Grow Your Brand Authority With These Link Building Strategies

link building

In SEO, link building is one of the most difficult but most important things you can do. 

Google places so much value on high-quality backlinks because they are the best way to tell whether or not your website is a leader in the field.

Google can use basic crowdsourcing to figure out how useful and how important your website is on certain topics by looking at the number of links that point to your site.

So why is link building so hard?

SEOs from all around the world have figured out how to game Google’s algorithm over the years by using black-hat link-building tactics like link farms and paid links to get more links. 

As a result, Google has figured out what kinds of things happen when people use these kinds of tactics, and it punishes websites that keep using them.

As a result, websites now have to think outside the box about how they use different strategies that naturally get more backlinks. The following are some things to think about when you’re planning link building strategies:

  • It can be hard to tell the difference between unique referring domains and backlinks.
  • Link flow is very important.
  • There is a lot of power in digital PR.

Focus on unique referring domains

When you start link building, it can be tempting for your team to try to get as many backlinks as possible, no matter where they come from. This can hurt your site. That might be good for the first few links, but after a while, you’ll start to see less and less of a boost.

If your website’s content is approved by a lot of well-known websites, Google will see it as well. This is why the crowdsourcing analogy is so useful.

If you keep getting backlinks from the same website over and over, Google may think that you’re doing something illegal, and you could be punished for it.

When you want to get more unique referring domains, you naturally want to get links from a lot of different websites. This way, you don’t run the risk of getting punished by Google’s algorithm.

With that said, there are a lot of websites that use content aggregation methods, like Databox, where you can get a link very quickly. because: You will not lose your credibility by submitting content through their site.

Databox is a very good source of information.

In return, you don’t get enough links from them for Google to see them as a problem.

The best thing I can tell you is to look for more unique link-building partners to help you even more.

Why is link flow important?

Link flow is the rate at which new backlinks are coming into your site. To understand why link flow is important, you need to know about Google’s E-A-T rules. Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness are all E-A-T words, and they mean that.

To show how authoritative and trustworthy you are in your field, write new content that gets a lot of high-quality links. Google knows that:

  • You are very active in your field and your community.
  • Other authoritative websites are still saying that you have the right to be here.

Slow link flow can mean that you have lost your value or trustworthiness in your field or on the internet as a whole. 

Continue to write relevant content and interact with your audience in order to keep trying to get good backlinks. The key is always quality over quantity. 

Impact of digital PR

In digital marketing, digital PR (public relations) is an important part. It focuses on media relations, thought leadership, and relationship marketing, among other things. 

Even though link building isn’t the main goal of digital PR, it can be a very important tool for link building.

A big part of digital PR is brand awareness, making sure that people know about your company. 

This could mean reaching out to podcasts that are relevant to your company and asking for a company representative to be a guest or pitching the digital media to cover a new company story. 

A lot of times when your company or a subject matter expert is on a podcast, goes to an event, or is in the news, the website will link back to yours.

These tactics don’t directly help you achieve your SEO goals, but if your website starts getting backlinks from high-ranking websites, your chances of ranking for more difficult keywords will go up a lot.

It is very important for your PR team and web strategy team to work together on digital projects at the same time. For a good digital PR strategy, you need to do the following:

  • A designer who makes infographics or other marketing materials.
  • A dedicated strategist who is the face of the PR team does all of the outreach.

A web strategist who works with creatives will drastically improve your link-building opportunities. 

A little teamwork can make a huge difference in your digital results.

Tactics to work on 

Make creative ideas that are easy to do and powerful enough to be worth your time because link building can take a lot of time.

I have broken down three data-backed link-building tactics that have been proven time and time again to help brands build more trust.

Taking charge of your thoughts

Take a look at all of the newsletters, blogs, and podcasts that you listen to, read, and use every day. There are three places to find marketing blogs: Marketo, G2, and SEMrush, which are all good places to find them For general business blogs, Mashable, Business Insider, and Forbes are the best places to find them, but there are many more. TechCrunch, Gizmodo, and ReadWrite are three of the most popular websites for tech news in the world right now.

These blogs are why you keep coming back. Why? They are known for publishing high-quality content, and their content is based on data and written by experts in their field of work.

People talk about them all the time, but they also backlink to these sites.

At Ahrefs, Business Insider has a rank of 242 out of all the Ahrefs databases. It has over 114M backlinks from more than 458K websites.

As of this writing, TechCrunch is ranked by Ahrefs at a rank of 294. It has 73.1M backlinks from more than 319K websites.

Depending on what kind of business your company is in, these thought leaders can be very different. However, there is one thing that is always the same: good authoritative content gets a lot of backlinks from people who are interested in what it has to say. In other words, it isn’t hard.

Unique researches

Some companies make reports that cover a lot of different industries or sub-industries. Digital marketing would include content, social media, SEO, email marketing, advertising, web strategy and market research, for example, as well as these other things: They make unique infographics for each research report and make them easy to share.

They get thousands of backlinks from a lot of different websites, as well as unique referring domains, by putting out the annual report.

By writing a report that is well-known and well-referenced in your field, you can add a lot of SEO value, in the form of authority, to your website.

Do guest postings

You can do this by sharing or writing content for another website in the hope that you will get a link back to your own site. 

Companies use guest posting strategies to make high-quality content that is seen by a lot of people in their field. 

Guest posting can also help businesses grow their organic reach through SEO, social media, and other things, as well. 

When other businesses trust you to give them advice, it makes your brand more visible and shows that they believe you can do the same. Thought about it, they trust you enough to put your content on their own site.

They usually add a link back to their own website in return. This makes them even more authoritative. If you write for a company, they may be able to remove that link at any time. The risk might fall on you if you haven’t already written the content for them.

Regardless, guest posting can help you with your digital PR efforts and make your brand more visible to people who you haven’t been able to reach before. You might get a link from that website, but you might also get backlinks from people who read their website and blog after you.

The directive uses guest posting as one of the main ways they grow the number of referring domains they have (as seen below).

Most important information to take away

Link building is one of the most important things you can do to improve your search engine rankings. Google still places a lot of value on high-quality backlinks, and they’re going to keep cracking down on link-building schemes that “tricked” their algorithm.

Build steady audiences who, at the very least, get people who read your content on a regular basis to link back to your site. 

Your website will get more links to it if you write content that is both relevant and unique. It will keep building links for your website if you build professional relationships with other websites in the same field and share content with them.

People use simple link-building techniques like broken link building and brand mention outreach to get more links. These should not be the main part of your link-building strategy.

As long as you know the basics of relationship and content marketing, they will help you more than anything else. 

You should take advantage of the relationships you’ve already made and work on making more down the road, but not before then. 

If you keep giving value to your target audience and to the people who work with you, link building will be a breeze from here on out.


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