Direct mail is an integral part of your digital marketing plan.

direct mail marketing

Direct mail is an essential component of your digital marketing strategy.

People who shop at thredUP understand how crucial it is to keep customers returning. They recognized, however, that digital marketing alone would not be enough to keep customers coming back.

A direct mail marketing strategy is the answer. By introducing direct mail into their digital marketing approach, thredUP boosted the amount of post-purchase touchpoints. This resulted in a 10-15% improvement in performance.

Direct mail is an essential component of every marketing strategy. Without it, you’re missing out on critical touchpoints and losing a lot of money.

Traditional and digital marketing complement one another effectively.

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of activities. Email, paid search, social media, SEO, advertising, and other channels are all included.

Direct mail marketing can be done in a variety of ways. To begin, it is all of the mail that is delivered to your mailbox. Letters come to mind as thoughts.

Direct mail isn’t the only marketing channel that should be utilized in conjunction with others. While many marketers have figured out how to merge all of these digital methods into one cohesive marketing strategy, very few have figured out how to include direct mail into their digital marketing strategy.

Direct mail, on the other hand, strengthens your entire marketing approach and opens up new avenues for driving, retargeting, and retaining prospects.

They give your omnichannel marketing a boost.

Customer conversions are more likely when you meet them in a variety of settings. A sale or qualified lead usually requires between 7 and 13 touchpoints (or more). Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a magic number of touchpoints.

Isn’t it feasible to make some of those places of contact a reality?

Neuroscience reveals that actual objects help consumers remember things and believe they are more valuable; thus, direct mail marketing is an excellent approach to supplement your omnichannel marketing plan.

They reach a larger audience.

People aren’t always interested in digital channels, particularly when there are too many of them. As a result, every new channel you add to your omnichannel approach helps you reach people you otherwise would not have been able to reach.

Direct mail can help you avoid many of the issues that digital marketing has on a variety of platforms:

Social media: Because many individuals have mail or a post office box, social media is a great method to communicate with others.

Advertising: Because more than 25% of individuals currently use ad blockers, they can harm digital advertising efforts. There is no method to block advertisements on your direct mail.

Email: You can’t just toss a postcard out of your mailbox. Unlike sending an email, each recipient must physically engage with your mail.

Direct mail marketing has a better opportunity than ever to reach consumers now that COVID keeps people at home (and near their mailboxes).

Improve and boost your ROI

Digital and direct mail marketing work together to boost your overall marketing ROI since you are reaching more people in more areas.

Marketers get the following results when they combine digital and direct mail:

  • More than 40% more people are converting.
  • More than 68% more visitors visited the website.
  • ROI increased by 60%.
  • Leads increased by 53%.

Direct mail marketing is an excellent approach to reaching out to large corporations. Before they buy something, these companies have a lot of individuals you need to talk to.

Buying email lists can help you target specific people, but they can also be expensive. Using paid ads to reach as many people as possible can also be pricey, especially if you can’t guarantee that everyone who views your ads is a good lead.

Direct mail can be used to send direct mail to business addresses.

Direct mail can then be personalized for specific decision-makers. The solution is that you save money by using a smaller address list while still reaching the people you want to contact.

Direct mail should be an element of any digital marketing strategy, but how should it be implemented?

Direct mail can be used to supplement digital marketing at every point in the consumer journey.

Stage of Lead Generation

Whether you’re selling shoes or software, direct mail is a more tactile way to encourage consumers to sign up for your newsletter.

Assume you own a retail company that has both an online and physical store. In a few cities, running social media ads and paying for paid search results significantly declined foot traffic.

You must send emails to folks who have not yet accepted to receive new leads. You may not be able to target the cities you desire if your list isn’t broken down by city.

You can acquire address lists of new leads broken down by location and send direct mail to households in the cities you want to reach via direct mail marketing.

You can also provide tangible coupons that recipients can use in-store.

You do not need to have a storefront to benefit from direct mail.

If you’re a B2B SaaS provider, you can utilize direct mail to reach people who haven’t heard of you yet at your target companies.

Stage of Retargeting

Many individuals abandon their shopping carts in every industry, from travel and auto rental to insurance and fashion. The Standard? It is more than 88%.

And form abandonment rates are just as high; if you don’t contact these people, you’ll most likely lose them forever.

What is digital retargeting? Is it worthwhile to give it a shot? Absolutely. However, include direct mail in your retargeting approach.

You can use a less crowded route to contact those who are no longer engaged in digital outreach, which can help you get your message across.

Stage of Customer Retention

Incorporating direct mail into your digital marketing strategy provides a more personal touch to your efforts to keep customers returning.

Do you have a large number of customers? Millions? With so many people, it’s not always simple to keep people loyal, but it’s worth it.

Sephora sells over $6 billion in merchandise in the United States each year. Eighty percent of the money is generated by the 17 million customers who participate in a loyalty rewards program.

How do they keep customers coming back? Sephora also sends out direct mail with coupons, gift cards, product recommendations, and other goodies.

Sephora also features online classes and a community on its website. As a result, they’ve converted millions of first-time clients into loyal customers.

How do you make digital and direct mail marketing work in tandem?

Throwing direct mail into the mix and hoping for the best isn’t enough; to achieve the greatest results, careful planning is required.

Consider them as a single marketing plan.

Treating your digital and direct mail marketing campaigns separately will result in inconsistent messaging and miscommunication.

Treating them as one strategy upstream, on the other hand, will ensure that they work together to achieve optimal results.

Lob, for example, is a customer of Betabrand, a women’s clothing manufacturer. To entice customers to return for more, Betabrand employs direct mail and digital marketing.

To accomplish this, get all of your marketing teams (ads, social, digital, direct mail, etc.) in the same room (or Zoom conference) when they intend to collaborate rather than syncing their plans.

You might utilize a marketing plan template to guide you through the process. Then, your direct mail will be sent out automatically.

Customers’ internet behavior triggers the ideal direct mail marketing technique. It takes a lot of time to observe your consumers’ behavior and manually send direct mail.

When you automate your direct mail process, it will be able to function in tandem with your digital marketing.

Invest in direct mail automation tools like Lob to stay up with your digital marketing.

Examine the applications that can perform tasks for you.

  • Address verification
  • Printing
  • Tracking and sending

ThirdLove, a manufacturer of intimates, employed Lob to make their procedures more accessible and to deliver targeted direct mail to clients based on previous purchases.

Integrate your direct mail procedures and software with the rest of your systems.

Managing numerous software and platforms is difficult unless they function in tandem. For example, your direct and digital marketing technologies should be integrated so that no one has to deal with multiple tools.

Keep looking for software (such as Lob) that can be utilized instead of or in addition to your current technology. Lob, for example, can communicate with Salesforce, Marketo, JotForm, and a variety of other applications.

It can also be integrated into your processes, as Lob customer and business intelligence provider Saylent has done. This is what occurred. Every year, the Saylent team would manually send out over 250 direct mail marketing campaigns.

The majority of the manual job was completed for them after a two-week integration process. When digital and direct mail marketing are used together, they are more effective than when used separately.

It takes time and effort to integrate your digital and direct mail marketing efforts, but once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to reach more individuals and get more bang for your buck.

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