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Marketing has changed, have you? Improve your prospects’ life with valuable content, spread brand awareness, and credibility.

Content Marketing Course


Content is what you see when you go to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and more. Content marketing is nothing new in business, it existed even in traditional marketing with brochures, movies, television dramas, and more. With the growth of digital marketing, people have switched to prefer viewing all these content from smartphones through new platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Websites (web pages and blog posts), etc and more.

Content marketing is not new, however, many people tend to believe that it is an evolution of a marketing tactic after the digital transformation.

The content marketing was born almost 300 years ago when Mr. Benjamin Franklin started writing and printing his masterpiece “Poor Richard Almanack” to advertise his new printing business.

Content is the most cost-effective marketing investment. Content once posted remains as digital estates on the Internet that never goes away and keeps paying you back with revenues. Post “valuable” and “useful” content online, it will stay there forever and generate interest, move existing leads towards a sale anytime, anywhere.

Key Features

  • We create and manages content of all sorts from words, images to videos for more than 450 clients worldwide.
  • Our agency has studied and tested more than decades of content marketing strategies for wide industries. We know exactly what works and what does not works. 
  • Actionable theoretical and practical knowledge that you can apply immediately to grow your business.
  • Learn from the experts on the do and don’ts of B2B and B2C content creations differences.
  • Up-to-date course modules
  • Practical training that teaches you only the essential
  • Learn why consistency and patience matters in content marketing strategies
  • Optimize your Youtube content so that you rank better on Youtube, the second largest search engine in the world behind Google.
  • Comprehensive curriculum written by experts who have been in the industry for more than 7 years.
  • Learn why “words” is the most powerful content marketing tactics and how it all started with Mr. Benjamin Franklin
  • Certificate of Completion
  • After course support

About The Course

Our comprehensive two days content marketing course will equip you with anything you need to know about creating valuable content. You will understand why content marketing is the most powerful digital marketing strategy and why it takes patience, consistency and hard work to be able to succeed in digital marketing.

All strategies, frameworks, case studies, tools needed are highly actionable, and you can apply to your job or businesses. This course is for all beginners, intermediates, or advanced Content marketing enthusiasts, writers, graphic designers, and video editors.

You will learn how to do international, local, B2B, B2C content scenarios with hands-on activities to better understand your audiences such as the new generation C. Students will learn to create content with emotive appeals, publish on search engines, Youtube, social media like Facebook, Instagram, and more consistently.


In this Content Marketing Course:

You will learn the seven guiding principles to creating content that helps your customers and sell. 

Learn how to use content to solve problems of your consumers and gain sales. 

You will learn why good writing matters and the importance of being a good writer in content marketing.

Create an endless stream of new ideas for creating new content, update, and repurpose what you have created.

Optimize your website content and generate a stream of traffic consistently from organic search results for free.

Be familiar with some of the most effective content types.

Collect and measure your results, learn how to optimize future campaigns using insights gained.

Learn to promote your content and drive a wide variety of traffic sources from channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and more.

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This Content Marketing Course will help to equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to create effective content marketing strategies. You will learn all about the tools you need to market your products and services successfully in this digital age. 

You will learn how to optimize your website for content marketing, and build a machine that sells, inform, educate your customers 24/7.

You will learn how to develop a system to know your audiences and consistently generate more content marketing ideas.

Learn how to use emotions to trigger customers’ actions.

You will learn how to measure results and understand the importance of data.

You will learn how to create beautiful web pages, landing pages, and blog posts. Why web design matters when it comes to setting the right content architecture and how it entices your customers to view your content.

Learn different types of content and which is the most powerful type of content marketing.

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Led by instructor | Lecture, group discussion, questions, and answers.

▷ What is Content Marketing? How does it work?
▷ What is Marketing?
▷ How marketing has and has not changed?
▷ Understand the cognitive buying journey and funnels
▷ A good way to visualize AIDA?
▷ Warning and what is not to be practiced in Content Marketing
▷ Marketing Glossary and terms
▷ Buyer Personas

Interactive | Lecture based, Questions and Answers, Practice, Trial and error.

▷ What is the difference between Content Marketing and Traditional Marketing?
▷ Define your goals
▷ How to tell compelling stories, the importance of storytelling.
▷ How to create detailed buyer personas.
▷ The goals and buyer personas.
Youtube Marketing
▷ Keywords research and how to write your blog posts and web pages?

Interactive | Lecture, demonstration, and modeling, case study, questions and answers, group presentation, group project work, practice, quizzes.

▷ Why good web design matter?
▷ The importance of responsive design
▷ Learn how minimizing your content can actually maximize results
▷ Why and when you should use landing pages?
▷ Have social proof into your website
▷ Planning for edge cases
▷ Why we recommend using WordPress?
▷ Action steps for web design and development

Interactive | Lecture, demonstration (visual and verbal instructions), Questions and Answers, Trials and Errors, Case studies, Individual projects)

▷ Importance of having a reliable ideation system
▷ Creation begins with more consumptions
▷ Conducting a brainstorming and brain “dump” sessions.
▷ Learn why you should start reading, consume more content.
▷ Questions straight from your target audiences.
▷ Eavesdropping on niche communities.
▷ Number 1 tool to use for content research and competitive analysis.
▷ How your existing audience and content can help you generate new ideas.
▷ Generate content ideas and action steps.

Interactive | Lecture, demonstration (visual and verbal instructions), Questions and Answers, Trials and Errors, Case studies, Individual projects)

▷ The importance of effective writing in digital marketing and content marketing.
▷ Learn how to write perfect headlines?
▷ Match your audience’s tones and vocabulary.
▷ Maintain a focus with your content
▷ How to write call-to-action?
▷ Learn how grammatical errors can cripple your marketing efforts.
▷ Learn to become a better writer
▷ What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?
▷ Understanding the search engines.
▷ Basic site setup for SEO
▷ Title and meta description
▷ Themes and templates setting
▷ How to select the right keywords and create high ranking content on any topic.
▷ Does keyword density matter on the web page?
▷ Internal links and outbound links
▷ Optimize your images
▷ Actionable steps for SEO

Interactive | Lecture, practices, questions and answers, guided steps by steps, trial and errors, case studies

▷ What is a content promotion and why is it important?
▷ Strategic collaboration
▷ Guest post pitch formula, perfect
▷ Simple way to get leading influencers to share your content.
▷ Post your content on social media
▷ Get your content to be featured on popular resources lists
▷ Do not neglect the free source of on-demand traffic
▷ Promote your content in groups and niche community without appearing spammy.
▷ Effective ways to grow your audiences significantly overnight.
▷ Why email lists is essential for your marketing
▷ How to entice people to opt-in your email list.
▷ Lead magnet ideas
▷ High profile opt-in forms
▷ How to turn people who comments into subscribers
▷ Counterintuitive strategy to increase your conversion rates.
▷ Nurturing your email list and build relationships over time.
▷ Email Marketing and action steps


Marketing Executives, Digital Marketer, Social Media Managers, Entrepreneurs/Business owners, bloggers, anyone who is looking to learn highly paid, in-demand marketing skills, and people who create content and manage content for the companies he/she is working for.


We will issue a certificate of completion after achieving at least 70% attendance for the course. You will have to be able to show proficiency in creating and managing your own content marketing schedule and strategies.


We will provide each student with a windows laptop and a Facebook Page Demo Account. However, it will be better for students to have their laptop and Facebook Account set up for better learning. Students must possess basic computer knowledge



Any email responders that contain the feature of the auto-responder will help, I personally use ConvertKit to do a task like this.

Yes, the certificate will become available once you have attended the course for two days. There is however no exam for content marketing, just participate in the course, be able to answer some of my Q&A after the course and you will be issued with the certificates via email after the course.

It is up to you and generally really based on your personal preferences. WordPress is pretty much easy to use, it is really kind of user and beginner-friendly. Besides the web developer who helped you develop the site can help you up along the way while you experiment with it.

We recommend you to have a business or personal website before the course. It will be more useful for you taking this course. However, Our content marketing course will work with or without the business website.

We have structured the course to be easy and yet conducive enough for anyone to learn it fast. We will take you from any beginner to an advanced level throughout the two days. You will be able to ask questions and be answered by industry experts on all relevant queries you have. You will learn specific and get shortcuts to all the essentials of content marketing in this 2 days course much better than following online courses.

Hi, sure will get the new 5 principles printed on our notes following up. Meanwhile here are the five principles.

Valuable content needs to meet these five criteria:

  • Useful – it should provide education, information or entertainment to prospective content consumers.
  • Focused – The content should be relevant and meaningful to the targeted audiences.
  • Compelling and clear – It should tell a story that people understand, relate to and respond accordingly.
  • Quality is high – it should be written with substance, interesting and helps to solve problems.
  • Genuine – It should be written from the heart of the people who care.

Trainer Profile

Tydus started working with us at Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency back in 2013. He is an SEO and Social Media consultant that specialized in the sporting and car industries.

He has also worked with F&B restaurants in charge of the whole project of bringing in leads, sales and traffics for the past two years through Facebook and other social media channels. Companies he has worked with, increase their sales of up to 75% within the next six months of completed project with him.

Tydus has conducted more than 3000 classes for social media courses and did more than 300 big projects under the Digital Marketing Agency. He is well polished and experience to share with you what to do and not to do in this current online world. Well-loved by students to providing well structured, and teaching you only the essential tactics to the successful creation of valuable content. He have experience of distributing all his content on social media, website and more optimize it to help him achieve tremendous success in all his businesses.

His patience, hard work, and consistency have made him the digital marketing expert he is now. He will be the right professional to guide you on content marketing and other digital marketing effective.

About Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency and Academy

Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency and Academy is the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore. We have a team strength of about 45 people well versed with all digital marketing techniques from SEO to website development, etc.

We started from 2013 in Singapore, and since the founding, we have successfully served more than 1,200 clients. You can find us featured in:

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Course Fees

$750 Nett/Pax

  • Minimum 6 to start
  • Class size is cap at 20 seats (additional 6 seats reserved for the needy as part of Web Leads Corporate Social Responsibility)
Course Duration:

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