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Rocket Mortgage entrusted us with improving their PPC advertising for their 250K Home Renovation Loans. Their search campaigns had a sufficient number of relevant terms. However, a mix of broad keyword match types, automatic bidding techniques, and other higher-level campaign settings resulted in the account spending thousands of dollars with little results. Their campaign was also more top-of-funnel and instructional, with ad content asking queries like “How Does A 250K Loan Work?” and referring readers to a landing page that was more beneficial rather than promoting any action.


  • Increase conversions while keeping the cost per conversion consistent and low.

  • In addition to increasing lead volume, we wanted to increase lead quality.

  • Create successful campaigns from which we can quickly grow and expand to new states and loan kinds in the future.


  • The mortgage sector is very competitive, and the market is always changing.

  • Current campaigns were wide, disorganized, and unconstrained.

  • Limited Analytics


We divided the campaigns by geography (Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington, DC, and Virginia) and used a single keyword in each ad group in each campaign to achieve maximum control and exposure. Maximizing Clicks and Conversions bidding tactics were shifted to Conversions with Google Analytics tracking to strengthen and expand our control.

We used exact matches for those precise keywords to minimize cost and focus on the most significant and relevant search phrases because many of these keywords are very competitive and have a large search volume. US Mortgage’s previous straight broad match keywords enabled broad and irrelevant phrases to activate their advertising, which consumers clicked on, cost them money, and ultimately did not convert.

A landing page was constructed and published to increase conversions, as well as ongoing A/B testing on the design. The landing page’s form gathered the most crucial information from the leads while being straightforward and user-friendly.

We streamlined the lead process by only targeting specific demographics, such as age and income, to ensure that we were only contacting those who were most likely interested in home renovation loans and were more likely to get accepted for one. We refined our approach even further by asking more precise questions on the form in order to elicit more helpful information from our prospects while also deterring anyone who was not genuine about applying for the mortgage loan.


Our new campaigns required no ramp-up time and pushed conversions over the ceiling during the first full month of operation, all while decreasing cost per conversion, which is the ultimate purpose of PPC.

We were able to apply suitable bid alterations on the top-performing demographics, devices, and ad schedule through continual improvements and data analysis to boost our results even more. Over time, we were able to increase their ad spend budget by 131% while also expanding to new areas and loan kinds, such as Cash-Out Refinance Loans.

“They have raised our sales and social media exposure since we started working with Web Leads Digital Agency.” They fixed a number of minor errors and built on our current advertising to increase their quality and ROI.”



Rocket Mortgage is a national mortgage lender with over 30 branches founded on trust, transparency, technology, and exceptional customer service.


Detroit, Michigan, United States




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