Our Team

Our headquarters are based in Singapore, Malaysia. Our team provides international website design and development services in the whole world and sticks our digital marketing services to Asia Pacific regions. We are passionate about digital marketing and always make sure our clients get the best. We pledge to create websites that are visually appealing, profitable and mobile-friendly. Do you want a website that will shine for you? Contact us today and get started in creating an incredible website today!

Our Team

Our Team Web Leads

Our team in Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency are leaders when it comes to digital marketing solutions. We provide web designs and developments for all platforms and create extraordinary applications. Our team services are a wide range and are competent to provide any businesses of all shapes and sizes with our specialized knowledge, skills, and tools that separate your business away from the pack.

We meet deadlines with high-quality work to ensure our clients will be happy with our work provided. We are a full concept digital marketing agency and learning institution that make sure communication is clear, and clients’ satisfaction is guaranteed at all times. Our professionals’ team always make sure to abide by professional relationships with the companies we work with, up-to-date report and progress will furnish monthly.

Our team always seek to further their knowledge and skills in this ever-changing digital world. This thirst for knowledge and improvement on our team allows us to provide more remarkable products and services to our clients at all times.

You need Web Leads experts to have your website design, architectures, and development team to give your site perform the best it deserves? Contact us today for a chat!

Always provide the best services, put users first, emanate passions, innovate, design, collaborate, deliver above and beyond, transparency, have humility, stay ahead with knowledge and skills, make it enjoyable!

Our Team Approach

Creating profitable website solutions requires a clever mix of strategy, creativity, technology, and insight. Our approach focuses on finding the right way for your brand. We dig deep to find the ultimate path for your business, ultimately helping you to exceed your business goals.

  1. 1. Discovery
  2. 2. Design
  3. 3. Develop
  4. 4. Deliver
  5. 5. Market
  6. 6. Support
  7. 7. Optimise
  8. 8. Analyse


Phase 1 – Discovery Sessions

The first stage of Web Leads strategies journey is always about planning, discovery, and sharing sessions to make sure you build one website with a clear objective that will return value on the investment. This meeting will help our team project manager identify the needs of your organization, be it application development needs, copywriting needs, and design needs. We will find out what are the things needed to integrate your marketing and website channels to make it perform it’s best for now and the future.

Critical company information to share during the discovery phase includes: 

  • Company branding and logo designs
  • Brand personality 
  • Any non-negotiable terms 
  • If you have web hosting, preferably also share technical information such as server and FTP information 
  • Shared contact information for the entire team for seamless communication. 


Phase 2 – Website Design

Website design will determine the effectiveness of your website. Our designers will deliver a design that works within identified constraints and fulfill their established goals. 

Our designers will design with the eyes of the audience: 

  • Would this motivate the customers to take action?
  • Will the customers act based on the design?
  • How will you layout the content on your website’s web pages?
  • Is the design responsive and practical across all screens?
  • Will it produce results? Does it look professional?

It is all about the ecstatic feel of your website at this point, creating the ultimate look and feel of the website. Designers will look at all your color selection, photo, videos, and graphics that will be used on the site.

During the design phase, you can have many shares of feedback, ideas, and comments so that we can change the design and create one that your customers will love.  


Phase 3 – Website Development

Once the website design is approved, our web development team will take over and start building your website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript to ensure all of them looks great.

We will start inserting images, format content, crafting unique selling points of your content, layout testimonials, and more. We build your new website into one of the development accounts of our secret domains. You may do testing and clicking through the website before taking it live.

We work hard to exceed your expectations!


Phase 4: Testing, Launch and Training

This stage, we will go through testing of the “sandbox” website before launching. The testing of the sandbox site is a place where you play with the site and discover what needs to change and things to be done before launching the website. During the testing phase, you will get to examine the content, style, functionality, security, and performance. 

Once you feel comfortable with the site, our team will work to make sure all “behind the scenes” actions such as computer networking, hosting and DNS involved are in place and working. We make sure to turn your website into a powerhouse that not only looks good ecstatically but also functions it’s purpose powerfully. Our team will guide you about managing the site behind the scenes like essential updates to content, edits as and when it requires from this new website. 

Some essential consideration items to check with us before launch:

  • Redirects if any
  • Favicon display 
  • Security certificate enabled
  • Sitemap file 
  • Google webmaster tools 
  • Make it live


Phase 5 – Marketing

It seems like all the painful work leading up to the launch of the website, and we shall see results generating quickly, right? Say to say that but “no”. It is the very time for marketing, and our team will help to get your business onto the map via marketing.  

A successful website that helps to generate revenues and sales need to be updated with content consistently. You need to have your website improved and maintained all the time, just like tending your physical store, and you do not clean it after a year, right? We do cleaning every day after a workday so as to make sure it looks good at all times.

We always make sure you get paid and achieve ROI from your website business; these are the things you need to get done: 

  • Frequent updates of high-quality content, Google loves it.
  • Marketing and promotion of the website 
  • Constant improvement and working on the website to make sure it is updated and effective. 

You should always allocate time to work, maintain, and marketing of the website. We provide many tools and training to make sure our clients know how to get started. 

We provide tools, information, resources, and tips to help manage your site easier. If you don’t have the time or in house team to do that for you, we have monthly website support packages to help you guys out as well!

[link to our website support page]


Phase 6 – Website Care & Support

Everything seems to work fine now, but a business website is like a car. It should be maintained and serviced regularly if not sooner or later, it will crash and break down. Our team will take care of the backups, technical maintenance, security, and modifications every month to make sure your site is well taken care of to maximize your return investment and to get the most out of your website.

You will be worry-free as our team works behind the scenes to make it all happen the right way for your website. We will do all management of your updating of software or breaking anything as our web experts work with great effort to ensure you are always attracting visitors and sales from your website.

Our website support and care are all about saving time for your companies and focus only on what is best for you. When you have a monthly website care and support in place, your website will run much faster and will help your customers experience the best!

Moreover, it also save cost for your company from hiring a web designer or developer! Let’s do the maths:

Hiring a website designer and developer – $4500 or more/month – per pax based on experience
Our website care and support – $100-300 per month
Saving money up to more than 95% on the workforce!


Phase 7 – Content Marketing, Landing Pages, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The world is connected digitally in the world now; people are now thirsty and want to be updated with all sorts of content available online. Content is the king and the currency that is used to achieve massive results for their successful branding and companies.

To stand out from the crowd, you need to have high-quality content that stands out from your competitors and help yourself climb up the search engine rankings.

At Web Leads, we are experts in crafting the engaging content, be it copywriting, images, videos, animation videos, and infographics for all channels via search marketing, social marketing that appeals and attracts leads into conversions.

SEO not only helps to rank higher on the search engine result pages, it also improve your reach and increase visibility to potential customers, which in turn drive in more revenues or profits!

We are an experienced team in creating landing pages with high-quality content that will take charge and drive all your marketing efforts. Channels are only channel sources if they do not convert the customers at the destination. We increase your search marketing rankings in both organic and paid search campaigns, so you are reaching all the customers from these channels!


Phase 8 – Reporting, Measurements, Performance & Analytics.

Web analytics is something used today by digital marketers to help extract useful information, touchpoint channels, website behaviors, insights, and trends that we all can use to improve every business on the globe.

The reporting and analytics data provide digital marketers like us with in-depth information to what are the small changes or additional inputs we can deliver on our website or any other channels to help our visitors.

From the analysis, we get to gain insights into flaws and places on the website that are performing well according to KPI. In turn, we make sure the website is optimized for all user experiences, on-page, off-page optimization, technical aspect to ensure the site is always generating leads, reach, conversions you desire to always target on your potential customers.

You have to make your content and pages attractive enough for people to come visit. There is no such thing as “if you have it built, visitors will come” – using web analytics give us input of our customers in minute details to ensure we always get the edge over our competitors.

We make sure every behavior and ROI from customers on the website are tracked and leverage fully to bring profitability. ROI we track, include purchase completion, website behavior, page retention time, and inquiries made.

Our Team

Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency and Academy is a full concept digital marketing solutions company. We work across the globe to make sure all our local clients and international clients receive the best results from our digital marketing efforts possible. If there is something that is against our time, we will get connected with our external experts from all around the globe and staffs based in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia to get the things done.


Senior Web Developer


Senior Web Developer


Content Marketing Expert


Web Design Expert


Founder & CEO


SEM Expert




SEO and Digital Marketing Expert

What we do

  • World-class websites
  • Creative solutions of all types
  • Exceed expectations
  • Obsess over the small details
  • We value all our relationships
  • We analyze and get things done efficiently.
  • Good time management
  • Clients are always first!
  • Work from anywhere, remotely.
  • Driven and empowered

What we don’t

  • Work late or during weekends
  • Sales team
  • Resist indulgence of too many foods.
  • Sacrifice the quality for more profits.
  • Drink beers that are warm
  • Lose at Xbox games
  • Work for free
  • Complicate customers with technical jargons
  • Deadlines that are impossible
  • Outsource

Our Clients

We’ve had the pleasure of working with over 400 amazing local clients and 263 international clients to date 2019, helping them to thrive online. Our eye-catching websites have helped to generate millions for clients this past year alone. Clients choose our sites because they’re good-looking, mobile responsive, and easy-to-use.

Priscilia Toh, Regional Head Director

Fitness First Malaysia

This is not the first time working with Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency and Academy. I knew Tydus many years back when he started freelancing only for clients overseas and local in Singapore. He is very passionate about making the best websites for his clients, dedicated IT professionals I would say. He accommodated all my requests and make it work for me even though at times I know it was ridiculous from my side. Great work and a prosperous business ahead!

Chakrii Arthit, IT Dept Head Division

AIS Thailand

I really like the team spirit and a "can-do" attitude. I saw them from the Internet and decided to give Singapore team a try for web development, design, and digital marketing solutions. I met Tydus and Jason on one meeting in Bangkok 2014 and from then never look back. They are patient and flexible to understand all my web pages' requirements. Thus far we received many compliments with our website designs and look forward to continuing working with Web Leads in the future!

Vanessa, Richmond Angulera

Friendly Dolphin Swim School

Web Leads DM Agency and Academy was very professional throughout the whole process of web development and designs. They suggested deadlines they can meet and strive hard to make sure it happens. I enjoyed working with Rachel and Tydus especially, they were patient, knowledgeable and responsive to all the problems we faced and inquiries we had! Tydus is a smart, nice, action-oriented person who acts fast and solves problems that others cannot do! Thank you for all the great work and help!

We build profitable website solutions that convert traffic into customers, and from time to time when our clients need support, and when they do, we’re here to exceed their expectations.


Let’s have a chat!

We always strive to ensure success for our clients by developing a clear path at the start to drive business growth. You can understand our approach and determine if we are a good fit for your organization by offering you a 30 minutes no-obligation consultation for free. You can jot down your questions and project details, and we will get back in touch.