the offline industries, digital marketing has its own set of rules and a unique code of conduct.

There are SEO companies in the world now practicing black-hat SEO and white-hat SEO. Black-hat SEO is highly avoided at all costs, and it can be detrimental to your website presence on Google.

To rank highly on the search engines for industries like “pornography,” “drugs,” and “gambling-related,” it is essential to use black hat techniques.

These include manipulative link building of hosting links without the permission of the site’s owners, link farms and content cloaking strategies.

Black-hat methods however good in giving you short term results get your website wiped off entirely from Google or drastic drop of rankings in the long term.

SEO Services provided by SEO Company

SEO can do wonders and bring in traffics for your business. In this section, we will understand more about the services the SEO company can provide for you. What are the things you need to know and avoid at all costs when looking for a good SEO company?

On-Page SEO

The SEO company will start by understanding your on-page SEO. They will look at your site to understand it’s site architecture and do an evaluation of the content on web pages and blog posts.

They will check on what your company does, what you wish to accomplish with search marketing, how is your team organized, etc.

They will understand the history of your SEO campaigns to understand what works and what did not work in the past before passing you recommended on-page optimization strategies and reports.

They will also get to understand your target audiences, this will help them in content planning, and learn what kind of content to produce to attract your customers.

Understanding your business, site architecture, and target audiences will help SEO companies in the planning and implementation of SEO strategies.

Technical SEO

Technical issues will be audited by SEO experts as well to check for all technical fixes. Cleaning your codes and fixing technical issues make a substantial difference in the rankings of your business website. They include:

  • Server response codes
  • Crawling problems
  • Meta robots and robots.txt
  • 500 Server Error
  • 302 Moved Temporarily
  • 404 Page
  • 404 File not found

Off-Page SEO

Link building is usually targeted at this stage by the SEO company. They are usually out of your control as it depends on other website owners to decide if your content is worthy of the backlinks.

Backlinks are the differentiator in SEO, these signals determine the rankings of your website greatly as Google has mentioned it years ago.

Off-page SEO refers to the activities performed outside the boundaries of your website and your control. They are:

Site authority grows over time with good content marketing tactics. A good SEO company will also suggest some strategies to help you acquire good backlinks faster.

Tools Setup For Search Engines

what is seo services

There are many tools such as Google Search Console that need to have your website set up in order to measure and index your business website.

Paid tools like Ahrefs should also be set up earlier on to implementation, measurement and monitoring the success of the SEO campaign.

Having the right tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads tracking codes set up early will help you measure search marketing success from SEO, PPC efforts.

Continuing SEO

Google makes changes to their algorithms constantly. To stay up-to-date, you need to be doing search engine optimization on a consistent basis.

Every update big and small need to be monitored by SEO specialists. This will ensure that your website always ranks high in the SERPs, be compliant and stick with the rules of the search engines.

You need constant updates of content like web pages, blog posts, in-depth keyword researches, link building, and other on-page optimization to stay on top.

SEO companies can do these continuous SEO services with a narrow focus for you at all times to make sure your site looks attractive. Your website should appeal to both users and search engines at all times to rank high.

SEO companies have done SEO for many industries thus they always stay up-to-date. The expertise from SEO company ensures that your website is always on best performances giving you the long-term success you desired from your website.

How Do You Select Your SEO Company?

There are two kinds of SEO professionals in the current SEO industry.

There are some who practices white hat SEO following best practices and search engine rankings. And others may do it the easy way via black hat SEO techniques.

Black hat SEO techniques hurt your rankings, they alert search engines, cause sudden high rankings and get your site penalized or wiped out totally from Google search engines, etc.

This is some of the factors to consider when selecting an SEO company:

  • Portfolios and past success – You can see how an SEO company has performed in the past to know better how they have helped past businesses do SEO. Have they made the websites they did rank on the first page of SEO?
  • Strategies – It is best to know what strategies and game plan your SEO company will do for your company. Every business and niche is different, the knowledge needed for each is different, some may require in-depth blog posts and some might require web pages. Ask for the keywords your SEO company will start targeting first and the specific tactics they are going to use.
  • SEO Companies with SEO in-house – Look for companies that perform their SEO in-house for you so that they know the whole process. You need to be able to check on their work and know who is handling it on a daily basis. Some agencies may resort to outsourcing the SEO work to third party companies in an effort to cut costs and maximize time.

Look around, check the concept and the businesses they have handled so far when choosing your SEO company. Take into consideration how long they have been on business, look at the products and services they offer.

Read their portfolios and SEO concepts to better understand how they target keywords and do SEO. Are the backlinks acquired organically?

Measure SEO Work and Success

Does it mean that the company that helps you rank for keywords in record time like 1 month mean a good SEO job done?

It depends on how they actually did it. Ranking high competitive keywords take time with white hat SEO strategies. Usually, agencies that guaranteed you quick results might be using black hat SEO.

Black hat SEO includes creating tons of “suspicious” links for your website for quick rankings. Google hates black hat techniques and penalizes your website with the disappearance from search engines or a vast drop in rankings.

It is difficult for a website penalized to gain its ranking. Not impossible, it just takes a lot of time to do so. It is better to monitor your SEO company and avoid this drastic situation of black hat SEO at all costs.

It takes time for SEO to work. If the work did have been legitimate, it should have put your website to a better position in SERP.

SEO Company Raise Online Visibility

Now that we’ve answered the questions – What is an SEO company? And what is SEO services? – you should have a better understanding of what an SEO agency is and how it can help your business improve search engine visibility.

Your website will improve tremendously with the right SEO team. Re-evaluate your own SEO expert and if you have got what it takes to tackle the SEO game plan just internally?

Make SEO your first and end game plan to tackle for your digital marketing strategies. Remember thousands to millions of users are searching today, do you find them to find your competitors’ sites or yours?

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