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PJM Roofer is Malaysian roofing and home remodeling company. Their CEO defines the company as “not just another roofing company,” and they have the goods to back up that claim.

Their Roof & Gutter Tune-Up service is a one-of-a-kind offering in the roofing industry that is intended to replace solo roof repair or replacement. PJM Roofer’s Tune-Up service is available as a one-time service, or customers may subscribe to a quarterly Roof Tune-Up subscription to guarantee their roof is maintained all year.


  • In the first 60 days, double the volume of Tune-Up leads and scale campaigns to maximum profitability.

  • Reduce the cost per conversion to $100 per lead.

  • Increase the number of leads generated in the Malaysian market.


  • Keywords like "roof tune-up" had little search volume since PJM Roofer's Roof Tune-Up is still a new and relatively unknown product.

  • We wanted to acquire performance from keywords like "roof repair" and "roof company" in order to produce the leads that our customer was aiming for.

  • Prior to bringing on Web Leads Digital Agency, PJM Roofer's had a lengthy experience with PPC, but the account needed serious restructuring.


We sought validation that running advertising for a Roof Tune-Up could work, and deliver results for wide roofing keywords, so we started with a tiny keyword group focusing on core roof repair phrases.

We created a landing page with a clear call-to-action and message that highlighted the advantages of this one-of-a-kind Tune-Up service. We saw immediate benefits when the Tune-Up commercials went up. Our advertising’ offer was so tempting that our click-through rate nearly instantly doubled. With the assurance that our advertising was doing effectively, we gradually began using wider keywords such as “roofing” and “roofing firm.”


The results were very astounding. In a few weeks, leads doubled, tripled, and quadrupled. After reaching maximum volume with our core keywords, we moved into several sorts of ads, including a rival campaign and an RLSA campaign, all of which produced comparable but positive outcomes.

This account benefited from a massive rebuild utilizing the tactics discussed above, but running an unorthodox ad with a compelling offer amid a sea of generic advertisements was the game changer.

While our competitors used clichés like “#1 Roofing Company,” our commercials broke through the clutter, concentrating offer and the value to the buyer, such as “Double the life of your roof.”

The narrative concludes that there are times when the unorthodox wins.

“They have raised our sales and social media exposure since we started working with Web Leads Digital Agency.” They fixed a number of minor errors and built on our current advertising to increase their quality and ROI.”



PJM Roofer is the roof specialist in Malaysia at fixing leaks in concrete roofs, metal roofs, and gutters and making sure they are waterproof.




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