Content Management Systems (CMS)

Professional CMS allows you to update your website like a pro without programming.

WordPress is the most widely used CMS

Make changes to your website quickly with WordPress CMS as your business grows.

  • Update your content quickly and easily for your viewers, who don’t need a lot of technical knowledge.
  • Improve your sales and make websites with our help that show off your brand’s personality on every single web page.
  • Become an expert in your field and grow your business quickly on the internet by having a corporate website, a blog, and a store all on the same platform.
  • To make sure you get only the best, our web design and development team works with you to make your site unique and personal.

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Wordpress CMS

Easy to Use

A lot of people now use WordPress as a content management system on the Internet. People who run businesses of all kinds can use WordPress now because it is so powerful. It’s an all-in-one package that lets users update and manage content quickly and easily, with a responsive design, flexible control panel, SEO, great support, and personalization. Help and support are easy to get because the site is so easy to use. Even though you won’t need it very often, there are a lot of people who can help.

CMS Simplify the Customization Process

We have experts who know how to make unique websites that have a specific goal. We will show off your unique selling point and the personality of your business in the design of your website. We will put all of your digital assets together in one place. This includes your blog platform, your corporate website, and your e-commerce store, which we will link together. Our company will make a lot of strategic decisions and recommendations that will have a big impact on the success of your website.

A good CMS should let you add, change, or delete pages of content, products, or services on your own, so you can make changes or remove them.

SEO-Friendly (CMS)

Google has evolved, and so is WordPress – Google loves WordPress in all aspects as a CMS. WordPress codes are semantically sound, making it optimal for Google crawlers to search. WordPress is easy to navigate even without technical knowledge; these sets you up to success with search engine rankings. You will be able to rank highly with small tweakings and consistent valuable content. Keyword strategies and research will be done by our agency – we make sure your websites only target niche keywords you need for your individual businesses.

Become a Thought Leader

WordPress CMS allows you to put in a blog section to serve your audiences with information. These blogging platforms are interactive with easy design-oriented web pages that can easily position you as an expert in the field of your industry. Regular informational posts are valuable to visitors visiting your site looking for products and services they wish to purchase. Comments, discussions, and content sharing are social signals readily available on every blog post. They develop your branding and company standing. Let’s get started drawing traffics from all channels through your content and spur up your business awareness.

Responsive Design

Google loves responsive websites and rank websites optimized properly for different screens high in the search engine result pages. People today are consuming content on all different screens such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops. With the rise of smartphone users, it is unquestionably a must in this era to have your websites optimized for search and surface content that looks good across all screen sizes. WordPress is a platform well-loved by Google and other search engines. Its function includes easy conversions mobile-friendliness of your websites that works well on both IOS and Android devices

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Responsive Website Design & Development

Let your visitors be wowed with a design that is seamlessly modern and beautiful across multiple devices – laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Our team creates pixel-perfect responsive websites that increase conversion rates and traffic to your business online
  • Our responsive web design ensures that your online presence is ready for the mobile web

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Responsive Design

What Is Responsive Design?

What Is Responsive Design?
A responsive website dynamically adapts itself to different screen sizes of devices that visitors come to your website on – be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The overall user experience is maintained across devices to ensure an effective and easy to use responsive website.


Why Use a Responsive Website Design?

Content Management Systems

A scalable, live CMS system customizable to your needs.

  • Manage your content through administrative control without coding
  • SEO-friendly with tools built into these systems.
  • Huge community support.

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What is a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) will let you access and manage the content on your website through an administrative console that doesn’t need any technical skills.

You, as the client, would be able to make changes to the content without having to think about how it looks or how it works.


We Work With All CMS!



WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), and it continues to grow in popularity. It is no longer the blogging platform it used to be. It now empowers more than 34% of the web in 2019. Our agency strongly recommends using WordPress for users like:

  • Major multi-national corporations
  • Startups
  • Blogs
  • Simple eCommerce Websites

WordPress gives you a headstart to search engine optimization (SEO) with auto-generation of search engine friendly page titles. Easy configuration of permalinks to enhance URLs within the site for SEO boost and more. WordPress is now a great platform on which to build any businesses, it has evolved beyond the humble beginning of a blogging platform. It currently offers capability beyond imaginable to power large, complex sites that are hardly recognizable as a typical WordPress site.


Magento is a search engine friendly open source CMS solution like WordPress. It contains many functionality that is built-in and has a high degree of control over your user experience. Have your users save time navigating quickly around the eCommerce store will allow you to grow your sales and improve the time-consuming improvement to user experiences.

We recommend big companies running large eCommerce solutions that have operations similar to Lazada, Taobao, and Amazon to utilize Magento. Magento is robust and resource-intensive to handle higher traffics happening at one time.



Drupal, Joomla and The Rest

We do provide standard CMS solutions that are older as well, like Drupal and Joomla. However, anything done on these older platforms are neither as easy configured nor better than WordPress and Magento. In terms of SEO, localization, translation, team collaboration; WordPress and Magento have dominated over the years. WordPress is well-loved for all its new functionality and Magento serving massive eCommerce sites in a more robust way for traffics.

What do Web Development and Design Services include?

We design professional design services to your company and feed your unique needs. You get to customize every single page of your web pages and features of your website. Showcase your products, services, and features through an intuitive, professional website. One that your customers and your company will love.


You get to design and customize every single web page of your website with our web experts.

Your website will be designed by our designers that help to inform, convert, and reach the customers you targeted. Sites will reach your customers in minutes regardless of whether your companies are eCommerce, pure-play, brick-and-mortar, or any services provider online. Our full-service digital marketing agency will offer all kinds of content marketing that help enhance your overall strategy.

Our website designs cost is set up to fill up generally all projects with the number of pages ranging from:

  • 1 to 10
  • 10 to 25
  • 25 to 100
  • 100 to 200
  • 200 to 250
  • 250 and beyond

If your companies need more than 250 pages?

Do drop us an email and let us know more. Subsequently, you can also contact us through phone calls. Our experienced strategists will work with you for customization of plan, quotes you for the pages your sites need, be it 400, 500, and more.

And if you are unsure of how many pages you need for a website, do drop us a call as well. Our expert advisors will give you recommendations and expertise sharing after understanding your industry with the many years of experience in the web design field.


You should be no foreign to SEO by now. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one digital marketing strategy used to improve your search engine ranking results for certain “keywords.” We improve the overall results of your website design or redesigning solutions to help improve your major digital marketing strategies.

A higher ranking for industry-related keywords for your website means high visibility and great exposure. With these in place done well through SEO, your website gets to earn more clicks, traffic with high conversions customers, and this, in turn, translates into store visits, high volume purchases online, requests, leads, and more.

Our team consists of more than 150 digital marketing specialists. Our designers will work together with our internet marketing team. These will not only make sure your sites look good; it will also make sure it ranks well in the search engines.


Our team knows that it is essential for brands to capture the attention of customers. Thus we came out with web development solutions that allow you to have unlimited style options. Our team can achieve all kinds of designs you can see in the online world now. Beyond simplicity or sophistication designs that help emphasize the quality and price range of your products and services, we got it all covered for you.

We encourage you to tell us more when making a quote online or chatting with our strategists. Our dedicated project team manager will also help to learn more of your business goals, visions through the face to face discussions.

Website design styles include:

  • Appealing and simple designs
  • Styling in moderations
  • High-end professional models
  • World-class sophisticated designs


Our team of experienced copywriters are experts in technical and non-technical industries. You should, by now, know that “words” matter when it comes to digital marketing. Our team will help to create the most compelling write up to engage and convert all your website visitors.

We offer three packages for website copywriting services, they include:

  • 5 to 8 pages
  • 9 to 20 pages
  • 21 to 30 pages

If you happen to have more than 50 web pages for copywriting, we can do customization for you based on your specific requirements.

Our website copywriting services include high-value keywords research. This “high-value keywords research” also means that our SEO team will help to evaluate and do the search for your business-related keywords for each webpage. Our copywriters will then use the related “keywords” to draft our written copy on your webpages.

Your website will appear on the top of the search results when consumers or visitors use those keywords to search. It will boost your website traffic as up to 80% of the users do not click past the first page in any search engines.


Many shoppers are purchasing and viewing through their smartphones or tablets on the go now. Our website design team design responsive design websites to support mobile users and trust me; these groups are growing.

Moreover, Google now follows a mobile-first index, which means that it will crawl and views the website from the mobile users’ perspective instead of desktop users. The traffic for mobile users has increased significantly throughout the years; traffic coming from mobile users now covers more than 50% of the whole internet traffic.


Many websites now feature a database to process payment, etc. We have three different packages for database integration, like basic, advanced, and full development based on your needs. Do let us know as well if your business does not need any data integration on the website.

We like to make sure our customers’ needs and wants are met by delivering quality and exact form they wanted. We will have a one on one sessions with your company, and you can let our designers and developers know more about your requirements to ensure success.

If you are not sure of what database integration you need for your business needs. Do raise the concerns to our team, and they will provide recommendations and expertise, ensuring your business works seamlessly through the integration.


For eCommerce companies, we offer many customized functionality deliverable. Packages include basic, advanced, and full development. If you are unsure of which packages you should pick, do chat with our expert strategists.

Our strategist has the expertise of over ten years in eCommerce. The experience will help you determine the most useful development deliverables for your business. They will work with developers and designers to make sure to develop the websites with the best return on investment as well as user experience.


Benefits of investing with a professional web development and design services company

There are many factors to consider in developing your website. But working with a professional web design team means better site structure, better conversions, increase competitiveness, and long term support. All these will have an indirect and direct impact on the businesses you intend to start.

Benefits of engaging web development and design services with us:


All digital marketing has the same goal of conversions. Conversions are, however, different from business to business ranging from purchasing in-store or online, and users signing up newsletters and etc. No matter what goals of conversions you have, a good web design will help.

Today, most conversions, either in-store or online, start with the interaction of the website first. If your website looks outdated with poor usability, this is going to impact your first impression to users. And the first impression shapes users not only in the opinion of your company, but it also affects the decision of whether they will want to visit your physical stores, products, or email newsletters sign up.

Spending time and money into developing your website means creating a positive impression with your consumers. They are more like to purchase either in-store or online through your website.


Poor user experience leads users to shop with your competitors, as we mentioned earlier. A good website user experience meant a positive return on investment (ROI). Businesses that utilized excellent UX design and testing reported ROI as high as $100 profits to every $1 invested.

Our team makes sure you get your website design professional and effective. Your website is an asset, and it should provide the best experience, usability, and readability to users on laptops and mobile devices – smartphones and tablets.

Readability and usability will affect how easy it is for consumers to search for the information they have and need to take action – purchase online, visit the store, and more.


No matter what products and services you sell in any industry, you will bound to face competitors. It is good for every company to have a competitive edge through expertise, better experience, better products, and services. These USPs can be shown through improving user experience with the website and do not lose it to an outdated and not user-friendly website.

With our website design services, you are going to leverage and make sure your company is the best on first impressions. These professionally developed websites will also make your business stands apart from competitors in your industry, making sure that they know your product or service is the best!

A poor website experience leads more than 90 percent of users to their competitors. With this information in mind, you have to leverage your website with better design and updates to tap into the traffic of these 90 percent bouncers.


People are searching from anywhere with laptops, tablets, and smartphones for information, products, services, and more. The biggest search engine of all time, Google now processes more than 2.2 trillions of searches per year. Convenience and reliability are some of the driving factors why 80% of consumers/users turn to search as of 2019 when they need anything.

You have got to make your website rank on top in the search engine to connect with consumers. Search engine optimization is essential in digital marketing to boost traffics, leads, conversions, and subscribers.

Site architecture, web designs, and web development play a huge role in improving your technical SEO factor. We always make sure that your website ranks for the right keywords or search terms related and relevant to your company. A professional website design company will ensure that you provide your users with the best experience both for Google and site visitors.

Do you provide swimming lessons in a specified country like Singapore? You will want to rank for relevant keywords such as “private swimming lessons Singapore” and “swimming lessons Singapore.” And if you happen to be providing swimming lessons in Malaysia, you may wish to rank for keywords like “swimming lessons in Malaysia” and “swimming lessons Malaysia.”

You may want to create an entire web page to rank for each keyword. Alternatively, you can also put all related keywords onto one webpage depending on your design, content, and SEO strategies.

With our in-depth analysis and SEO research before designing the website, you are probably going to get on the first page of search results. These will improve your chance of getting better ROI and transformation of leads to customers.


Your website is an essential tool and serves as a backbone in digital marketing. It is critical to maintain a modern, up-to-date site to support all aspects of your digital marketing strategies. This action should come as no surprise as all traffics from social media marketing, email marketing, PPC, SEO point to your website as the ending destination.

We design intuitive, robust websites to help you improve your internet marketing strategies. If you use social media marketing and blogging, our web design team, and improve your layout, site architecture with monthly maintenance fees to support all your content marketing efforts.

And when it comes to PPC advertising or search engine marketing. Our design and marketing expert team will develop full optimize landing pages for your keywords and promotion. A well-optimized landing pages and content will increase relevancy and help to boost higher sales and maximize your return on investments.

Web Leads Digital Marketing Design Process

We always make sure to provide the best web design services available to our clients; the design processes include:

  • Development of layout
  • Creation of content
  • Conversion optimization
  • Testing of UX Design

We create award-winning website designs by following the five principles of web design:


A beautiful website is one of the first few steps to winning customers.

Your website creates a story together with the words, images, and video contents on the website. A site that makes use of classy, modern web designs, optimized images, and other video multimedia will be much better at converting customers than the one which look like from 1990.

The website should also have clear navigation and be “responsive.” What I meant by “responsive” is that it should resize to fit onto the screen of any devices like a smartphone screen size to a desktop screen and still providing the best user experience for easy usages.



There are more than hundreds of navigation styles available such as the breadcrumbs and mega menu. When it comes to the website’s menu, there are no right and wrong answers. You have to find out which one is the best for your users, provide them with easy navigations that holds their attention.

The Breadcrumb menu works best for websites with many products and services. For example, a car detailing company, a breadcrumb menu, will help guide users from general to specific services like car detailing services and then products associated with the services to buy. It makes users’ navigation easy to go back to where it came from or the general home page.



When you have visitors on your site, you have to keep their attention by presenting them with relevant content that is needed.

You should know how attention affects the SEO through this factor “bounce rate.” It is crucial to have their focus on your brand, products, and services. If you need more sales, conversions and lower the bounce rates on your web pages, you have to catch their attention.

Many companies hold attention in different ways:

  • Copywriting and blogging is a way to provide customers with valuable information and knowledge before making purchases.
  • Video/visual marketing is effective in drawing the attention of visitors since the video is visually appealing. It usually summarize broad, complex idea into minutes and make learning easier on the web. Videos will keep making users interested in finishing the whole web page from the start to the end.
  • Infographics help to keep the attention of people by simplifying the information into simple and easy to understand visualizations. There may be tons of information and infographics being shared online the moment I finished typing this paragraph. You will also get to earn high-quality traffic, attention, and backlinks by always providing the best quality ones compared to your competitors.


Vertical scrolling is the most common form of scroll behavior for all websites presented in smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Directions give users the information and instincts on how they can proceed on your page.

Though both mobile and desktop users get to use only vertical scrolling, the experience on a mobile is different from that on laptops and desktops. Generally, desktop users will use a mega drop-down navigation menu, while mobile users will use a hamburger drop-down menu. The lists make it easier for each to navigate to any part of the website.


Action is the ultimate goal of converting visitors to customers. It is good to have a call to action page at the end to encourage visitors to take action; they usually won’t do so unless you call them to.

You need to have appealing CTAs to make sure they take the action you want them to do. No matter what activities you want them to do, filling up the contact form, making purchases, or applying for email newsletters. You will need compelling CTAs to get them to do what you want.

There are many different kinds of CTAs, and they may take the following forms below:

Image Links
Text Links
Form fields
Video Links
And more
It takes much time for testing, revisions, updating, and editing to make a website driven for performance. Our team has worked with this science of sites for a long time. We will make sure to develop and design with these pointers in mind to make sure your businesses succeed online.

There are many different kinds of CTAs, and they may take the following forms below:


  • Image Links
  • Text Links
  • Buttons
  • Form fields
  • Video Links
  • And more

It takes much time for testing, revisions, updating, and editing to make a website driven for performance. Our team has worked with this science of sites for a long time. We will make sure to develop and design with these pointers in mind to ensure your business success online.

Why Partner with Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency and Academy for Website Design and Development Services?

Choose Web Leads for your digital marketing full-suite solutions.



Our experienced website designers are experts in UX designs – and are trained to work with structures and CMSes that excel in SEO. When you do websites with Web Leads Digital Agency and Academy, you can assess to designers that teach web designs in local polytechnics and universities with vast experiences of up to 15 years producing unique, original, customized websites that are results-driven.


When we say we feature a team of award-winning designers, we mean it. We’ve won more than 50 awards for web design, competing against thousands of other talented web designers to earn Best in Category, Gold, Silver, and Bronze distinctions for our clients’ websites.


We have a team of web developers with experiences of more than 18 years in developing the best websites. We are well versed in all kinds of platforms with complex ones like Magento for eCommerce stores to popular ones like WordPress. We are a power team that is continually learning to do any types of websites that are available in the latest tech industries. You name it, and we got you covered!


We have partnered with industry leaders from a wide range of industries locally and globally. The range of industries include manufacturing of steels, car, car workshops, eCommerce, health, sports, food, beverages, and more. Our clients’ recommendations scores are higher than any of our counterpart industry average.


We have a project team managers that help to coordinate your businesses wants and need between developers and designers. They work as an extension and are knowledgeable in the practical part of business operations. The project team managers will be in charge of listening, learning your business goals, and overall vision for your website. The result will be a website that captures your company to the very last details.


Lifetime support packages available when your need for website edit arises. Our packages start from $100 per month, giving you a complete sense of peace of mind to all your website development and design needs.

You could hire web personnel to sit in your office the whole day and paid $40,000 annually or virtual assistant at $20,000 annually, but nothing will beat this price!

Our locations across Asia, from Singapore to Japan, making it easy for your team to collaborate with us anytime, anywhere.

Get a performance-driven website for your business

Ready to create a website that drives not only results but also customer satisfaction? Choose WebFX and our award-winning team of designers — they’ve won more than four dozen prestigious Horizon Awards — and can maximize your website for traffic, conversions, and revenue.

Contact us online or call us at +65 8622 7462 to speak with an experienced strategist!

Don’t forget, whether you need a web design in Singapore or anywhere, Web Leads Digital Marketing Agency and Academy has you covered.

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Why WordPress CMS?

Responsive and mobile-friendly website designs will appeal to the modern world now with multiple screens. The goal here is to have all the different content on the web pages to render differently. Designing your websites in these ways helps to save cost, bring in more traffic, lower the maintenance costs, faster web pages, continue to reduce the bounce rates, etc. CMS allows you to change and update the design easily anytime anywhere.

WordPress CMS is now powering 30% of the whole world’s websites. WordPress and design is simple and yet appealing to the mass, it is highly sought after nowadays by businesses of all kinds. There are many benefits to using WordPress as your CMS, and here are some of them. Such as cost-effectiveness, site updates anywhere you like with connections to the internet, search engine optimization ready, syndication is convenient, site upgrade capabilities easy, aggressive content marketing, social media integration, robust site security, etc.

Websites are the most important powerful marketing tools in digital marketing, get one for your company today!