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Content Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, you should put content marketing at the top of your list. It is one of the most effective marketing methods because it focuses on making and sharing valuable content. This content helps to attract, engage, and get people who are clearly defined and understood. With our content marketing services, you can show that you are an expert in your field by creating helpful content and positioning yourself or your business as an expert in your area.

  • The primary motivator for profitable customer action.
  • The best way to optimize a site for search engines.
  • Build credibility and trust.
  • Grow your business, get more customers, and make more money.
  • Website content, which includes text, graphics, images, and videos, is essential to any online business. Make sure you always use the best copies.

Target Audience

Marketing directors, managers, secretaries, solopreneurs, content creators, web developers, and anyone starting their own business.

Our Content Marketing Methodology

Only the best content marketing effort


Encourage visitors to return to your website for more information while increasing traffic. Instead of hard selling, you provide relevant, original content to address the pain points that your customers and prospects are experiencing. Show how your products and services can help them solve their problems by providing helpful information.

Our content marketing services make content marketing simple. Our award-winning team. Get started in content marketing now; we develop, write, edit, and promote custom (and search engine friendly) content for your business through our content marketing service packages. Web Leads Digital Agency can help you with everything from blog posts to online guides to videos.

Have you considered content marketing the most effective digital marketing strategy ever?

Our approach to content marketing services

We know how to get things done — with a hands-on approach, customized strategy, and a dedicated project manager — having generated more than $500000 in sales for our clients. All our clients receive it with their Web Leads content marketing service package, regardless of the tier they pick.

We also provide customized packages to meet your company’s specific needs.

If you’re unsure which of our packages is best for your company, you can contact one of our knowledgeable strategists online. They can advise and suggest whether a basic, aggressive, or market leader strategy is best for your company.

They can also provide answers to all of your questions. About the various content marketing assets, such as:

  • Long-form material
  • Blog entries
  • Infographics
  • Online manuals
  • Videos
  • Slideshare
  • And even more!

Our award-winning team will deliver a competitive strategy and marketing campaign that meets your company’s goals regardless of which content marketing service package you choose, from our basic to our market leader plan.

Characteristics of Our Content Marketing Services

Keyword research and content strategy

First, our content marketing team will collaborate with your company to fully understand your business, goals, and industry. Then, we’ll work with you to make a customized site’s content that will do better in search engine results if you have a content marketing plan to convert more customers.


Keyword research is an important component of our content strategy. Our team can create original and valuable evergreen content that drives high-quality traffic to your website by researching the keywords that your audience cares about


For example, if you own a landscaping company, we might create content based on the following keywords:


  • “How frequently should you mow your lawn?”
  • “grass-like weeds,”
  • “new lawn fertilization,”
  • “backyard landscaping ideas”

These keywords, as you can see, are focused on answering a user question — what weeds look like grass, how to landscape a backyard, how to fertilize a new lawn, and how often you should mow it. This isn’t a list of transactional keywords like “residential landscaping company.”


However, how do we know which keywords to use?


When conducting keyword research as your content marketing service provider, we consider several factors, including:


Search volume: It is critical to creating content for keywords with a high monthly search volume. While a higher search volume is desirable, it does not guarantee that your objectives will be met, which is why we also consider keywords with a lower search volume.


Competition: Depending on your website’s SEO status, ranking in search results for high-competition keywords can be difficult. That is why our organic SEO services complement our content marketing services perfectly.


CPC (cost-per-click): The CPC is another factor to consider during keyword research. By referencing this number, our team can determine how much the keyword might be worth to your business and your competitors.


User intent is one of our most important considerations during keyword research. If you create content that does not address the user intent behind the keyword, it will not perform well. That is why our team thoroughly investigates a keyword’s user intent.


After we complete our keyword research, we will create a content plan for you.

Development of content

Following that, our services concentrate on developing a content project management schedule. We create a content calendar for your strategy in this step. We also set a deadline for writing and delivering the content to your team for review.


Your content marketing services package determines the quantity of content we create:


  • We create unlimited pieces of content within 15 hours of service each month if you have the basic plan.
  • We create unlimited pieces of content within 20 hours of service each month if you have the pro plan.
  • We create unlimited pieces of content within the 42 hours of services each month if you have the growth plan.
  • We create unlimited pieces of content within the 68 hours of services each month if you have the enterprise plan.

Please remember that if you need more than 68 hours of services in content marketing per month, you can always ask our strategy team for a plan that is made just for you.


To chat, contact them online or by phone at +65 6016 2574!


During this stage, your dedicated account manager will also walk you through our preferred project management platform. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions; they will be happy to respond and assist you in troubleshooting any issues.

Creation of content

Content creation is an essential component of our content marketing services.


We create a variety of content for your company’s strategy using our skilled project managers, as well as specialized writers and graphic designers. This includes long-form content, blog posts, infographics, online guides, voice-optimized content, white papers, and more.


Every strategy is also unique, based on your specific requirements.


While the digital marketing strategy of a pharmaceutical company may emphasize awareness and education, that of an eCommerce store may emphasize immediate action. These focuses can result in various content types, such as videos for a pharmaceutical company and blog posts for an eCommerce company.


Our editorial team reviews each piece of content to ensure it adheres to your branding guidelines. After your dedicated account manager has reviewed your deliverables, they will be forwarded to your team for feedback.


If you have any requests for changes, our team will make them as soon as possible.

Off-Page SEO: Strategies for Link Building and Content Marketing

Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration and modeling, drill and practice, case study, and individual project work

  • Why is it important to build links?
  • The parts of a good backlink The most important off-page SEO ranking factors
  • Social media signals
  • Strategies for building links that work
Off-Page SEO: Strategies for Link Building and Content Marketing

Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration and modeling, drill and practice, case study, and individual project work

  • Why is it important to build links?
  • The parts of a good backlink The most important off-page SEO ranking factors
  • Social media signals
  • Strategies for building links that work
Off-Page SEO: Strategies for Link Building and Content Marketing

Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration and modeling, drill and practice, case study, and individual project work

  • Why is it important to build links?
  • The parts of a good backlink The most important off-page SEO ranking factors
  • Social media signals
  • Strategies for building links that work

Account Manager

Tydus Low 

Tydus is the Managing Director, and Founder of Web Leads Digital Agency, a Singapore-based award-winning full-service digital marketing agency he co-founded in 2017. It has expanded from a founding team of two to a team of twenty and counting, spread across four countries. He has managed over 250 successful digital marketing campaigns for clients ranging from startups to multinational corporations.

Rachel Tham

After quitting the banking and finance industry, Rachel began a career in digital marketing, specializing in Search Engine Optimization. She has accumulated thousands of auditing hours on more than 300 websites across all industries, including Sports, food and beverage, insurance, e-commerce, medical, B2C, and B2B services for clients like AIA, Bizcover Insurance, TWG Tea, Friendly Dolphin, Qualis Nutri, and dozens of local SME’s in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the US, Malaysia, and Singapore.


“This SEO course was very helpful, and I was able to help my organization fix problems and increase organic search traffic over the past few months. The presentation materials were thorough and well put together. It was a very educational and enlightening experience.”


“This SEO course has been very helpful to me because it is directly related to my job. I would recommend this course to anyone who is in charge of digital marketing campaigns, whether they do it themselves or hire someone else to do it.”

“SEO is a technical and dry subject, but Rachel’s SEO training class isn’t like that at all. She didn’t use too many technical or big words so that my classmates who weren’t as technical could also understand. She uses single examples and illustrations to help me and the other people in my class understand. She also says important ideas over and over again to make sure we remember them.

Rachel’s instructions during our hands-on sessions are clear and to the point. She talks about what was done and what happened as a result. The pace of the class was good. Even the older people in my class, like my uncles and aunts, can follow along and do the practical work.”

Thank you very much, Rachel, for getting me started with SEO.

“The SEO course materials were very useful and covered a lot. The two-day course taught me a lot about how SEO works and what its implications and strategies are. This course was helpful, and Tydus was a great teacher. He is a very knowledgeable expert who took the time to slowly and thoroughly explain ideas, strategies, and SEO tools to use.”


SEO & PPC Content Solutions

We have mastered the SEO & PPC editorial process, from topical map generation to publishing and everything in between. So if you’re looking for an agency to help you build the topical authority you need to dominate your niche, you’ve come to the right place.

Content Authority

Give us your niche, and we will manually uncover all topics you must write about to be considered a “Topical Authority.” This is essentially keyword research on a grand scale.


Linkable Authority Content 

We provide you with high-quality SEO-optimized content written by native English speakers that help you to the top of the search results page, using the same method we use to rank our sites.

SEO & PPC Strategies

We will publish your content on WordPress using our comprehensive on-page SEO checklist. This includes optimizing the user experience (Call Outs, Tables, Lists, Graphs, etc.). Our graphic designers will even create custom images that correspond to your branding.

Note: However, do note SEO requires time, patience, and a lot of brand awareness before you see results related to your efforts. 


The Entire Suite

You can outsource the editorial process to us, from topical map generation to publication. Get SEO-optimized content automatically published to your site every month. We’ll handle the entire editorial process, allowing you to focus on link-building and technical SEO. 




Effective Content Strategy

Stop wasting time and money on content agencies that deliver subpar content without knowledge of SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing.

It’s time to put your money to work, boost your rankings, and increase traffic.


Content Marketing Rates

Hourly Fees: 
Starting from S$50 / hour


Questions? Check out the frequently asked questions below.

Is there anything I need to do before attending the course?

Bring a laptop with you to in-person training. You can also borrow a laptop from us for the duration of the course. Also, bring a jacket just in case, the room gets cold.


Before attending an online class, make sure you have a working laptop with Zoom installed. You can read the Online-based Classroom Learner Guide for further information.


Because there will be WSQ assessments in this course, you must bring your NRIC or other forms of picture identification for ID verification.

Are there any other requirements I need to meet before I can sign up for this course?

You need to know how to open and close programs, move and drop files, copy and paste text, and other basic computer skills. If you have never worked in sales or marketing before, it is recommended, but not required, that you take the Digital Marketing Essentials Course before this one.

Do you help people looking for work who want to get into digital marketing?

Yes. Through our digital marketing hiring and career help programs, we can help people find jobs and help them with their careers. Go to our career portal to find out more.

What distinguishes this Digital Marketing Essentials course from the Digital Marketing Strategy course?

The Digital Marketing Fundamentals course will provide you with the fundamentals of digital marketing, as well as popular vocabulary and an overview of the main digital marketing platforms. The Digital Marketing Plan course delves deeper into how these various channels and platforms should interact with one another and how to create a digital marketing strategy to reach a cohesive aim.

Is one day enough to complete the learning objectives?

This course is designed to provide bite-sized but comprehensive knowledge in a single day. If you believe you did not meet the learning objectives at the end of the course, you are always welcome to retake it online at no cost to you.


Is there anything I need to do before attending the course?

Before class, make sure you have a working laptop with Zoom installed. You can read the Online-based Classroom Learner Guide for further information.

Are there any other requirements I must meet in order to attend this course?

You must have basic computer navigation skills, such as opening and closing files, dragging and dropping, and copying and pasting files.

Although not required, any familiarity with sales and marketing ideas will be beneficial.

Will this course provide me with the necessary abilities to land a job as a Digital Marketer?

Though you will learn important skills and knowledge after completing this course, getting a job in digital marketing would require some field experience. You may learn more about starting a career in digital marketing by visiting our Digital Marketing Career Portal.

How do I register?

You can register for this course by clicking on this link. We will contact you via email regarding your course registration once you have registered for it.

Still, have unanswered questions? Check out the FAQs page or submit an inquiry.

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