Content Marketing Examples

There are many different types of content or examples to help you achieve your goals from increasing customers, profits, to eventually grow your business.

In this post, I will share some of the examples to help you effectively reach customers, and win the transactions.

Content Types

Based on my past experiences with content marketing, I concluded that there are a total of 8 categories of content marketing.

You can write anything from scratch and create any unique content based on these 8 categories, put it into a custom piece and add value to you and your customers.

Original Content

This is the most valuable content, the content made and created by yourself to attract, educate, and sell to your audiences. However, it takes a lot of research and knowledge to be able to churn out content like this.

Curated Content

These are content made by other people but you add in your own recommendations and opinions.

The key to this kind of content is you have to add in more useful information. It should look fresh and not a replica of someone’s work.

There is no point in plagiarizing other people’s content or work, it does not benefit you as a thought leader. Always make sure to provide credit to people or anyone whose work you have curated.

Repurposed Content

Content that you have previously published is worked on again to provide more values. LSI keywords that are related to the blog post can be added to further make the post more useful, capture more audiences that are searching for this topic.

You are taking posts your visitors have seen in the past, further refine, and update it. You can also change some formatting of the blog post so that in the audience’s eyes, the blog post looks new with better information.

User-Generated Content

This is the content generated and created by your users. These content are valuable, they are unique content that your competitors cannot replicate.

The content can come in the form of blog posts, social media videos, and images. It acts as a kind of review that people are enjoying your products and services.

This will, in turn, win customers and differentiate your company and branding from the other companies.

Your users and new customers will increase engagement, interactions, boost your brand standings in the market.

Video Streaming Content

A new way to reach your audiences through live streaming. This type of content is relatively new, it allows you to perform live stream and reach your audiences directly.

Social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook allows you to do live-streaming directly anytime, anywhere to your audiences.

Visual Content

Visual content is getting very popular in recent years. Social media platforms emerge, like Instagram and Pinterest after the birth of the Internet.

Some of the examples include Pinboard with the company’s products displayed and Instagram collections with user content.

Tactics using visual content is extremely appealing and provide great value. Pinterest and Instagram recently came out with the shopping feature, it allows advertisers to put up pricing, etc on the photos to encourage selling.

Visual content is one of the keys to your content strategy.

Press Release and Business News

Original content created by your company to promote business products and services. Companies conduct press releases or webinars to showcase and provide information on their products and services.

Online Courses

All content created above become a powerful source of knowledge, they can all be consolidated and repurpose into training materials. You can conduct online or offline courses to sell and give away to your audiences.

Content-Type Summary Table

Original Content The content you write for your owned media such as web pages and blog posts on your website.Blog posts, Web Pages, Ebooks
Curated ContentYou can put in your opinions and recommendations for other people’s content. Articles curated and posted have to be credited to the original writer. Guest post, round-up article.
(UGC) User-generated content Content that your customers, visitors create about your company. Instagram pics, Facebook posts, videos of customers using your products and services on Youtube.
Repurposed content Content that you have made changes, added value and republish. Webinars, Slideshares, Facebook Post, Podcast audios, videos.
Visual content Graphics, images posted online such as Instagram, and Pinterest Photos on Instagram, Pinboards.
Stream Video ContentThis content method is new, and it allows you to live-stream to your audiences. Facebook live, Youtube live, Instastories
Online coursesCreate new content, and repurpose the old content to put it into a training course.Skillshare, Udemy, Digital Marketing Academy
Press releases and business news Unique and original content created by your company to promote the business. Press release or webinar to showcase and give information of new launch products and services.
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