Domain, Hosting and Email Bundle

Full range of setup inclusive of domain hosting, email and management services when it comes to bringing your business online.

Concierge: Domain, Hosting & Email

Full range of setup and management bundled services to kick start when it comes to bringing your business online.  

  • We select professional, customized .com domain or localized domain catered for your respective businesses.
  • We managed your hosting and set up your websites.
  • Comprehensive webmail services to help you communicate seamlessly with your clients.

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Why Do I Need Domain Name?

We choose great domain names for you, a domain is crucial and plays a huge role in your digital marketing effort. It helps to generate leads online and offline 24/7 with your domain names and websites. We select domain names based on 12 indispensable tips highlighted via the art of SEO. Doing so in making sure your visitors will remember your brand easily and Google will like you making your website search-friendly at the same time.

What Is Hosting

Your website files need a home to stay in the online world. After having your registration of your website domain name changed, the next step you will need a server to host the website up. Your domain name and site are like a window that allows users to see the files through the browser. If you have a website, you need hosting.

Our hosting packages are reliable, performance-driven, broad bandwidths constraints. Our experts select them based on great webspace, affordable pricing with value-added external services.

  • It will guarantee a minimum uptime guarantee of 99.5% or higher.
  • The speed needs to accelerate conversions, user experiences, and help to improve overall SEO performances.

Comprehensive Webmail Services

We provide you with the essentials such as a 2GB mailboxes and up to 10 email addresses at affordable rates. If you want something bigger and quickly scale up your mailbox sizes, we have got it all cover. Just speak to us!

We only select the best email software that provides:

  • Deliverability
  • Enabled email automations

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Our Website Caretaker Services

Website Caretaker Services: Our expert web developers and crew will be your caretaker taking care of all backend operation of your websites. For a low monthly fee, you will get to receive all these services monthly:

Management of your emails
  • Setting up your emails.
  • We help to delete and clean your old emails.
Extension of your domain
  • We help to do the renewal of your domain.
  • Set up DNS and maintenance.

Management of Hosting and Maintenance
  • Keep your server safe, secure and improve uptime.
  • Quick action to eliminate downtime and improve SEO on-page performances.
  • SSL certificates to protect, earn the trust of visitors and search engines.
  • Any questions with regards to these services, message us on our Facebook page, and we will be quick to assist you.
  • How to take up our packages? Drop us an email and express interest. Our team will revert to you within the next 24 hours.

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Get the right email hosting for your businesses

We always make sure our email servers are fast and reliable. We make use of multiple email servers with SD technology to make your businesses focus more on driving sales and conversions. Do not fall into mistakes of using a business email with tons of problems that do not allow you to communicate fast and swift enough without problems.

Stay mobile with your email
  • Your company email need to be accessible at all times. Customers like quick response and being able to see it helps you cut down many losses. You need to be able to access it via smartphones, desktop, laptop, or tablet anytime and anywhere.
  • Enjoy your email hosting with us that has no boundaries. You choose when and where to respond to it. Just make sure you have the battery on your devices and a working internet connection!
Faster, Cleaner and Safer Emails
  • We know what matters when it comes to businesses. Spammers, viruses, and competitors are all around on the internet. Our email hosting plans will come complete with anti-spam and virus protection technologies. We will safely keep your businesses and make sure it is always on its best performance daily.

What our customers are saying?

Included in every plan

Email Management

DDoS Protection

Web-based Email

Brute-Force protection


Reliable Cloud Network

Why Web Hosting And Domain?

Getting the right domain name and web hosting support the backbone of your website.

Great domain names make it easy for customers to find you and locate you online. We will help you find a domain name short and sweet enough that your customers will be able to remember you for a long time.

Much of the money spent on designing a good website is a good investment of time. But it will be worth nothing without a good hosting server. Your site will not even be found, it is therefore critical not to have your website hosting overlook and to start with a quality web host.

A good hosting server will have all these in place such as:

  • Uptime guarantee
  • Top speed
  • Local IP Location
  • Security
  • Https/ SSL Support
  • 24/7 Tech Support

Get your domain, hosting server done the right way today!