How to Write A Viral Blog Post


Blogging takes time and you need to do it consistently!

Blogging is hard work. I can tell you first hand since I have been doing it myself for the past six years. I was once a journalist in SPH for two years. I woke up every day to words, tons of words, and commitment to get done by the end of the day.

And now, blogging is the most critical part of my business. It is even more difficult when you are most of the time on your own but still have the need to keep the motivation up writing daily.

Believe me, and I have done it for the past six years, I wake up to words literally every day.

Many recommendations had been given by digital marketers and experts to growing traffic via blogging, but trust me, creating superior content of high quality is difficult. You really need to read tons of books, make yourself an expert of a particular industry, the products and services in order to be able to churn out content that is worth reading.

“Investment in knowledge pays the best interest,”

You are, after all, into the business because you want to provide the best products and services to your clients and customers.

And guess it how do you be so good that people depend on your products and services. Become so good by learning, reading, practicing till you are so great in your industry that people depend on your products and services.

So you got reading, writing, practicing all excited to start your blog. You started writing about all sorts of topics you have experienced or are familiar with lots of energy and vibe.

Weeks go by, and you start receiving traffic of some sorts to your website and business. You started to realize work pile up with more conversions.

And then you begin to neglect writing due to the hard work and “busy schedule.”

And you begin to realize that seriously writing is really hard work. You begin to skip one day, a week, you start to struggle in coming out new topics, you lost focus and you started feeling at some time of your day for neglecting “blogging” or kind of forgotten about it altogether.

Your blog went “sleeping”, and you started blaming and cursing yourself for not updating. But at the end with so many of the cursing, no action was taken to keep it “alive.”

Many people fell off the content marketing bandwagon after a while or a long time ago because it takes a lot of effort to do content marketing and doing it right takes more time. Many people I know do content marketing, but not many “lasted” for a long haul.

I totally understand that I have been through those days when I am simply lazy to write more posts and wanted a “cheat” day. It is really tough but you have to keep your motivation up to do it consistently. In fact, you have to do it daily year after year with enthusiasm.

Writing an article a day isn’t impossible, blogging daily is key to content marketing. I have written tons of it when I was back then as a journalist. You just have to keep doing until you perfect your writing skills. It is just like programming and swimming, it takes 10,000 hours of practice to perfect it!

This guide will help you better know what it really takes to be able to churn out blog posts daily. 

1. How To Write A Blog Post: Reading and Writing!

Reading and writing make a powerful combination for you to write a blog post that stands out and get viral. You need structures and know what you are going to write for each heading that is related to the topic.

Let people gain knowledge through reading your blog post by sharing all your secrets, hacks, etc that make you successful in what you are sharing about through writing this blog post.

As mentioned earlier, your blog post needs to be in-depth and share good content that gives people value and track attention the right way.

It is time to use your linguistic intelligence to its fullest when it comes to blogging. The key to writing well is reading, both of it takes a lot of time and trust me it is all worth it at the end of the day because it is the best way to teach you how to write a blog post successfully.

Benjamin Franklin wakes up daily early for his learning and that is to read and write, the more prepared you are in reading, the more prepared you are in writing. I have read many books and covered most of the blogs on blogging to be able to churn out information like this in summary.

Many articles shared on social media nowadays are shared without reading. How many times have you actually read your own article?

You need to have a purpose for writing. Companies who did a blog with a purpose experienced higher KPIs and higher returns on investments.

I still do a lot of my reading through blogs from other industry experts in my niche even though I am content marketing and SEO expert.

There are simply too many things to learn as digital marketing is always evolving. You need to be able to keep up with everything by reading consistently.

image 001

Many times readers just consume the headers and the meta description. This is also why these elements are so powerful for SEO purposes right?

Your content shows your brand and expertise, you need to create content with a purpose to educate. It plays a significant role in whether your blogs are read, remember to always do any writing with a purpose.

You have to make sure that you ain’t copying other people’s content, you have to continue to be well-read to be able to contribute better and unique content for the reader. Your brand is unique even though you might be selling the same products and services.

Blogging helps your user, you need to be the expert in your niche, well-read to be able to write out content that satisfies your users’ needs and help your users with the information.

2. Draw inspiration by reading tons of books or other bloggers.

There should be tons of books written for your industry niche. You can gain more of your expertise by reading them all and provide yourself with more inspirations for blogging ideas.

You can check out on other bloggers and see what they are doing. From there you may find ideas to write as well and try to surpass your competitors by writing the best content ever all the time.

There are tons of books about digital marketing in the market right now. Head down to your local library have them all read, set a target and finish them consistently. You will be surprised by how many ideas you will get at the end of all this reading.

Discover what are the greats in digital marketing currently blogging about, study what they are writing in-depth. One such figure I always follow and learn from is Neil Patel, find trends in the way he writes.

You can also use Ahrefs or SEMRush to better understand what keywords and landing pages are successful at the moment. From the information, you can generate content that will help answer the search terms better.

Looking for answers from all angle broaden your ideas, brainstorming for ideas become much easier for you.


3. Experience life and help people with your content.

Use tools to check what people are searching about, go out chat with people and find out what problems they have and provide them with solutions online. Produce information on your blog with quality that is true and reliable.

Build the kind of content to make people believe what you are doing. Give them the proof they need through free sharing of your knowledge, become reliable by sharing who you are and what you know made you an expert in your industry niche.

I recently chatted with few B2B companies during my time of “experiencing life” and realized most of them have not been doing content marketing consistently. Content marketing is new, time-consuming and requires a lot of effort to most of them.


You need to read more about the topics that interest you, discover your greatest niche and make content that helps tackle the problem with solutions from every angle and perspective easily.

4. Two to three blog posts per day will be optimal

A blog post per day is a good start for beginner bloggers. Ideally, you should be able to churn out more content over time. You need to blog more to attract more sustainable traffic flow to your blog.


Getting more blog posts done in a day means you have all the pre-content done up and have enough posts in advance so that when you are out for a vacation or taking days off, you have all the pre-posts ready for publishing.

Having quality content lower the bounce rates, people will be enticed to read more and stay on the page longer. Besides having more posts also mean people will be able to check on all your other blog posts through the archive – it, in turn, lower the bounce rate and improve your on-page SEO factor.

5. Automate other routine digital marketing tasks

There is more than just writing in blogging. It takes a whole lot of research to write good quality content.

There are so many things marketers have to handle on a day to day basis. You need to know how to time manage your time better to achieve success as a digital marketer. The below graphs illustrate some of the many tasks faced by B2B marketers.


Successful business requires much understanding, analyzing and running of the daily business operations like the ones above. This should be the daily routine of bloggers, they will churn out written content to improve metrics of all kinds in business operations and leads generations.

You have to make blogging become part of your daily routine of creating the idea, doing researches, making outlines and the actual work of writing daily becomes much easier.

As mentioned earlier, you need to do much researches, measuring different KPIs and quantifiable metrics to make sure you are working on the right things all the time.

It is better to concentrate on writing for the hours while having other digital marketing tasks on autopilot. You will just have to systematically follow the routine on a daily basis.

6. Develop a strong editorial calendar

The editorial calendar is a great tool for blogging and content marketing purposes. Write down all the topics and ideas on an editorial calendar, it gives you a super clear outline of what is done what you need to continue working on the following day in a glance.

Most of the major publications like People and SPH news uses editorial calendars daily in the morning to make sure all content is done and determine what content to publish.

This editorial calendar sample will help you:


Have an editorial calendar in place, means that all content has been planned ahead. You do not need to be on a constant race with yourself to get the things done, you will just be working ahead. It gives you a much better time moving ahead and to correct any issues or changes that may hinder you along the way.

7. Guest posting and solicit new ideas

Sometimes giving people the chance to do blogging on your page as well. It is always nice to have different perspectives on answering the questions. It allows the blog post etc to become more informative answering the questions from more angles. You do not have to be the one doing all the blogging yourself all the time.

Many bloggers will be more than happy to do guest posting on your site to gain credibility and in exchange gain a backlink back to their own website. Besides getting them to write on your blog also meant the start of tapping into their networks.

Networking is very powerful for off-page ranking factors in SEO.


Every single new post published on your blog meant extra content even if it isn’t written by yourself. It enriches your blog with more idea from different people and increase your expertise authority brand positioning in the industry.

8. Respond to clients or customers with more answers

If you have established yourself as an expert on certain subject matter which you should through high-quality content free sharing you have done earlier. People will start to trust your insight and see you as a trusted source and may start to ask you questions from the comment section.

You can start addressing all their concerns through writing in-depth long-form answers to provide them with solutions. Researches from many marketing firms have affirmed that responding quickly to customers via microblogging sites yields better experience with the customers.


You should always think of your reader as your customers (blogging is essential to growing any businesses, I meant original content and not duplicate). You should always concentrate on addressing their needs, individualize their experience, and provide responses to their concerns. complaints and questions.

9. Make blogging a habit

Humans are creatures of habit, and we learn things, do things best and achieve excellence through habits. Make blogging a habit, keep consistent and blogging will not become any problem.

Aristotle “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”

How do you build a habit?

Just do it daily, it is just that simple.

  • Start with a reminder of the task (blogging) you need to do daily
  • Editorial calendar will come in handy
  • Make it a routine and finish that task daily.
  • Reward yourself
  • Sleep, rinse and repeat.

It looks like this:


This building process for your habit matters because blogging matters!

One of the biggest revenue-generating in blogging is marketing and advertising. Steady spend can be seen from last year to this year.


You have to do the hard work, make it a habit in order to earn a good income from blogging. High-quality and valuable content that helps users address their issues is the key to successful content marketing, you have to make sure you do it on a steady pace daily.

Writing takes a lot of effort, those writers we seen in movies spending their days drinking, being a playboy and still coming out with awesome writings day in and day out are nothing but fancy to a true writer.


Hemingway was good at making writing look easy like a breeze.

Writing a high-quality post isn’t about fooling around and waiting for some catch. You really need to be an expert to provide solutions and attacking questions with all angles through your expertise to help your users.

Good writers are good because they work on writing all the time, they take action to force themselves to do it daily. And then force themselves to improve and develop it into a habit and gradually make them who they are today, the writing machines.

You will find that things become easier once it starts forming into you as a habit. It becomes much faster and easier for you as you go along, and often started to find yourself writing four to five blog posts daily instead of one.


Just do it and have no fear of not being able to come up with topics to blog daily, it is a negative thought pattern that is hindering your good actions and moving forward, you need to learn to overcome the negative thoughts with the positive thoughts today!

Many people I know have earned first, second or third income through the power of blogging and sharing their expertise online. They did it despite having difficulties to come up with new topics daily. Hard work is key!

Backlinks will grow as you start to write and produce more content online, it boosts your rankings for SEO and helps you maintain, develop and sustain organic traffic to your website and business.

By involving external resources, continuously researching, and employing solid business practices, you can turn your blog into a daily content mill that generates revenue.

Have I helped you in answering why is it important to be blogging consistently and how to write a blog post?

If there are any pointers that can be added to make it even more comprehensive, do share with me in the comment section below and I will add the new pointers in.

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