11 Digital Marketing Skills Sought After In The Modern Workplace

Digital marketing is the most sought after skills for companies of all types and sizes; it is one of the most money-making industries to be in this modern world.

I am not just saying this because I am currently in this industry; I am saying this because it is the truth.

However, practicing and learning requires a lot of time, effort, and patience from your part.

There is no limit to how much money you can make and achieve with just a laptop and Internet connection through digital marketing.

Personally, I am typing this blog when I am having a vacation in Japan. I have worked in anywhere imaginable, Malaysia, Taiwan on the go.

Whenever I have anything inspirational to make changes to my website, analyze Google analytics, etc.

All I do is just open my laptop, find one reliable Internet connection, and start working. And the results speak for themselves.

Internet marketing or digital marketing allows you to reach people and millions of people within a very short time. You can now do up a video or blog posts and share it virally to the whole world within a few hours.

Want to know how digital marketing is growing? Check this graphic below, and you will know what I am talking about.


Digital marketing is in high demand for businesses selling wide varieties of B2C to B2B products and services.

With the right knowledge and skills in executing the right digital marketing strategies will allow you to become the best entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancers, and valuable employee to any company and organizations of all sizes in a short amount of time.

Digital marketing is essential for all kinds of established businesses, startup, solopreneur, freelancers, digital marketing is needed to make sure businesses grow in the right direction with the power of the Internet.

It is going to be tough to master all aspects of digital marketing, too wide, and there are too many things to learn and handle.

Fortunately, there are many dozens of sub-skills you can choose from to dive deep into the digital marketing world.

There are jobs within all digital marketing sectors for team players or solitary individuals of all types. You can be creative, analytical, as long as you are a keen learner, you will succeed in digital marketing.

Below are some of the most important knowledge and skills you have to learn or acquire to make a living or big fortune through digital marketing.

In this article, I will discuss the 11 most sought-after digital marketing skills you needed to know in 2019.

Time to learn and organize your planner’s digital marketing ideas to get it all learned or dive deep into one of the specializations.

1. SEO Specialists

SEO is the most powerful digital marketing strategies to date.

Many people thought that SEO is dying, but in fact, if you study the data, SEO is growing rapidly – more and more people are using Google to search for all sorts of information online.

However, the practices for SEO have changed, it will get harder and harder to get the search rankings as days go by.

Many of the black hat techniques used by previous search marketers are proved not effective in the modern days. You need to adapt white hat techniques such as content marketing, blogging, and guest blogging, providing highly valuable content to stay on top in SEO nowadays.

There are far more things to look after in SEO, you need to know the ins and out of technical factor, on-page as well as the off-page factors influencing the rankings of your website or web pages.

SEO is not easy, but if you are willing to learn and keep up with the ever-changing factors, You will be able to soar high in digital marketing and many companies will seek you with highly attractive salaries.

Google and other search engines change their ranking factors every once in a while, so you need to be constantly learning and educated to be able to keep in this field.

Companies need people who understand the value of providing customers to customers on a consistent basis.

2. PPC Specialist/SEM

Paid search marketing is also in high demand now, it is the ad section of the search engine result pages. In fact, some businesses are generating a high volume of revenue they want now through paid advertising.

But the problem arises when they do not know when to start, and account for the allocation of money to make sure PPC generates a higher ROI.

PPC’s marketers’ ultimate goal is to make sure the company’s website gets to rank #1 in Google, generate traffic of high quality that is generally going to lead to conversions.

You need to have good math, marketing knowledge, marketing strategies, content marketing, landing page optimization skills, Google analytics, and Google Ads skills to excel in PPC. It is, in fact, the most difficult marketing job in the world right now.

PPC experts are one of the most well-paid marketers in the modern digital marketing marketplace. They need to be able to develop campaigns, provide measurable results to clients, analyze the campaigns and then make a report on them

PPC stands for Pay Per Click or Search Engine Marketing

However, essential and important for companies to now have PPC and SEO strategies. PPC is high risks and involves a lot of investments and time to be able to master it.

In order to succeed in PPC, you need to be able to focus on bringing in targeted customers with the lowest amount of cost possible, and you will be able to make massive amounts of revenue in the days to come!

3. Social Media Marketing Expert

Social media is growing faster than the Internet in recent years. It makes use of social, communication, and relationship to foster and build community conversations and trends.

More than 4/6 of the population are now using social media or have social media accounts. This trend was seen since 2015 and doesn’t seems to have any signs of slowing down. Just look at the social conversations happening on a daily basis in Singapore now, you should be able to tell.

This channel is a big channel that companies need to tap on to succeed in the modern marketplace. Companies need to be able to reach customers through social media, understand problems, find solutions, and discover all kinds of opportunities from social media.

However, not many companies know how to leverage social media in the right ways and understand how to leverage many of the social platforms to achieve their end goals.

This, in turn, makes social media marketing experts one valuable employee and skillset they need to learn, cultivate and acquire.

Not all social media marketing platforms or channels works for all businesses. As a social media marketing expert, you should be able to tell the different platforms to use when it comes to B2B and B2C companies.

Social media marketing is more than just the promotion of content on Facebook. You need to be able to judge what content works, posting time, schedule, types of posts, and the many ways to use each platform such as Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, and more to reach your desired outcome.

After you master the basics of social media marketing, next, you will need to learn how to leverage paid social media marketing campaigns to win customers.

You have to leverage skills such as content marketing skills like copywriting, psychology, colors, analytics to understand what makes consumers tick, and how to entice them to increase traffic and conversions.

Social media marketing is difficult for all aspects and that is explained through its high paychecks. Prove to your clients or customers that you can generate high CTRs and measurable results that will grow their businesses and you will be rewarded with revenue in the years to come.

4. Email marketing

Email marketing help to entice existing and repeat buyers. You can make a large amount of money without working and yet receive a high paycheck and a substantial income without working hard to acquire new clients.

You need to know the whole process of email marketing from writing emails that convert to everything alike in marketing. Learn email marketing and you will have employers, companies, clients, and customers calling you for products and services all the time.

Email marketing is more than writing many fanciful emails. Many companies should have no problem hiring anyone that is capable of writing a high-quality content email that will give them a few conversions.

Companies need email marketing specialists that can help them build email lists from scratch, and then achieve a variety of goals from the lists collected.

Building thousands of new email lists without having an existing client base is a daunting task that is challenging and difficult.

If you top up this valuable skill with using the list to grow the companies social media following, to help promote new products, services, and drive new sales.

You will have tons of companies and clients begging to work with you every day if you know how to do email marketing from start to finish

5. Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing now. Just look at the people around you that are on the go always using their mobile smartphones nowadays?

It is often a skill of digital marketer that is often overlooked; the art of mobile marketing is different from desktop marketing even though they have many similarities.

To add value to companies and businesses, you need to be able to communicate the differences, the values of mobile marketing, and the complicated concept such as responsive design and SMS functions.

Perks of acquiring mobile marketing skills is that it is less competitive as compared to SEO, social media marketing and it’s counterparts despite being essential for successful digital marketing campaigns.


Many people are now proclaiming themselves SEO specialists, Facebook Masters, and more, but how many of you have heard people say about mobile marketing specialists?

Mobile marketing is one challenging field to master but once you acquire it, these strategies will set you apart from other digital marketers and guarantee you the high paying job in the many years to come.

6. Web Analytics

You need web analytics data to monitor, optimize your digital marketing efforts.

Digital marketers generally use these two types of analytics tools to track and do adjustments accordingly. They are Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

Analytics is one of the most important parts for digital marketers to measure and make adjustments to understand their digital marketing efforts’ success and failures.

You can learn all the skills I have mentioned earlier, but without good analytics, you will always be going into war without preparations, always fighting your enemy with one of your eyes blindfolded.

It is more than essential for marketing personnel to do trial and error, track the data, measure the success, failure rates and optimize the campaigns, etc accordingly.


To become the best digital marketer you have always aspired to be, you need to be able to analyze, judge, learn, make changes, or optimize your campaigns with the information you collected via analytics.

That is the only way you can do improve your campaigns and run towards fast lane to success in digital marketing of all sorts.

7. Content Marketing

You must have heard about the power of content marketing, how it started, and why it is the most powerful digital marketing strategy ever?

There is, in fact, no marketing if there is content marketing, that is why content marketing will always remain as the king.

We are living in the age of information. You need to have content that is able to hook and entice viewers to see your content for longer in order to succeed in the digital marketing sector. Be it SEO, PPC, social media marketing, or any other platforms you can use to reach customers.

In fact, if you dive deeper, traditional offline marketing is also using content marketing when they print our brochures, flyers, etc.

Content marketing is an important marketing skill, especially for startup companies.

Content Marketing Enhances All Other Digital Marketing Skills

If you learn how to create and curate content that adds value to both the companies and it’s customer to the point of making it turn viral. You are one real deal and you will be the most valuable asset in your company.

And be tagged along with a high paycheck for being the most valuable asset.

Content marketing goes well with all other digital marketing strategies stated above.

When you build your SEO skills, you will learn that you need content marketing to do it well. It will help you improve the virality of your content.

When you learn social media marketing skills, you will know that it is all about sharing content online on different channels. You will improve your content marketing while you develop your social media marketing skills.

In short, content marketing is everything you need in digital marketing. All the other techniques illustrated above just help to push out and test different channels of the content performance along the way.

Content marketing is one massive digital marketing skill, in fact, the most powerful of all, if done well. Mastering content marketing gives you full leverage to growing your business, looking for clients, and growing your own businesses.

The sky is the limit if you know how to do content marketing and how to make the content go viral.

8. Marketing automation

Businesses now need marketing automation to save them time and money for doing so many things.

Marketing automation can help companies save time and money in the long run. Focus on the profits and leave the others automated.

Many software, platforms, and technologies have been designed for the marketing department to help them automate repetitive tasks to effectively market on all online channels and reduce the human errors involved.

It is one invaluable skillset you have to learn if you know how to integrate the technology systems and software to work seamlessly for marketing automation.

Mastering this marketing automation process is an art and requires you to have a lot of knowledge, experiences of different platforms, and what they can do to work together.

Companies will have no problem paying you any individuals more money, which can help them cut workload, save time and money, and increase profits.

You need to be able to automate social media, emails, and content marketing together without breaking your client’s wallet.

If you can do all this, it is time to ask for a paycheck of any amount you want.

9. UX design

When customers discover your website online, user experience is what will make them stay or click away (bounce rate). It is important to make sure your customers always have the best user experience ever.

Many times I will base the credibility of the business based off on the design of the website, and most customers share the same behaviors.

An aesthetical website gets the upper hand not only in brand positioning but also streamlines the whole customer experience. This makes users stay longer on the site and buy from the website that gives off my credibility.


UX designers are the aesthetic doctor of the website, they have to make sure the whole website looks and functions pleasantly for customers to ensure a high-quality pleasant experience at all times.

Unlike all of the other skill sets that are mostly about bringing in new leads, and customers. UX design work in sync with web analytics to measure performance and maximize digital marketing avenues.

Digital marketing campaigns like SEO, social media marketing, PPC, and email marketing are like the front door of the shops to bring in qualified traffic.

While UX is like the design and cleanliness of the shop, you need both to work together.

You do not want your customers to enter into the shop and realize everything is out of place from the front door right? This will make your customers leave the very instant, the same applies to the website.

You have to make it easy for customers to access, navigate, use your website and find information for their specific needs easily.

Customer expectations are growing for modern consumers both offline and online, UX designs skill set is more than ever essential nowadays.

10. Web Development

As digital marketing relies on a lot upon web development, it is good to have web development knowledge to create the initial platforms for digital marketing.

Digital marketing in its simplest terms means making use of electronic devices to reach audiences and convert customers. It includes using smartphones, computers, tablets, digital applications to engage customers after all.

Web development is also needed for developing the best landing page essential for SEO and PPC campaigns.

Master web development, and you won’t be living paycheck to paycheck. You will acquire a high paying career in many many years to go. The Internet is not going to die anytime, it will stay and your role in building websites with good functionality will go a long way in your career.

11. Web Designs

Web design will help to set your business apart from the rest of the other businesses. If people are given 15 minutes to digest content, 66 percent of more will prefer to see something beautifully designed than something that is simple, unprofessional, and plain.

Learning web design will give you an extra edge when it comes to optimizing your landing pages for social media marketing, search engine optimization, and pay per click search marketing.

It increases sales for the company and in turn, leads to more job opportunities for you.


Having all these skills will equip you to become the best digital marketing expert ever. Digital marketing is indeed the best and the most money-making industry for modern freelancers and entrepreneurs.

If you cultivate all these marketing skills, there are no limits to how much money you can earn, no commission, no ceilings, and no limits.

Digital marketing is the most lucrative and important skill for you to develop. No matter if you are looking for a stable job in a company, providing freelancing services, running your own business.

Learn as much as you can about digital marketing, and your life and business will never be the same again. It has paid me generously, and I believe it will pay you as much in your life too.

Start developing one or all of these skills in this article, and your life will never be the same again.

Are you a digital marketer already? Which digital marketing skills did you use most throughout your career? Which ones do you think are the most essential of all?

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