Magento Singapore eCommerce Development

Magento Singapore eCommerce CMS that works for all volume of traffics.

Magento Singapore Development

Magento platform works best for the eCommerce website with heavy traffic and sales. Our agency has vast experience with doing Magento Singapore websites locally and Magento comprehensive solutions globally, we are here to help if you are looking to customize your one and only customer experience through Magento.

  • Optimize the look and feel of your eCommerce website as well as the functionality associated with it.
  • Manage any products and marketing offers you may have easily as well as the functionality of Magento.
  • Daily community support

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Benefits of Magento

Magento Singapore CMS solutions are easy to use

eCommerce friendly and makes your management of inventory and marketing efforts easy with their built-in CMS and catalog. Magento may not be an easier solution as compared to WordPress. The CMS, however,  allows Magento Singapore users with good navigation and additional features making it ideal as an economical and scalable solution for eCommerce platforms. Security is power-packed, Magento is more secure than WordPress third-party extensions.

Cost & Time Saving

Magento is a search engine friendly CMS like WordPress. It contains many functionality that is built-in and has a high degree of control over your user experience. Have your users save time navigating around the eCommerce store easily will allow you to grow your sales and improve the time-consuming improvement to user experiences.

Best Practices and Mobile-Friendly

It is easily optimized to make it mobile-friendly, with a mobile community constantly growing. It is normal and essential now to building an eCommerce solution on Magento. Our Magento Singapore solutions make sure that you can create awareness easily online and your audiences can easily find you through any devices having the same user experiences and demands

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What You’ll Get with Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency

Faster Development

We work rapidly to get your deadlines met and make you look champion. We understand managing time is speed based on saving money or investment in creating more wealth and value.

Experienced Developers

We have more than 15 years in this industry working on Magento stores and web development projects. To date, we have 36,000 extension customers worldwide. You are assured to be in good hands!

Tasks Portal

We are aware that on bigger projects, it might be difficult to keep track of what is going on. We have a customized client portal to take of all this by letting you monitor progress and what has been done.

Personalized Service

Our success comes only when you experiences success. We know our clients and business models personally. We work to help businesses reach potentials customers and develop online presence.

Expert Research

Our in-house research and development team always love taking up challenges. If you have a unique problem, we are eager to solve it and help.

UX Experts

Our UX experts will look at perspectives from customers and clients. We will create online stores that not only appeal but stay true to your company's personality and values.

Conversion Optimization

We have consulted web leads digital marketing agency to have our website restructured. There were fast to planning and know what we exactly wanted as our goals to our eCommerce site. They have converted our site into Magento and transform the online experience of fast page loading times, on-site stability like never before. At peak traffic times, the website was quite stable and never crashed like previously. Social review pages were changed to become more vibrant in color, more aligned with our company’s personality. Overall, conversions have increased by 190%, 156% increase in transactions, and a 170% increase in online revenue.

Our Magento Services

Magento is expensive, and nothing is worse than spending tons of money only to realize sales decrease with poor user experience. Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency has specialized UX experts to help you plan your site architecture and optimize conversions or sales.

We have made many mistakes along the way throughout the 15 years of Magento development. We are experts, and we know clearly what works and what doesn’t works from all the 15 years of experience. We continuously improve to provide you with better and new solutions available. Our Magento team is ready to work and bring your businesses to the next level.

WLDM is industry experts when it comes to B2B or B2C. We customize our own Magento store and our own Magento B2B, B2C solutions. We have got what it takes to meet the specific needs of your clients from anywhere.

Magento is complicating for first-time users, and we understand that. From all the site crashes, page loading problems. WLDM support plan will help to handle it all. Our dedicated team managers will manage your accounts. While our developers will be ready to work on all the problems you face with your Magento store.

Do you need additional functions for your Magento? We can help to integrate extensive tools to Magento for a more seamless operation. Some tools we can help integrate with – WordPress integration, mage monkey, Facebook connect and like, stock update push, and more.

The performance of your website is crucial to the success of your online businesses. We work with you to choose the best hosting provider for ultra optimization of your page load speed and overall performance.

You should have been aware that having a great site is just part of completing the job. You have to also optimize your website for search engine. Gathering high traffics to reach your peak performance. WLMD will help you do that to up your rankings.

We will help you migrate your website from anywhere to Magento 2. Our experts are resourceful and are always ready to migrate all your website data even from an entirely different platform.

Clients to raving fans

Service Packages

Control the look and feel of your eCommerce

We will perform customization for Magento. Build the Magento eCommerce website from scratch and develop dependency injection, layout system, action classes, database schemes, web API and more at this stage.

We will provide integration, which also meant third-party services to call for the Magento web APIs. Magento 2.0 currently supports Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product Information Management (PIM) together with automation systems. We can do all sorts of integration as required for your eCommerce stores.

Build the Magento websites to grow your eCommerce business traffics!