Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one kind of marketing strategies aim in providing values to readers, and content consumers. It is focused on creating, publishing, distributions of the content online through different channels.

No wonder where or which industry you are in now. Your business need to be on the Internet with the right content to get you found by your customers or information seekers.


Content is the heart and soul of every digital marketing campaign. Content can be seen everywhere online. However, only the quality content will strive and is the key to business success.

Valuable content is like a magnet, it draws people to your business gradually.

You can see content when you visit Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Pinterest, Websites, etc and more.

Without content. Google will have nothing to search for on your website.

Facebook, Twitter will have nothing to share, newsletters have no news, and paid traffic becomes one-dimensional sales pitches with nothing on it.

The content itself comes in many forms such as words, images, infographics, and videos, blog posts, web pages, and more. The one thing common is content all revolves around words.

Every content you publish online becomes a permanent “digital” real estate.

Whether it is helpful web pages, blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, images, videos or books. Providing valuable content and sharing it is smart marketing methods that give you results.

The contents live online forever and help you generate potential leads, sales, and traffic to your business.

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SEO cannot succeed if you have no content marketing, PPC campaigns will stop generating traffics the moment you stop doing it. In fact, you need content on your PPC campaigns landing page in order to entice retentions and conversions.

There is no longer-term strategy than content marketing, consistent content marketing will help you generate compound traffic growths, generate you tons of traffic, leads, and sales.

No digital marketing strategies have a better long-term strategy as compared to content marketing. However, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to be able to churn out superior content.

The good news is: Content marketing is hard work and requires a lot of effort and time.

Not many individuals and companies are willing to do the hard work and whatever it takes to create superior content.


Orbit Media Studios conducted a survey of 1,000+ top bloggers from around the world. They found that the average hours it takes to write a blog post is increasing.

In 2017, most bloggers spend 3 hours approximate writing a blog post. Back in 2014, it was 2 hours and 24 minutes. And the time and researches done to make a better blog post increased in time.

Content marketing rewards people who put in the hard work. Blogging and writing useful content will help your visitors and yourself learn better.

Bloggers who spent more hours writing out long blog posts got better results according to many surveys and researches.

More than half of the bloggers who concentrated and spent around 7-8 hours daily just writing useful articles and blog posts reported strong results from blogging effort. Content marketing rewards people who work hard, harder than other people.

Customers Prefer Valuable Content

Consumers’ buying process has been drastically changed over the years. Search engines, blogs, and other Internet trends have transformed the way people buy products and services.

Inefficient methods in the past used by traditional marketing such as promotion does not work anymore. In fact, most people find this intrusive and irritated by the marketing of this sort.

What Successful Companies Did Right with Content Marketing?

Companies that are utilizing content marketing are benefitting from the many ways content has helped them to generates, leads, sales and eventually profits.

Creating, publishing, and sharing valuable content is at the heart of all these companies marketing strategies. They turn their knowledge, expertise, and ideas into information written, distributed and improve the lives of their clientele.

Clientele and readers get to consume all this information even without buying. This goodwill eventually resulted in more interest, more leads and more sales to the company, a win-win situation.

They are focused on distributing valuable content consistently generously. The consistent generosity is now reaping results from content marketing.

So what are these companies doing right?

They Market Their Business Online

They have put themselves online, opening up their market to the wider demographics through the use of powerful Internet. They have a strong website and get their online marketing strategies right.

Create Valuable Content

Their digital marketing strategies are centered on content creation. They continuously share and create valuable content. Their websites have web pages and blog posts filled with helpful information for all types of their customers.

High-Quality Content

They do not just make content, old content to please the search engines. They make genuine, useful, and unique content that sets them apart from their competitors.

Generous Expert

They are generous when it comes to giving out information that is of value to their clients. They strongly believe to get you want, you need to give and help people get what they want first.

Why is Content Marketing Powerful?

Content is loved by Search Engines

Humans use search engines daily and Google processes more than a billion searches per month now.

Year by year, more people are searching online and these numbers are growing rapidly.

It is now 12:28 pm when I am writing this article, I have already Googled more than 20 times today.

Many people crave content, do not be surprised that the study shows that people, in fact, search for pieces of content average around 200-300 times per day.

We, humans now use search engines for everything, we search for information of all sorts such including education, leisure, entertainment, business, and shopping. We depend on search engines for everything nowadays.

People use content all the time to solve their needs and wants. They will not stop searching anytime soon.

When we type keywords into the search boxes in Google. Google will check it’s back system analyzes phrases and then return relevant results.

All the result shown by Google is content.

You should always make sure your website is ranking high for keywords and phrases that are related to your businesses.

For example, I am selling web development and design services.

My business website will make sure that when people search on Google for “web development and design services”, Google will return the blog posts, articles of web pages that answer those questions for users.

You need to feed search engines with a lot of quality content, publish high-quality blog posts regularly. The search engines will reward you with high traffic, high visibility on search engines when you do this.

The traffic increase meant more leads, sales, and conversions. This will, in turn, grow your business and increase profits.

One of our content marketing specialists increases our client’s B2B and B2C websites search engine traffic as much as 200% in 7 months. The only thing he did was writing long articles consistently of in-depth researches that targeted keywords related to the client’s business.

Publishing lots of content online will help companies generate a lot of traffic from search engines.

Content marketing develops your brand and build awareness

You need to create awareness both online and offline when running or starting a business. Content marketing is the best way to make an impression and awareness that stays.

Before becoming customers, people need to be aware that your brand exists before that can convert to become customers later.

If people are not familiar with your company, they are unlikely to do business with you.

Brand awareness does not mean that people recognizing your logo when they see it, it is about people knowing your brand, know what it represents, love your brand even before they need your products or services.

For example, one online marketer and blogger Neil Patel. He uses content marketing and blogging to just help people and promote his own personal brand.

He speaks on many live and recorded videos and conveys information through speeches that are helpful to people. All his blog posts were full of his hack, secrets to online marketing. These all add up promoting his product, services, branded him as an expert in digital marketing.

Sometimes you just have to keep helping with your blog posts, videos, images to inspire, educate and enrich other people’s lives. This is the only sure way to be successful in content marketing and in general digital marketing.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to show your uniqueness in the crowded marketplace. People should think of your products and services when they need your products and services.

Many big companies that are dominating their niche like Kissmetrics, Hubspot, and Moz put out a lot of content weekly. Hubspot can churn out more than 10 blog posts per week on its blog.

Content marketing strategies done well like blogging will help you to save so much money from doing it the PPC way. Many companies have done that and one small company like Digiboost manages to save $4000 of acquiring clients from Google Ads for their clients through the quality blog posts.

Content marketing is the best strategy when it comes to building awareness of your business, products, and services.

Consistent content marketing and creation of useful blog posts have helped to establish Kissmetrics as one thought leader in the web analytics space.

Publishing blog posts and content will help you gain more eyes to see your content, as long as you keep it professional to help people. You will gain more opportunities for your business.

Content marketing gets people to engage with you

When people start interacting with you or your business, it means they are either ready to do business with you or want to find out more.

Unlike PPC which is a one-way communication where customers can only read, watch the ads and have no ways to respond to the ads such as posting questions, answers, etc.

Content marketing allows two ways communication. Your customers should have their own opinions that they would like to share with you about, unlike traditional marketing which is commonly one-sided.

Content marketing is interactive and it allows your users to share their views freely.

Content marketing helps your business become more human and develop a deeper relationship with your prospects through your response.

When you publish blog posts, people that read your post will comment via the comment section, or drop a comment on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Quora.

In whichever platforms you chose to put up the content, people get to comment.

Many content marketers and businesses are making use of content to entice and help their customers through high-valuable content. So bear in mind, people engaging with your content is a good thing, they are taking notice of the hard work and persistence you are putting in to help them. They are starting to care about you and the things you do.

Content marketing makes you an authority

It takes an expert to write insightful content online. Consumers trust authorities that share valuable content. They will look to them before they make any purchasing decisions.

Investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin

An expert is someone who reads a lot about the products and services he sells. Publishing and writing content lets people know he is the best person to provide these products and services as compared to his competitors.

Writing what he has read with useful content through content marketing is the smartest and the best way to become the authority, industry leader or expert in any niche or industry he chose to specialize in.

Knowing how to do web development, programming codes does not make people see you as an expert full stack web developer.

Nobody will respect you if you have strong and in-depth knowledge of SEO, digital marketing tactics, etc.

However, having knowledge does not make you an authority even though it does play a big part because people expect you to know what you are writing or talking about.

Writing and publishing content, sharing your knowledge is what positions you as an expert and authority.

Your content need to be many times better than your competitors, not all content works the same way. You need to put in hard work to become an authority.

You need to publish a lot of content regularly, some experts even publish more than six blog posts or articles per week on their blogs and other authoritative sites.

Neil Patel is an expert in content marketing, you can find him blogging all the time on different platforms. He writes on his own personal blog like, Quicksprout (a blog he writes everything about digital marketing),, Forbes, and many other blogs.

He aims to write one to three blog posts per day and this consistency was what personal branded himself and grew his business via blogging.

You should follow and do the same as what he did.

Try writing on as many websites as possible that are willing to have you contribute.

Don’t blog once a month. Blog, at least once a week for each site you’re writing for.

To become an authority online, you need to publish consistently on a specific topic.

For example, write everything related to digital marketing and success if that is in your niche area. Teach people and do your learning at the same time about all you know to help more people.

I am who I am now because many writers have provided me books to read throughout my life. Those words constantly change how I think and behave in this world. It gave me a clearer purpose of what I should do to improve life.

Don’t write about “swimming pools” this week and write about “electronic gadgets” next week.

Focus on a single niche.

You can also target a small niche.

A small niche is a part of another niche.

Facebook Marketing is part of Social Media marketing. So, Facebook Marketing is a smaller niche.

For example, Jon Loomer is a Facebook Marketing expert.

When you talk about Facebook marketing, Jon Loomer is one of the very few authorities in that niche.

He only publishes articles about Facebook Marketing on his blog.

Brian Dean is an influential person in the SEO niche. He concentrates on teaching and writing about topics related to SEO.

Through content marketing, these amazing experts become authorities in their respective niches.

You can become an authority by creating content related to a specific topic.

A multinational company like The Armored Group, which designs, manufactures, and delivers armored cars can easily dominate its industry and become an authority by publishing content on a regular basis.

Content marketing improves the lives of your prospects

Prospects want answers to improve their lives. The surest and fastest way to get what you want is to help as many people get what they want.

Give them solutions through useful blog posts, useful content to help them achieve their goals. If you can provide answers, solutions to all their problems through different types of content marketing, your customers or visitors will remember you for a long time.

You need to treat your prospects like friends or best customers. Empower them with knowledge through content marketing, give them all the answers to their problems without asking them to buy your products and services.

All you need to do is always helping them. (Help, Help, and Help!) with all your high-quality content. They will reward you by sharing your content to help more people, people will start knowing you better and notice your great work for helping and improving their lives.

Make sure every great piece of content improves their lives.

Do you know what are the problems your prospects are facing now? What are the challenges?

I frequent Quora and Medium often to find questions that people are asking in my industry or niche.

Below are screenshots of the questions I can use to make into high-quality blog posts with my answers and perspectives.

These are but some of the questions your prospects might be asking online. Help them understand all this topic by publishing high-quality blog posts.

Help to solve all the problems of your clients through the sharing of free knowledge and skills via content marketing, and you will have tons of clients who will always want to work with you.

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