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Google Analytics Course In Singapore


Google Analytics is a web analytics integration tool that is free to help anyone with websites to analyze their online traffics. For many companies nowadays, your website is a central hub for all your digital activities. It is usually the endpoint or part of the journey of the users to visit your websites along the way.

Integration meant the process of combining all different parts and elements into a whole. When it comes to the data world, integration stands for combining all data you have into one entity (a campaign, a user, a product, and more) in a single place.

You can integrate data from all other Google products to be viewed alongside its reports using Google Analytics. You may also incorporate the different data sources through custom integrations as long as you have the keys to doing so.

Instead of using many tools to analyze different sets of data, you now have the power to centralize all your information into Google Analytics, making data analysis much easier and quicker.

Having data collection and data analysis happening in one place will also result in more accurate and actionable reports.

Google Analytics is the best platform to create an analysis that centralizes all the information, the important ones into one place for anyone working online.

Most of them are still analyzing a single part of the user’s interactions with their digital properties,

Many professionals do not see the whole picture or all the factors affecting their business, online, and offline. This is happening mainly because of the lack of integration, and mainly data are scattered all over multiple tracking tools, making it extremely difficult for professionals to integrate all sources of information in one place.

Google Analytics can collect all kinds of data, two of them which are of utmost importance, the user acquisition data, and user behavior data. This valuable can track users before and after information visiting your websites. Companies may then use the data collected to understand, analyze, and improve the website, landing pages, and digital marketing campaigns.

If you do SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media Marketing, you can link to Google Analytics for better actionable strategies.

This course will be a very hands-on guide that focuses on only one thing that I believe will be very critical for success.

I will guide you on the integration of all your data into Google Analytics so that you can get a full picture of your marketing efforts, user behaviors, and conversions.

“Integrating all additional data into web analytics provides a complete vision of your marketing funnel. Your capability instantly expands from counting traffic into a broader system that measures your effectiveness in advertising, online sales, and offline. You will also gain a better understanding of all product usages, support, and retention. ”

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Key Features

  • We manage more than 400 campaigns yearly globally, learn from the expert that knows everything you need to know. 
  • Learn from an agency that uses Google Analytics on a daily basis.
  • Campaigns with hands-on case studies we have worked on. 
  • Course modules are up-to-date 
  • Practical training
  • Students will be taught with real live analysis to be able to differentiate and determine which key factors affect the online traffic performances.
  • We will teach you how to use and optimize every type of Facebook campaign, custom audiences, and pixels.
  • Our curriculum is comprehensive and developed by Facebook experts with extensive worldwide experiences. 
  • Learn to use advanced features available only in the Facebook business manager.
  • Certificate of Completion

About The Course

  • This Google Analytics course consists of two days classroom-based training. It will help individuals gain a greater understanding of using Google Analytics. The course will also equip students with practical knowledge to apply it to their websites or businesses.
  • Students will learn how to set up Google Analytics, back up views, adding filters to reporting views. You will also learn to interpret the data, analyze it, and implement improvements on your own websites. 
  • Students will improve their businesses and websites with data and evidence. You will make decisions that will improve your businesses with more accurate data collection. 
  • Achieve better business objectives. You will gain data to analyze the customer buyer journey happening now. Instead of guessing and seeing what work and what does not work, you will learn to make better execution from this data for business goals. 


Instructor-led | Lecture based, Questions and Answers, Practice

▷ Introduction to Google Analytics
▷ What are the 50 most used terms in Google Analytics
▷ Setting up Google Analytics and installing the tracking code on your website.
▷ Adding backup views in Google Analytics
▷ Learn how to add filters in Google Analytics report views.
▷ Create and set up goals in Google Analytics
▷ Learn to set up eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics.


Interactive | Lecture based, Questions and Answers, Practice, Trial and error, Learn the Reports That Matter

▷ Understanding socio demo data
▷ Understanding browser data
▷ Optimizing mobile experience
▷ Improve the site content and site speed.
▷ Check the performance of your internal site search
▷ How to use UTM parameters?
▷ Where are your traffic sources?
▷ Optimize your landing page and keyword
▷ Finding the right keywords
▷ Evaluation of traffic sources.
▷ Learn to evaluate your Adwords Campaign Performance and check the ROI of your campaigns.

Interactive | Lecture, demonstration and modeling, case study, questions and answers, group presentation, group project work, practice, quizzes.


▷ Conversion Solutions – ABC’s (Acquisitions, Behaviour, and Conversions)
▷ How to use advanced segmentation
▷ Pro tips for analytics essential
▷ How to build advanced segmentation
▷ Search query gold mine
▷ Search query and ROAS opportunities with Heatmap
▷ Hunting bigger and bigger fishes with data.

Interactive | Lecture, demonstration (visual and verbal instructions), Questions and Answers, Trials and Errors, Case studies, Individual projects)

▷ Remarketing Mastery With Google Analytics and Google Adwords.
▷ Understanding the attribution model.
▷ Remarking Tactics.
▷ Targeting the low hanging fruits, layered bids, and distracted buyers.
▷ Time-based segmentation with high conversions techniques
▷ Extend the life and effectiveness of your email campaigns
▷ Superpower of your exit page


This course is for business owners, entrepreneurs, employees for digital marketing agencies, and new individuals who wish to jump into the digital marketing sector:

Prevent yourself from missing any massive opportunity into tapping more sales and reach your business objectives.
▷To attain Google Analytics Certification for Beginners at the end of the course.
▷To learn multi-channel trend spotting for bigger ROI.

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Participants will attain Google Analytics For Beginners. This industry-recognized certificate of completion will be issued by Google Analytics Academy after passing the test with a score of above 80%. Participants of this course will also be eligible for Google Analytics Advanced Assessment as well as Google Analytics Power Users.

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Basic computer knowledge and a laptop. We encourage our students to bring their own laptop during the course for better learning. However, if you happen to have no laptop, each participant will be provided a laptop during the course.


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In this digital marketing analytics course, you will learn:

You will understand the importance of Google Analytics to any business in the 2019 context. 

You will better understand the differences between dimensions and metrics, and why is it essential for you to evaluate the reading. 

You will learn what the important KPIs to look out for in Google Analytics (social demo data, mobile experience, traffic sources, site speed, use of UTM parameters, bounce rate, time, uniqueness, site content, etc.)

Learn to set up Google Analytics “correctly.” You will also learn to install the tracking code onto your website. 

You will learn what UTM parameters are and how to implement it onto live websites. Important things such as tracking code, goal setting, linking the Google Ads to Google Analytics, setting up eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics, and more. 

You will learn the eight important reports to analyze and interpret. They include main tool analysis, analyzing real-time reports, analyzing audience reports, analyzing acquisition reports, analyzing behavior reports, analyze with segments. You will also learn to track marketing campaigns with campaign tagging and campaign tagging case studies. 

You will learn how to use the data collected from report analyzation to find solutions and next-step actions to be taken for your online marketing strategies. 

How to use the benchmarking reports to grow the business

How to set up custom reports and use custom dashboards for in-depth analysis

And more.

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By the end of the course, students will learn:

How to use the Google Analytics tool and drive business successes through the data collected.

How to do market research, handle and make improvements to website technical, commercial, and content aspects using digital analytics data. 

Understand customer’s pain points, improve user experience, user funnels, KPIs, metrics, landing page, and content marketing optimization after evaluating data collected from Google Analytics. 

Understand that Analytics is nothing but a new way of thinking. Every analysis is only as good as your hypothesis or questions you asked before you dive into the data. You will learn to be skeptic and verify the numbers from multiple different points of view.

Apply the knowledge gained in real-time to campaign tracking, overall marketing strategies, calculate more accurate ROI, and advanced attribution models.

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Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that helps you have data and analyze your traffic from your website. For most companies nowadays, the site serves as the central hub or backbone of all your marketing effort. You have to analyze where your traffics is coming from. Where to spend more money and where to spend lesser or nothing on. If you do run Google ads and social media ads, users are likely to enter the website along in their purchasing journey.

Marketers, unlike the past, have revolutionized due to the evolution of technology. Today’s marketer uses many analytic tools to inform decisions and actions. You have to be able to examine where your buyers are coming from and spot new revenue opportunities from existing and new campaigns.

Yes, the certification issue will be from Google. The Google Analytics Academy offers a wide range of certification courses like Google Analytics for beginners. We will also cover Advanced Google Analytics and Google Analytics for power users in this course. These certifications will prepare you for Google Analytics Individual Qualifications or GAIQ. With GAIQ, it means a high level of proficiency with Google Analytics.

Yes, of course, there are tons of information online such as free tutorials, videos, guides, pdfs, and online courses around that can help you.

Online courses and face to face sessions can help you gain useful insights and knowledge into practicing Google Analytics. It might be more strategic to get all-rounder education from all channels, be it face to face or online class sessions with industry experts.

You get to ask real-time questions and get solutions with consultation via the training. You will gain peer to peer learning, interactions to explore a deeper understanding of the concepts, and practical hands-on learning.

You will take away many more insights that you have doubts about during your online courses. This understanding will elevate your proficiency and enable you to take more effective actions into improving your digital marketing efforts.

Our courses are conducted by entrepreneurs and digital marketing experts that have tons of real-world practices globally. Our course is unlike many other Diploma and certification courses, which are packed with assignments and long term commitment to complete the course. We only teach you the essentials that work. This course is conducted by a highly professional digital marketing analytics expert who manages his businesses as well. He has spent more than 4 million dollars throughout his career for many businesses and own in ad spend and generated many positive ROIs.

  • You will be provided with lifetime access to always up-to-date course materials (learner guides, and all training pdfs, books, and notes) through our learning portal.
  • You will be guided straight to the point essential on what is needed to become an expert. Do not waste your time sitting through hours and hours of dry lectures that beat around the bushes. 
  • You will be guided on the dos and don’ts by our expert. He has made all the mistakes for you, so you can prevent it, shorten your learning time, and become successful faster. 
  • You could email us or drop our instructor a message after the course if you needed support. 

We cover more than what you see on the official Google AdWords certification course. We teach you the tips and secrets that Google does not want their own advertisers to know so that they can spend more money on the CPC. It may help you spend more to get better results, but it that necessary? You need to avoid all these costly mistakes we once made, and these courses will teach you all these shortcuts.

You may click into this link for registration into this course.

Prior to completion of payment and funding options, if any, your seat will be reserved, confirmed, and we will see you in class!

Trainer Profile

Rachel is armed with more than 8 years of Digital Marketing experience, Rachel is currently a trainer at Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency and Academy in Singapore. In her previous job, she worked as a Digital Marketing Performance Manager in a Digital Agency and managed more than SGD $1.8 million in Google AdWords spending. Some of the clients under her care are Dyson, Tupperware, and Hock Tyre.

Having the key knowledge of managing and analysis of digital marketing campaigns and effort, she now leads the Google AdWords and Analytics training programs at Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency and Academy.

Rachel is also a certified partner of Deloitte.

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Course Fees

Course Fees:
$700.00 per pax


  • Minimum 16 to start
  • Class size is capped at 28 seats (additional 6 seats reserved for the needy as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility

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