Our Team

Our corporate headquarters are in Singapore and Malaysia. Our team offers worldwide website design and development services, though situated in the Asia Pacific. We are passionate about digital marketing and always strive to provide the most exemplary service to our clients. We promise to produce visually stunning, profitable, and mobile-friendly websites. Do you want a website that will make you shine? Contact us today to get started on designing a fantastic website!

Team Web Leads

When it comes to digital marketing solutions, our team at Web Leads Digital Agency is unrivaled. We produce exceptional applications and provide web design and development for all platforms.

Our team services are diverse and capable of providing any organization of any size with specialized knowledge, skills, and tools that set your company apart from the competition.

We meet deadlines while producing high-quality work to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the services we deliver. We are a full-service digital marketing agency and educational institution that ensures transparent communication and client pleasure at all times.

Our expert team always makes sure to maintain professional connections with the organizations we work with, and we will provide an up-to-date report and progress every month.

In this ever-changing digital environment, our team is continually looking to expand their knowledge and abilities. Our team’s thirst for knowledge and improvement enables us to supply our clients with more exceptional products and services at all times.

Do you require Web Leads specialists for your website design, architecture, and development team to ensure that your site performs as well as it should? Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Always provide the best services, put users first, emanate passions, innovate, design, collaborate, deliver above and beyond, transparency, have humility, stay ahead with knowledge and skills, make it enjoyable!

Our Team Approach

Developing profitable website solutions necessitates a deft combination of strategy, creativity, technology, and understanding. Our strategy is centered on determining the best path for your brand. We search deep to uncover the best way for your company, ultimately assisting you to exceed your commercial objectives.

  1. 1. Discovery
  2. 2. Design
  3. 3. Develop
  4. 4. Deliver
  5. 5. Market
  6. 6. Support
  7. 7. Optimize
  8. 8. Analyze


Phase 1 – Discovery Sessions

The first stage of Web Leads strategies journey is always about planning, discovery, and sharing sessions to make sure you build one website with a clear objective that will return value on the investment. This meeting will help our team project manager identify the needs of your organization, be it application development needs, copywriting needs, and design needs. We will find out what are the things needed to integrate your marketing and website channels to make it perform it’s best for now and the future.

Critical company information to share during the discovery phase includes: 

  • Company branding and logo designs
  • Brand personality 
  • Any non-negotiable terms 
  • If you have web hosting, preferably also share technical information such as server and FTP information 
  • Shared contact information for the entire team for seamless communication. 


Phase 2: Website Design

The efficiency of your website is determined by its design. Our designers will create a design that fits within limits identified and achieves the objectives set.

Our designers will design with the audience in mind:

  • Would this encourage customers to take action?
  • Will the design influence how customers behave?
  • How will the content on your website’s web pages be laid out?
  • Is the design responsive and usable on all devices?
  • Will it have an impact? Does it appear professional?

At this phase, it’s all about the ecstatic feel of your website, producing the ultimate appearance and feel of the website. Designers will review all of your color choices, photos, videos, and graphics that will be utilized on the site.

You can provide a lot of input, ideas, and comments during the design phase so that we can tweak the design and produce one that your consumers would adore.


Phase 3 – Website Creation

Once the website design has been approved, our web development team will take over and begin developing your website with HTML, CSS, and Javascript to guarantee that everything looks fantastic.

We will begin by incorporating photographs, formatting information, creating unique selling points for your content, laying out testimonials, and other tasks. We integrate your new website into one of our secret domains’ development accounts. You can test the website and browse through it before going live.

We strive to outperform your expectations!


Phase 4: Testing, Launch, and Training

We will test the “sandbox” website at this point before launching it. The sandbox site testing is where you may experiment with the site and figure out what has to be changed and what needs to be done before launching it. You will be able to inspect the content, style, functionality, security, and performance throughout the testing period.

Once you are satisfied with the site, our team will strive to ensure that all “behind the scenes” actions such as computer networking, hosting, and DNS are in place and operational. 

As a result, we ensure that your website is a powerhouse that looks fantastic and serves its objective effectively. Additionally, our team will assist you with administering the site behind the scenes, such as critical content updates and revisions as needed from this new website.

Some essential consideration items to check with us before launch:

  • Redirects if any
  • Favicon display 
  • Security certificate enabled
  • Sitemap file 
  • Google webmaster tools 
  • Make it live


Phase 5: Marketing

The problematic effort building up to the website’s launch appears worthwhile, and we should see results soon. But the answer is “no.” It is marketing season, and our team will assist you in putting your company on the map through marketing.

A successful website that generates revenue and sales must be regularly updated with content. You must always enhance and manage your website, just as you would your actual business, and you do not clean it after a year, do you? We tend every day after work to ensure that it appears excellent at all times.

We always make sure that you are paid and that your online business generates a profit; here are the steps you must take:

  • Google adores frequent updates of high-quality content.
  • Website marketing and promotion
  • Continuous improvement and work on the website to ensure it is up to date and functional.
  • You should always set aside time to work on, update, and market your website. We give various tools and training to ensure that our clients understand how to get started.

We give tools, information, resources, and suggestions to make it easier to administer your site. If you don’t have the time or an in-house team to accomplish it, we provide monthly website support packages to help you out!


Phase 6: Website Care and Support

Everything appears to be working properly now. However, a business website is similar to an automobile. It should be maintained and serviced on a regular basis, or it will crash and break down sooner or later. Every month, our staff will handle backups, technical maintenance, security, and modifications to ensure that your site is well-maintained in order to maximize your return on investment and get the most out of your website.

You won’t have to worry because our team is working behind the scenes to ensure that everything is done correctly for your website. As our web professionals work hard to ensure you are always generating visitors and purchases from your website, we will manage all of your software updates and breakages.

Our website support and attention are all about saving you time and focusing solely on what is best for you. When you have monthly website care and support plan in place, your website will function considerably faster and provide the best experience for your clients!

Furthermore, it saves your firm money on employing a site designer or developer! Let’s run the numbers:

Hiring a website designer and developer – $4600 or more per month – per person, depending on experience

Our team of website maintenance and assistants costs $40 per hour.

Spending less on labor can save you up to 95% of your money!


Phase 7: Content marketing, landing pages, search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM)

People are thirsty and want to be informed about all types of content available online now that the world is digitally connected.

Content is the king and the currency that successful brands and corporations utilize to achieve tremendous outcomes.

To stand out from the crowd, you must have high-quality material that differentiates you from your competition and assists you in climbing the search engine ranks.

At Web Leads, we specialize in creating engaging material, such as copywriting, photos, videos, animation videos, and infographics, for all channels such as search marketing and social marketing that appeal to and attract leads into conversions.

SEO not only helps you rank higher on search engine result pages, but it also expands your reach and visibility to potential clients, which leads to increased revenues or profits!

We are an experienced team in designing high-quality landing pages that will take charge and drive all of your marketing activities.

If the channels do not convert clients at the destination, they are merely channel sources. We boost your search marketing ranks in both organic and paid search campaigns, ensuring that you reach all of your clients through these channels!


Phase 8: Reporting, Metrics, Performance, and Analytics.

Web analytics is a tool that digital marketers utilize today to extract meaningful information, touchpoint channels, website behaviors, insights, and trends that we can all use to enhance any business on the planet.

The reporting and analytics data provide digital marketers like us with detailed information on what tiny tweaks or additional inputs we can deliver on our website or through other channels to assist our visitors.

The research provides insights into problems and areas of the website that are working well in terms of KPI. As a result, we ensure that the website is optimized for all user experiences, on-page, and off-page optimization, and technical aspects to ensure that the site consistently generates leads, reach, and conversions that you want to target your potential consumers.

You must make your content and pages appealing enough for folks to visit. There is no such thing as “if you build it, they will come” – employing web analytics gives us input from our clients in minute details to ensure we always have a competitive advantage.

We ensure that every website’s customer activity and ROI are tracked and leveraged to bring profits. Purchase completion, website behavior, page retention duration, and queries made are examples of ROI or ROAs that we follow.

Our Team

Web Leads Digital Agency is a full-service digital marketing solution provider. We work throughout the world to ensure that all of our local and international clients get the finest results from our digital marketing efforts. If there is something that needs to be done quickly, we will contact our external specialists from around the world, including employees in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Indonesia.


Senior Web Developer


Senior Web Developer


Content Marketing Expert


Web Design Expert


Founder & CEO


SEM Expert




SEO and Digital Marketing Expert

What we do

  • World-class websites
  • Creative solutions of all types
  • Exceed expectations
  • Obsess over the small details
  • We value all our relationships
  • We analyze and get things done efficiently.
  • Good time management
  • Clients are always first!
  • Work from anywhere, remotely.
  • Driven and empowered

What we don’t

  • Work late or during weekends
  • Sales team
  • Resist indulgence of too many foods.
  • Sacrifice the quality for more profits.
  • Drink beers that are warm
  • Lose at Xbox games
  • Work for free
  • Complicate customers with technical jargons
  • Deadlines that are impossible
  • Outsource

Our Clients

We’ve had the pleasure of working with over 400 amazing local clients and 263 international clients to date 2019, helping them to thrive online. Our eye-catching websites have helped to generate millions for clients this past year alone. Clients choose our sites because they’re good-looking, mobile responsive, and easy-to-use.

Priscilia Toh, Regional Head Director

Fitness First Malaysia

This is not the first time working with Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency and Academy. I knew Tydus many years back when he started freelancing only for clients overseas and local in Singapore. He is very passionate about making the best websites for his clients, dedicated IT professionals I would say. He accommodated all my requests and make it work for me even though at times I know it was ridiculous from my side. Great work and a prosperous business ahead!

Chakrii Arthit, IT Dept Head Division

AIS Thailand

I really like the team spirit and a "can-do" attitude. I saw them from the Internet and decided to give Singapore team a try for web development, design, and digital marketing solutions. I met Tydus and Jason on one meeting in Bangkok 2014 and from then never look back. They are patient and flexible to understand all my web pages' requirements. Thus far we received many compliments with our website designs and look forward to continuing working with Web Leads in the future!

Vanessa, Richmond Angulera

Friendly Dolphin Swim School

Web Leads DM Agency and Academy was very professional throughout the whole process of web development and designs. They suggested deadlines they can meet and strive hard to make sure it happens. I enjoyed working with Rachel and Tydus especially, they were patient, knowledgeable and responsive to all the problems we faced and inquiries we had! Tydus is a smart, nice, action-oriented person who acts fast and solves problems that others cannot do! Thank you for all the great work and help!

We build profitable website solutions that convert traffic into customers, and from time to time when our clients need support, and when they do, we’re here to exceed their expectations.


Let’s talk about it!

We consistently aim to assure our clients’ success by establishing a clear route to promote business growth. You can understand our methodology and evaluate if we are a good fit for your organization by taking advantage of our free 30-minute no-obligation consultation.

Please write in your queries and project specifics, and we will contact you.