Paid Traffic Online Marketer Should Know

Paid traffic is a powerful tool; it helps to build your brand, makes people aware of the products and services you sell, and eventually generate leads and sales for your products and services. 

In one of the 2017 marketing surveys, the finding informs us that more than 51% of small, medium businesses consider Facebook, and other social ads the most effective marketing traffic generator, and marketing tools available to them. 

You can pay for traffic to your website through thousands of traffic platforms, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more. They would be more than a delight to send traffic to your site. 

Any platform, services you pay for that drives leads, sales, eyeballs to your website, or your company is a paid traffic source. 

This guide will help you on deciding which digital advertising channel platform you should choose, how to set up ads that boomerang traffic back to your website, troubleshoot, and how to optimize your paid traffic campaigns

Visit Traffic Stores 

paid traffic

Imagine you are browsing through recipes and looking for recipes to have for dinner tonight. You have settled on a salmon dish that you have wanted to try for a while. The only issue now is you do not have a salmon.

So how should you go about doing it? Do you go to the sea and fish for salmon? That would be ridiculous, isn’t it? Instead, you probably head to the supermarket to shop for salmon. 

Salmon is one kind of commodity that is we buy and are sold every day, and so is website traffic. You need to go to the traffic store if you are looking for website traffic. 

When you get to understand paid traffic, you get to test content faster, offers, and start learning to turn traffic on and off like your tap water. This capability is essential because it allows you to check new offers and landing pages without slower traffic sources like SEO and social media. 

Paid traffic is like a commodity. When you start treating website traffic like something you can purchase, you finally have a predictable and reliable source of website traffic. 

There are no perfect traffic stores; your audiences might not be using specific platforms. If not, your brand might also face some advertising restrictions on some platforms. 

Usually, industries that face more restrictions include industries like electronics, cigarettes, dating, dieting. 

I will explain and share with you all kinds of strategies that apply to whatever traffic stores you choose to purchase. 

Understand Traffic Temperature

When you run paid traffic, you need to understand where you stand in your relationship with your leads and customers. Are they the people who just get to know you? Are they already your customers? Have they bought from you before, and you are now turning them into lifelong customers. 

To build an effective traffic system, you have to define your target audiences and know who you are talking to exactly. 

Define your target audiences, the relationship stage, and make the relevant offer at the right time. 

Traffic temperature is the makeup of the three different levels. 

Cold Traffic

These are the people who have never heard about your business, your brands, products, or services. You have not had any relationship with them, but they are essential. 

They bring in new leads and sales into your business. You need to build trust, the authority with your cold traffic. You have to prove to them your brand is excellent and worthy of their time and money. 

You can make ungated offers to all these valuable content on your blog, podcast, or Youtube channel to cold traffic have heard about you, engaged with your brand, but have yet bought from you. 

Warm Traffic

They are the people in the exploration stage; they are evaluating and finding out if they like what you said. They are interested in learning and finding out more.

People in warm traffic are at the evaluation stage; they are in the deciding phase trying to know if your company is the best option to solve their problems. 

They are also evaluating all options like your competitors to understand who does it better or more cheaply. 

You can make gated offers to people in this stage to get these people at the doors without much risk. 

Hot Traffic 

These are the people who have bought from you. They may be the first time to repeat buyers. 

One big mistake the advertiser makes is to concentrate only on bringing in new leads and sales and not using paid traffic to maximize the profits. You should also have to make use of paid traffic to sell more and more often to the customers that already have. 

In conclusion, you may follow all these steps to focus on traffic temperature: 

  1. Use valuable content to introduce yourself to cold traffic. 
  2. Convert the warm traffic to leads together with low dollars buyers.
  3. Encourage hot traffic (existing buyers) to buy more and more often. 

Introducing The Big 6 Traffic Stores:

Like mentioned earlier, there are thousands of traffic stores for businesses and marketers to choose from. These below are the six leading traffic stores dominating the web today. 

  • Twitter (Social media ads)
  • Facebook (Social media ads)
  • Youtube (Social media ads)
  • Pinterest (Social media ads)
  • Linkedin (Social media ads)
  • Google (Paid search)

There are many ways to pay for traffics, depending on which channels of traffic you are buying traffics from. You can pay per click, pay per acquisition, pay per number of views, pay per day, or just pay for a flat rate like influencer marketing when just pay for a certain amount of posts. 

You may still stick to the older fashioned ways of display advertising by paying for a certain amount of time when you keep your ad displayed. 

Figuring what works for you will require a lot of tweaking process. The best way to gain effective growth for your business is by having a mix of paid and organic traffic. 

The mixtures of paid traffic that work for you will depend a lot on your specific audiences. When you are testing the paid traffic sources, here are some six which you should consider first. 

Google Ads

Google Ads or Google Adwords is a great traffic generation platforms, it allows you to create, present ads to people who are actively looking for a solution. 

Google Ads is a program behind the search engine that shows ad to people based on the keywords searchers type into the search engine. 

For example, when you type “swimming lessons” into Google, companies that sell swimming lessons will place bids to show their ads on top of the result pages. 

The basic concept is to choose and research keywords that your prospective customers search on Google, then bidding and putting your ads as one sponsored search results on top of the page. 

Google is a search engine. People use a lot to research products, services, pain points, solutions, and all information to solve their problems and benefits they are looking for. 

It is generally more expensive than other traffic stores but potentially carries the most potential rewards. 

The audience coming from Google Ads is high-quality leads with great potential to turn into customers. These potential customers are actively searching for solutions, often more open to becoming leads and customers. 

Google is seen as a less interruptive solution than other platforms, and they require less introduction because people actively are already searching for answers. 

Here are some of the aspects to take note about Google Ads: 

You need a goal

You need to have a goal when you begin your Google Ads campaign, if you are new to paid ads, you may start with Facebook, another traffic store that is much cheaper to test the market before graduating from Google. 

Google Ad is not a platform; you just have to get on, run some traffic, and test the market. 

You pay based on the clicks. 

You can control your budget and make payment only when someone clicks into your ad. 

You can target by location.

Google ads allow and have significant opportunities for people who are geo-targeting on local businesses. Local Google Ad works exceptionally well for people local companies and more giant corporations who are looking to segment national and international campaigns. 


  • Google Ads offers tons of targeting, remarketing options, testing out with few ads, and gradually increasing your bids to know which works. 
  • You have to conduct keyword researches just like SEO to gain insights on the keywords worth bidding on.
  • As you conduct keyword researches, be aware that there are four parameters you can set your settings on within Google Ads. 
  • The four types of parameters include Exact match, Phrase match, Broad match, and Broad match modifier (BMM)
  • Always use your keywords, include a call to action, focus on benefits, and speak to your prospect’s pain point in your Google Ads. 
  • Google display ads may not be a good option for most of the businesses, but may still be worth a try if you are experiencing a lot of success from Google Ads. 

Youtube Ads

Youtube is an effective traffic platform for building relationships with your prospects or customers. 

You can build relationships with your prospects and move people from cold prospects to hot repeat buyers all within the Youtube platforms due to the many different ads you can perform on this platform. 

Facebook Ads 

Facebook, with well over 1.7 billion active monthly users, is the most powerful traffic generator for any social platform. Facebook allows you to reach almost all kinds of markets, and have a high return on investment. 

Facebook ad manager is easy to use and offers a multitude of targeting options; you can get specific when targeting your market, thus making ads more effective and personal.

Facebook ad marketing is easy and relatively inexpensive to buy traffic. Thus, it is an excellent place to start when you are new to paid traffic or are testing a new strategy. 

Surveys done on social media managers mentioned Facebook ads for the best return-on-investment of any social platforms. 

Facebook ads are like commercials on TV and radio. You are displaying your messages to your audiences in a disruptive way. You have to give reasons for your viewers to click your ad. 

Facebook has many objectives for its users to choose from, and choosing your purpose is the most important when setting up your campaign. It is the only way you tell Facebook what you specifically wish to achieve through this campaign.   

You can reach the people exactly how and when you want to reach them with Facebook targeted ads. Choosing your audiences for the Facebook ad is essential. When you choose the wrong audience, your Facebook ad will most likely fail. Your campaigns have to be specific to ensure you reach the right audiences. 

All static, or dynamic campaigns, big, or small campaigns, huge spend, small spend, or retargeting campaigns will likely fail when your audiences are not specific, too broad, and wrong, thus making your ad less effective.

To improve your campaign specificity, here are some of the questions you should ask about for your target market for every single ad you plan to run on Facebook. 

  1. Who are the influencers, thought leaders, big brands in your niche? 
  2. What kind of books, magazines, newspapers you ideal customers read?
  3.  Event your target audience attend?
  4. Locations they live 
  5. What kind of tools they use and like?
  6. What is specifically unique to your audience?

There are many targeting and campaigns to choose from when you use Facebook ads. There are link ads that direct people to your website, product ads that contain catalogs with automatic retargeting, page likes, boost post ads, and more. 

There are many things to learn for Facebook ads, and it is easy to learn now with all the information shared online. Our company had found the greatest success through conversions with our Facebook ads when the audience size is between 500,000 to 1,000,000 people. 

In this way, you will have your ad shown to a large enough of a targeted audience will find your ad relevant. 

Summary of Facebook 

  • Pros: Many options for the targeted audience 
  • Cons: Too many options
  • If you are still unsure how to get started, you can learn it through our Facebook Marketing Course, read books, ask us questions, play around, and see what works. 


Pinterest is ranked the 19th most popular social media platform in Singapore. It has around 0.7 million users in Singapore, and 47% of Singaporean users use it to find information about products, services, user experiences, and reviews. 

Pinterest users are heavily female; women make up about 85 percent of Pinterest, and 42 percent are the adult women with the spending power.

Though Pinterest is an excellent platform to target women, it is growing internationally among many male adult users as well. 

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network in the world by percentage, and men create one-third of the account. 

Users that use Pinterest are in an open-to-buy mindset. Ninety-three percent of users plan purchases using Pinterest. 

Pinterest traffic referred to Shopify, resulted in an average purchase of $50 from Shopify. As a traffic store, Pinterest carries a lot of potential for growth. 

Pinterest uses promoted pin and advertising platforms created to have advertisements that allow you to target your market based on demographics, locations, devices used, peoples’ interests, and the search queries people typed into Pinterest. 

Like Google, it is run on the cost-per-click model. You can specify a budget and pay only when someone clicks through the pin to your website. 

Pinterest is a native advertising system similar to Twitter: it is best to have the advertisements created to blend in with the platform. The ad should blend in with the platform so that it follows the form and function of any other piece of content. 

When creating your promoted pins, select all the images with care. A picture of 600 pixels to 900 pixels is the right place to start for your pin images. 

You have to make sure your promoted pins are helpful, beautiful, and actionable. Write detailed descriptions as well so that your story gives value to your market, addresses pain points, and demonstrate the benefits of the products you are trying to feature in your promoted pin. 

Do take note that at the Pinterest stage, consumers are generally not concerned about the products’ unique selling point (USP). 

They care more about what the products can do for them, how it makes their life better. 

So always address all these concerns within your promoted pins’ descriptions. 


  • Use promoted pins when you are selling physical products, especially to women. 
  • Create content with a lot of curated and original images.


LinkedIn stands out from other traffics stores as it is created and geared towards a specific market. It is a platform that is made to be professionally focused and is B2B centric (business to business). 

It is a powerful resource to employ when you are looking for lead generation, running ads to cold traffic just as good as Twitter and Facebook are. 

The size of your audiences does not matter as much compared to promoting on Facebook and Twitter. Some marketers argue that the audience about 300,000 is the sweet spot. 

The target is business professionals on LinkedIn. Thus the market is smaller and more specified on the Linkedin platform as compared to Twitter and Facebook. 

The main concern, like other traffic stores, is putting the right message in front of the right viewers and less concerned about the size of the audience. 

For example, if you target CEOS, be less concerned about the audience but focus on creating the kinds of ads that CEOs will find relevant. 

As compared to the other traffic stores, LinkedIn ads need to have the following: 

  • Professional, captivating images 
  • Call to action to move audiences to next step 
  • Specify content copy that calls out to the audience that is relevant to it. 

One great way to drive traffic from LinkedIn is to sponsor content and send people to your content like blog posts. 

The content that you create on LinkedIn ads should be educational and provide value to your audiences. 


  • LinkedIn is an excellent platform to sell high-value B2B products and services.
  • The expensive but specific nature of this traffic stores generates high-quality leads. 

Twitter Ads

Twitter works the same way as Facebook; you can use Twitter to reach almost any kind of market. People use twitter to consume content, expect to find content on their twitter feed, which makes this effective platform to run traffic to cold audiences. 

Use your tweets to share about your brand, introduce yourself, drive people to your content, such as your blog that provides you value, establishes you as an authority, and building relationships with your audiences. 

You can create many different types of paid ads on Twitter, whether you seek to gain Twitter followers, generate clicks and conversions.

Like Facebook, your Twitter campaign objectives should align with your overall campaign objective or end goal. 

 To encourage engagement with your tweets like retweets and likes. Always link to something of value and not make your tweets super “salesy.”

The most effective sponsored tweets are the ones that feel and look like a regular tweet. They do not mention the products or try to sell anything. 

Always think about your goals when you do paid marketing. Twitter has a pretty high CPC, cost-per-click, so always make sure your content created with focused call-to-action. 

If you are generating leads, conversions, then great, but if you are just paying to get more followers, it is better to do it with free content. 


  • Advertise on Twitter if you are targeting the younger market that is highly tech-savvy. 
  • It is a large platform with lots of users, and it can work in almost any market. 


Customers journey is most varied. It is best to use a mix of paid traffic and organic traffic channels to bring potential customers down the sales funnel. 

You need to understand the importance of building trust, providing the value without asking for anything in return to achieve results in digital marketing – organic or paid traffic. 

Do not be too caught up with the expectation of people wanting to go down the funnel as you want them to. You need to have the patience to win in digital marketing. 

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