Cost of Website Designing in Singapore 2020 Edition

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Many of the businesses I know are moving online at this critical period to sustain and still be able to profit during this time, with the surge in demand for web design and development services in Singapore.

The estimated cost of web design Singapore price and development demands had gone up. Websites developed with web professionals will cost about $3800 to about $12,000 or about $300 to $1000 per additional page in 2020.

We will share the breakdown and the cost of web design and development services and cost in this article for the year 2020.

Locations Affect The Cost

Web design and internet marketing agencies are everywhere in the world. Are there any differences between choosing the one down the street or the ones on a different continent? 

In this section, we summarize the pros and cons of this section and how it affects your website’s final cost.

Local Level 

When I talked about local, I meant any web designers you can reach them within an hour for example Singapore.


  • You get to meet your developers face-to-face regularly to steer meetings, deal with problems, much faster. 
  • Much more comfortable with your choices when you can meet the team that will transform your online vision into reality. 
  • They may have local connections and local knowledge that will be valuable to your businesses. 
  • Get access to a broader business community in your country, and they are prepared to refer them brings an obvious advantage to your business. 


  • One significant factor that might hinder your choice is the hefty price tag when choosing a local web design or internet marketing agency. 

National Level 

When I talked about the national level, I meant any web designers you can reach them within a few hours for example Malaysia or Thailand.


  • The national level gives you more excellent and variety of choices, a higher likelihood of specialism, a higher probability of your specific needs met. 
  • If you do not like to have face to face physical meetings, this choice provides for it. You can use plenty of tools available on the Internet to allow you to have excellent collaboration levels. 


  • If you happen to be more hands-on and regular meeting is a must to keep your project management in check, this will not be a right solution for you, and it poses too much unnecessary “panic” buttons. 
  • Local knowledge is essential; this is another advantage that deters businesses from choosing national-level and international partners. 
  • You should also factor the cost of travel, which will increase the cost of the website design as well. 

International Level 


  • Cheaper cost or lower prices for web design and development


  • Time zones make the work less easy to manage, and you can quickly lose a day when your web developers take a much longer time to reply. 
  • Cultural differences between your home country and everywhere else in the world. 
  • Lower productivity due to cultural nuances which may cloud the communication
  • You need to source for good, secure payment gateways that stop overseas freelancers or companies from disappearing without providing the goods and services. 

All local, national, and international web design company provides you to the solutions you need based on your preferences and business context. There is no choice, which is better than the others. 

Web Design Singapore Price (Small Business Website – 2020 Version)

For businesses looking to develop a static HTML site with hosting, it will cost $2,800 to $3,800 for a website with 10 to 15 pages bundled together with hosting.

It is good to put part of your profits into investing on a small business website if you sell anything online or offline now. Based on experiences, a good 10 to 30 pages website will showcase your expertise, all your products, and services on one website.

The prices vary, but it averages $3,800 to $6,800 for a business website’s cost using WordPress.

Business website and what you can expect?

For most businesses, we see online currently generally contain 10-30 pages of website designs on their websites. Good website design company should help you build websites that are search engine optimized. They should include features such as the home page, contact us form, about us page, products and services pages, email newsletter, gallery, and team introduction pages. 

Your website pages should include: 

  • Home 
  • Products & Services 
  • About us 
  • Blog 
  • Contact 
  • Overview Products & Services 
  • Individual Products & Services 

For static web pages such as the terms and conditions and privacy policy pages, the web agency will usually design a template based on your interest and directions. 

Based on your requirements and project scope, digital marketing or web design and development company will also cater to and provide you with the services to the photos and graphics. 

Things you need to get started with your web design projects

Here is a list of things you need to get started with your web design projects. 

  1. The description of your products and services. 
  2. Your company branding such as the colors, font styles, and things you choose. 
  3. Your company profile, and write out. 
  4. Your contact details 
  5. The websites you like and you would like the website design agency to take reference from. 
  6. The images, or any references you would like to use on your website.
  7. The videos, or any references you wish to embed or use on your website.  

Factors affecting the price of your web design.

The many factors you may add will affect the cost of the final price to your website design packages offered. 

  • Content writing or marketing services. 
  • SEO or search engine optimization (on-page, off-page, and technical)
  • The additional number of pages added, etc. 
  • Website maintenance, etc.

Web Design Singapore Price (eCommerce – 2020 Version)

An eCommerce solution is a perfect solution for businesses that are looking to sell their products online. You can go for an eCommerce website solution if you have tons of products and wish to get it sold digitally.

The cost of hiring a website design and company in Singapore to build one eCommerce store using Woocommerce varies from about SGD 5,800 to SGD 9,800 for one website with uploads of 10 product hosting.

To build a website via Magento, Node, and PHP will cost more depending on your requirement. These CMS are used for more big eCommerce websites, such as SgCarMart, Taobao, and Paula Choice. The cost will vary from $12,000 SGD to $50,000 SGD

What you can expect from eCommerce design

The number of functions that you are looking for will determine the final cost of the eCommerce website. 

eCommerce website packages typically consist of: 

Product Gallery Page 

  • Product Gallery with unlimited additional products
  • Categories and Products Catalog

Product Page 

  • Unlimited Additional Products Add-ons
  • Simple products 
  • Variable products 
  • Grouped products 
  • Downloadable Products 

Basket Page 

  • Checkout process page 

Payment Page

  • Personal, Delivery and Payment Details capture page 

Payment Gateway System

  • Paypal [transaction fee of 3.9% + SGD 0.50]
  • Stripe [transaction fee of 3.5% + SGD 0.50]
  • Payment Offline
  • Shipping Calculator
  • Coupon System
  • Reporting System

Home Page 

About Us Page 

Customer Account Login, Logout system 

Most web design or internet marketing agencies will provide the services of uploading ten products into your catalog. When you have more products to upload, you can do so via the CMS, or continue to hire them with additional fees of $100-$300 SGD per hour.

What you will need to start

You will need the following items to start:

  • Company Branding (colors and fonts style you choose to use);
  • Company Profile or Write-out;
  • Description of your service or/and products;
  • Images for your products
  • Your additional content including return policies, shipping policies…etc;
  • Your contact details;
  • The type of website you will want the agency to take reference from;
  • and the type of images you wish to use. 

Other factors that may affect the price of your business website 

The final cost of your business website may be more if you need:

  • An additional number of pages;
  • Additional products upload;
  • Content writing service;
  • Search Engine Optimisation;
  • Website Maintenance ..etc

The things to take note of when sourcing for web design agencies or freelancers. 

Understand their business sense

This is a subjective but critical important criterion when you do your web design criteria and selections; you have to understand your website designer’s business sense.

Building your business website is more than putting your business online.

For example, when you move your business from an Asia market into the European market. I bet you will think of all the factors about making it a success, including studying the crowd, look at the location, the calculated risks, and more.

And the same applies to develop a website, moving your business online is like moving it into another marketplace. You need to expect a level of advice and consultancy from your web designers, given their familiarity with the online marketplace.

One common mistake many businesses make is to believe and make assumptions that as long as they are web designers, they will have the knowledge to build websites, and also make them successful.

You should be careful with their terms and conditions especially with the overall rights of your business website or eCommerce. Some agencies may request you to pay an extra fee to transfer the rights to you.

You may also like to ensure that you have the rights to your domain and server login details.  

Understand Their Terms & Conditions

Be thorough and read the terms and conditions of each web design company or freelancer when they provide you with quotations or services.

Some agencies may need you to pay additional disbursement fees to pass the rights of the website back to you. Also, ensure that once the web design projects are finalized and confirmed, your business will gain the final rights, server logins, and details are kept confidential.

How Covid-19 Pandemic may help your business growth

It is a good time for many businesses to move online; it is clear from an objective view that the Covid-19 Pandemic situation affects the world in big and small ways.

Throughout the world, businesses are trying to make both ends meet, with the closure of business dealings and more during this period. Moving online will provide a source of income to businesses and convenience to consumers purchasing from their homes’ comfort.

In Singapore, Minister Heng Swee Keat has also announced recently to put up a raise in Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) funding to 80% during his Supplementary Budget in 2020.

It makes it even more affordable to have an eCommerce solution now, together with the government’s PSG 80% fundings.

We understand and experience firsthand how many businesses had thrived and benefited from a well-designed website and optimized for search engines. We hope to grant temporary relief to your companies when you work with us.

Contact us now at Web Leads and let us share with you how we can improve your business operations, create a website, and digital marketing experience that will boost your profits in the long term.

Similarly, we will also share how to get your web design done affordably without government grants.

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