Content Marketing Plan

What is A Content Plan?

If you do not have a content plan in 2019, you are seriously endangering your success.

We all know moving forward without a plan is like going to wars without guns; it is guaranteed the surest way to disasters.

All companies different industries even boring ones like machine manufacturers and interesting ones like magazine companies have one.

A content plan is a technique used to help compartmentalize and set you up organizing all the information you will provide for your target public. Do note that content marketing strategy is different from content plan.

A content plan work on details and specifically how your content will be created, managed and distributed to meet the goals you have identified via the content marketing strategies. Content marketing strategy on the other hand focus on meeting your company goals through marketing the content.

A plan in content marketing is only complete if you have a clear direction, know what goals to reach during the plan such as deciding what you are doing this for like mission statements.

You need to know the objectives to reach such informational, educational, inspirational, customer persona, visitors and which part of the consumer journey is this content serving?

Evaluate Your Content

Some companies might have been slowly adapting and getting on the bandwagon. You will only be convinced until you see so many of your competitors flooding the marketing with content and stealing your customers day by day.

Creating useful, engaging, content is the key. The old ways to guarding your secret sauce to business and charging people with low-quality content is over.

I have known of a company that constantly produces hundreds of blog content that its competitors would charge a fee for an initial consultation.

It’s revenue doubled and tripled since the inception.  In many cases now, it is better to give it away so that your customers will trust you for the products and services you can deliver. Your content is now your biggest asset if you have given careful thought and attention to it.

Many organization research had indicated that more than 80 percent of customers have trust in companies that create custom content as interesting. They are usually look up to as an authority and have a good interaction in creating relationships with them on goodwill.

Afterall they put in the effort into spending time and money to create the content that is of value to the consumers.

Benefits of Content Marketing Plan?

When your company already have a content marketing strategy set up, you tend to wonder if you need a content marketing plan.

Most companies heard that content marketing works and gave it a try into producing content in the short term cycle.

However, these processes weren’t persistent and once they did not see the result, they eventually also stop all the posting of content altogether.

The reason it did not work was because they did not have any target in mind, they were going into war without knowing how to identify the target enemy to shoot at.

In order to survive the competitive world of SEO, you need to have directions and know where you are going with your content marketing strategies.

You need a content marketing plan that is directional and bullet-proof! Get started and do not be skeptical anymore.

A Cohesive Content Plan, You Can:

  • Increase brand awareness with added brand loyalty when you are in the right place at the right time with quality content to help your customers.
  • Better evaluate your content performance and upgrade it as necessary.
  • Save the time and money from any duplicate efforts.
  • Make a huge difference in the traffic and leads that are coming to your site with a well-organized content plan.
  • Has the customer been met at every part of the content funnels?
  • High-quality content creation with thorough effective editorial processes.
  • Consistency across all messages in your distribution channels.

Content Marketing Worth It?

Content marketing is well worth every effort, time and money you spend making it. It helps you spread awareness of your business and promote your business like no other strategies at this alarming speed.

Content marketing is the most powerful digital marketing tool since 1732 when Benjamin Franklin created it Poor Richard’s Almanac to promote his printing business.

It helps you grow your business, increase customers and ultimately raise profits of any business.

Five Content Plan Tactics By Kessler

When creating your content plan, bear these tactics in mind written by Kessler:

Stay in your sweet spot

Defines your company’s overlapping knowledge between your company and the things that the customers care about. Stay within that area and you will be sure to create quality content that matters.  

Psychographic Targeting

Know the keywords and content your customers are looking for and provide the best answer to their queries that addresses their concerns.

Stir Emotion, Not Just Facts

“Going viral” basically meant sharing content that triggers emotion, you most likely get people to share, like your content especially when it evokes different strong emotions. People are emotional in nature, content that starts emotions are more likely shared online. It works the same way as when we feel something we want others to experience with us as well.

Honesty at All Times

Honesty is the best policy. As a business, you have to upkeep to what you can provide and highlight your faults whenever you commit one. People appreciate honesty and are more willing to do business with anyone that can display that value.

Valuable Content

You need to have content that is of value, trusted and bring values to your readers or customers. Empower your prospects with knowledge through your content. You need to have content that is written by great writers either yourself or others who have an in-depth knowledge of subject matters.

They are pretty many confident and knowledgeable experts who know what they are writing, know what they share will be of value to your business, yourself and willing to write for you. You just have to find them out.

5 Cs Framework Content Marketing

After a better understanding of the 5 tactics suggested by Kessler, you will need to know how the pieces of content marketing strategy work together with a plan.

All the components have organized together in sequential fashion below. This 5Cs framework should help cover all the bases when you create strategies and implementations for your content marketing plan. They are:

  • Company focuses
  • Customer experiences
  • Channel promotions
  • Content creations
  • Check back analysis

Is Content Marketing Difficult?

Content planning is difficult but definitely well worth the effort if you make it a hard work that you need to conquer every day.

Summing up and looking at all the information above, it definitely looks, sounds and definitely cost you a lot of work. It takes a tremendous amount of time to put tools, systems, and all the workflows in place.

However, all the planning will actually make your content implementation faster and better excluding the time commitment in getting all the planning up.

Building quality content on your website gives you a huge competitive advantage, sets yourself as an expert in the field and build your overall site authority.

Which Content Works For Your Industry?

You have to develop content that works, at the heart of any content marketing campaign is the “content” that matters.

You need to know for sure what makes for high-quality content, do you know how to measure the success.

Are you finding an expert in this topic that already have substantial knowledge of your industry and businesses to write the content?

All these factors and questions determine how successful and useful your content is in the long run. So always remember to address it early in your content plan!

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