Crate and Barrel eCommerce

Website Redesign, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization


Crate and Barrel is a well-known furniture store but has recently observed a drop in their online traffic. It needed a quick strategy to find out the problems and why it’s website is losing some of their relevant keywords. The sales dropped, and we were into the project to help them gain back the online visibility, start to grow more awareness and achieving a better ROI/ROAS from our advertising efforts. Crate and Barrel were ready to have a change of their website designs as well.


Facebook Advertising Strategy
Develop a Facebook advertisements on using words, videos and images to create awareness.

Referral Marketing
Run a referral programme to provide incentives for existing customers to refer their friends to buy from Crate and Barrel.

Website Redesign and Development
Redesign the site architecture and designs to improve conversions and increase user experience satisfaction.


Crate and Barrel’s main objective is to find out why is there a drop in his rankings from his websites. They also wish to find out about its competitors’ strategies that are taking over it via search engine rankings.


We focused on doing a site audit to better understand every page of its website. This allows us to find out more about the drop out rate and content marketing consistency. We get to know that most of their content marketing efforts were not consistent and they were a lot of keywords cannibalization happening on its site. We proposed a change of website structure and keywords as well as content repurposing. They needed a major content updates immediately to capture more traffic.

We did content updates with better information and on-page optimization to improve their google rankings on certain important keywords. To tackle the issue of unclear website structure, we got our developers to redesign and change most of its low quality developed landing pages and make sure audiences were clear to what products and services were under a limited time offers.


A. Creating Offers Through Facebook Marketing


B. Driving Traffic To Website


C. Encouraging Add To Cart


D. Landing Page Optimized for Conversions


E. Trigger Referral and Conversions

Data Collection via Google Analytics

We did a Google analytics analysis, collected data, and started to target visitors that have browsed the website before. We created ads to showcase using customized web page with featured products and services.

Educational Video Re-marketing

We added educational videos and re-marketing to specific users using data collected from Google Analytics. Campaigns mostly done on Facebook sponsored posts with promotions to encourage users to make purchases.

Referral Marketing

We encourages more sales by using “referral reward” to provide value to current customers as well as prospective new customers. together with referral marketing were able to generate monthly sales profits increase of more than 270% at the end of the campaigns. This enhances repeat purchases from individual customers which contribute to even more conversions.



Reaching The Desired Audience

We came out with informational, promotional, and educational types of Facebook ads. Each highlighting the promotion, problems, and solutions associated with the products and services and why buying online is useful. We also made a comparison of each content, such as images, video, and word ads to find out which works better. The evaluation helps us alter the directions and reduces the cost per conversions by optimizing the better performing creative within each target audience.



Retarget potential clients

We used Facebook retargeting to research on the drop off rates and why web visitors and cart abandoners do not end up purchasing. We created highly relevant ads to these targeted audiences with a strong call-to-action. These ads were there to solve their queries; it leads to an increase in engagement and conversions by consistently branding Crate and Barrel as the top of the mind brand.

For every dollar spent on advertising, $60 and above revenue was earned with retargeting of visitors online and $54 positive ROAS per dollar spent on advertisements for retargeting cart abandoners.


7. Website Development and Restructure

Converting Clicks Into Leads That Matter

Professionally designed and optimized website can help to nudge cart abandoners to take action into actual sales. We reviewed the shopping cart designs for flaws and eliminated the friction points. We made the check out system simple compared to the complex one previously. Smart designs will improve the user experience and lead to more conversions!


12xGrowth in

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Digital Marketing Strategies

We changed the design of the Crate and Barrel to improve UX design and functionality of the eCommerce website. We designed the whole template focused on the customers. We want the online store to reflect Crate and Barrel’s strong branding and dedicated connection to their customers.

We did A/B testing on all the wireframes and designs we did for Crate and Barrel. This A/B testing ensures all models are to work as it should be and to make Crate and Barrel look great again!

We changed the information filling forms and added a simple shopping cart. The processes consist of steps before payment, such as shipping, payment, review, and confirmation. The gateway system will also accept different payment systems such as Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB.

Some of the direct payments from this system are later used for processing offline shop purchases from Crate and Barrel store itself.

Digital Marketing is one of the most popular ways now for businesses to increase sales.