How much does it cost in Singapore to build a website?

web design cost in singapore

For a simple 5-page website, website design and development can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 in Singapore.

As people who work in the website design business, we’ll give you a very unbiased view.

First, let’s talk about what goes into the price.

Things that affect how much your website costs.

How much the developer makes per hour

Let’s face it: building a website takes a developer’s time.

Freelancers and agencies can charge as little as $18 – $200 per hour based on the experience of developers.

There are many ways to put together a website. For example, you could pay a student $1,000 to do it or a professional almost four times as much.

If you do it yourself, you can make a website for less than $50.

The developer’s workflow

There is a massive difference between the amount of time rock star developers and beginners spend on a site.

For experienced developers, it might only take 10 hours to build a website, but for less experienced developers, it could take up to 200 hours.

One difference that can be seen is that developers often use Frameworks and Methodologies that let them design without doing the same things twice.

Beginners who don’t use frameworks will take much longer and offer less quality (because they don’t use frameworks). So even though they spend more time, they won’t get any better.

Costs for other things

Costs that aren’t directly related to the service are still part of it.

For companies that make websites, this can include the following:

  • Rent for the office
  • Huge advertising budgets to keep the business going
  • Salaries for developers
  • Commissions for salespeople
  • Software subscription costs

Many people don’t realize that at least half of your price has nothing to do with how much time you spend on your website.

A company that makes websites may pay up to $500 to Facebook and more than $1000 in commissions for a $3000 website that they sell to you.

On top of that, the company has to make money to pay for overhead and operating costs. So a reasonable profit margin for the company would be $500, leaving you with only the developer working on your website receiving $1000 in value.

They have fewer overhead costs for freelancers:

  • • No renting an office
  • • Small advertising budgets (most of the time, word-of-mouth is enough to keep them going). 
  • • No commissions or salaries ( They are self-employed, and they control their labor costs )

This is why, even though their prices are better, agencies are not always better than freelancers.

But a big problem for freelancers is that they don’t always know the best way to do things. This can make it take longer to build a website.

Now that you know the main things that affect how much a website costs, let’s talk about what we can do!

Website Design Packages and their Cost

S$5,000 and above Web Design Agencies

A website design agency may be a good alternative if you want to create a website for a medium to large business.

These organizations are generally capable of providing sophisticated solutions that a medium to a big firm may require.

Customization is always an option with these organizations, and they are also well-versed in government grants and claiming procedures.

Because these organizations are well-staffed and frequently have specific account executives to oversee your project, support will be available.

However, as previously stated, the majority of the value of your website would be lost due to operational expenses.

Most agencies will additionally apply a 2-3x “Grant” mark-up to ensure that the value of each transaction is maximized.

A website typically costing $5,000 may now cost you $10,000 before grants.


  • Proper development methods
  • In-house designers, developers, and project managers 
  • Account support 
  • Excellent for enterprises with large budgets and a high degree of support and service


• The most expensive choice, $5k, is only the beginning.

• Guaranteed the lowest value-to-money ratio in terms of job quality

S$500 and higher for freelancers

I have personally encountered the lowest-priced freelancer at $500. And after seeing how much labor goes into creating a website, the freelancer suddenly doubled his charges.

Freelancers may be the most cost-effective alternative when it comes to having someone create for you.

They don’t have the costs of running or expenditures that agencies have.

Based on this argument alone, you receive more excellent value for your money.

However, freelancers are primarily self-taught, and their website design methods might range from novices just starting to world-class masters.

You are unlikely to find freelancing specialists under SGD$500; they are generally veterans who understand the importance of a quality website. A respectable experienced freelancer developer will charge between $2.5k and $5k for a modest 5-page website.

The cost savings on supporting expenses will, of course, result in the “lack of help” with freelancers. Most freelancers cannot handle many clients at once, and some may drop the ball or even “fire” you and leave you with unfinished websites if they dislike working on your project.

This is understandable given that they are their employer.

Companies have branding and must be accountable as an entity. Freelancers are less visible and have less to lose if they encounter a customer they don’t like; they get referrals from clients who enjoy working with them.

Another significant advantage of hiring freelancers is that they are frequently more forthcoming during scoping sessions. If they can’t do what you say, they’ll tell you it’s because they’ll handle your task later.

Agencies, on the other hand, operate as distinct organizations, and consultants who are unfamiliar with technology are incentivized to close agreements regardless of back-office skills.

What happens once you sign the contract? Any features they cannot complete will be outsourced to another agency. (This occurs all the time.)


  • Better value for money 
  • Easier to bargain 
  • They are not compelled to offer you something that they cannot assist you with


  • You pay peanuts and get monkeys 
  • It’s challenging to locate a fantastic freelancer at the “best” price 
  • It’s much more challenging to discover freelancers online

S$50 per month if you do it yourself

The most affordable alternative is to pay for your website with your own “developer” person-hours!

You may own a website by paying for hosting and domain registration, which should not exceed $50 per month.

Several free resources are also available to teach you how to design a website.

There are also entirely fleshed-out themes that you can install with a single click and have a gorgeous website up and running in less than an hour.

  • It is technically free 
  • It is pretty quick to create if you utilize themes
  • You will work on your website for weeks or even months.
  • Even if you understand the tools, you will still need a strong design sense 
  • Pre-made themes only look nice with beautiful images

Themes have substantial limits in terms of features and customization.

Agency Scams – Do Not Pay

Some website agencies do not follow our market price, which is shown above.

All the pricing we discussed applies exclusively to bespoke website design, meaning developers do not utilize THEMES on your website.

They create your website from the ground up, depending on your design choices.

These “customized” website design businesses will frequently inform you that they only provide customization for:

  • Text
  • Images 
  • Colors

That indicates that they are employing themes to design your website, as themes only allow for that amount of customization.

The use of themes negates the point of recruiting in the first place.

If you need someone to install a theme for you, head over to Fiverr.

They are less than $100 there.

Are you tired of looking?

If you are tired of contacting and comparing website design packages and you want:

  • Quality processes at the agency
  • Freelance prices mean that your website is unique.

At first glance, we might have looked like one of the website design companies above, but we couldn’t fit our service into any of the standard categories we’ve listed.

We’ve made a new class of high-quality websites that cost very little, and we’re sure that, in time, the rest of the industry will have to follow suit.

P.S.: If you’re wondering how we can do it at these prices, it’s because we spent a lot of money and time fixing all the problems listed above instead of getting new customers.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we did. 

(If you run a business, you’ll get it.)

  • 40% of the team works from home in Malaysia (no rent and developer salaries are much cheaper, which is the most significant cost factor).
  • Optimized Design Process (We’ve been designing for years, so we know what to avoid)
  • Low marketing cost (at our price point, we don’t have to spend much to get customers; it’s a self-fulfilling loop).
  • 70%–80% of operations are automated (clients can sign up for services independently, and our hiring process is also automated).
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