Friendly Dolphin Swim School

Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Redesign


Friendly Dolphin Swim School is an established swim school offline for more than ten years. After the outbursts of digital marketing, rounds of considerations, and they decided to move their operations online. The school prides itself on providing the best swimming lessons with the added convenience of moving all of his transactions and activities of acquiring customers online. The online website will help to showcase the school swimming instructors’ expertise, customer acquisitions. It will also provide support, reviews via social media that were once hard to manage and are only available offline in the swimming complex, for example.

Before we came into play, they have been consistently testing many ways in Facebook advertisements and having spent quite a sum on Facebook paid ads. They had even tried SEO but without much avail, the results weren’t significant and sales weren’t high.


Facebook Advertisements

Put up facebook ads to create awareness, drive traffic to the websites, and increase conversions.

Website Redesign and Development

Site architecture and redesign of websites to put up clear information on each page and improve its expertise repositioning.


The main objective of Friendly Dolphin Swim School is to position itself and develop its online presence. At the same time, reposition it’s identity in the swimming industry to cover offline and online customers. We started with collecting information and expertise sharing sessions before moving on to social media. We set up social media campaigns and ads targeting audiences. Consideration factors include interests, demographics, similar audiences, and retargeting efforts.

The school products and services are extensive. We went through many trials and errors in giving directions to eventually showcasing relevant services/products catered to specific groups for higher ROI


Online buying is attractive. Customers have moved online looking to purchase reliable products and services with better conveniences. We concluded the sales funnel and the different stages customers will be at and what kind of contents and actions are needed to help them with the purchases. We used Facebook ads due to its wide-spreading ability and specific targeting options to identify past website visitors and people who decided not to buy previously. Contents and call to actions are direct together with expertise sharing and promotional visuals.

We have to cut through the highly competitive market in the swimming industry and reach people who are interested in taking up swimming lessons. We came up with promotional pricing advertisements for the first time buyers to attract and test conversions.

Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Web redesign, development, and content marketing strategies were all done to make sure we do not miss any customers in their buying journey. All traffic is driven to the website landing page to educate and help customers make informed purchases.

Content marketing efforts were made extensively to eliminate drop off rates as well as special payment methods to eliminate drop off rates.


A. Generate Traffic Through Facebook & AdWords Marketing


B. Website Redesign and Development To Attract & Convert



Reaching The Desired Audience

We did trials and errors by setting up different types of Facebook Ads. We addressed the pain points and provided many benefits as well as promotions to the target audiences. Comparing the results, it gave us greater insight between image, video, infographic and blogging ads; we were able to judge properly on what works and does not work in this industry and topics — thus reducing the conversion cost by putting in more stakes into the better-performing creatives.



Reaching the right audiences; creating a sense of urgency to take action.

We used a promotional period to create urgency in customers to encourage them to take action. Throughout the campaigns on targeting via a few effective channels, we boosted the conversion rate and raked up as much as 45% more as compared to the previous month without our intervention. We reduced the conversion cost per lead drop by 57% and an overall cost of $2.52 per lead ranging from $70 to $320.



Converting Clicks Into Leads That Matter

We changed the design and architecture of the website and placed a call to actions at the strategic location of every web page. We ensure information was clear while displaying the swim school’s personality to improve it’s conversion rates.


7xGrowth in

Digital Marketing Strategies

Facebook ads are used to get your brand in front of people, share your content marketing, social connections, stories, and value propositions!

Create awareness – Introduce your products and services to the world through Facebook Ads. Create content with stories etc around your products, services, and brand that people will remember.

Consideration – Offer your values your company can provide to attract new potential customers to consider purchasing your products and services.

Conversions – Convert visitors and potential customers into real paying customers (i.e. make a purchase or sale). Building and developing customer loyalty that will make customers become repeat buyers.

The website is your most important marketing tool in digital marketing. Your customers can find you online everywhere nowadays, like a tweet, image posts, blog posts, ad from the back of the newspaper, word of mouth recommendation from colleagues. And no matter where they may be from, they will validate your company’s existence by looking up for your website.

A strong business needs an intuitive, content – ready, and beautiful website. People who want to buy products and services usually consult Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any search engines nowadays. They certainly go by millions based on the data collected in 2019, highlighting the change in consumer purchasing behavior with digital marketing.

Website Design and Full Redevelopment Package for Friendly Dolphin Swim School includes:

  • Domain name and website hosting
  • Installation of WordPress and configuration
  • Plugins and themes installation
  • Adding pages and blog posts to site
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Updating web page manual

Digital marketing is crucial to the growth and success of any business in today’s world.