5 Tips To Become A Productive Digital Marketer!

It is sometimes difficult to remain productive as a digital marketer especially so when they are so many distractions. Try to picture yourself waking up, showered, and ready to check your emails.

You have a seat in front of your desktop and turn the computer on.

While you are deciding on writing your to-do list and getting ready to set up your next marketing campaigns, you decided to check on all your emails, and to your surprise, you saw 500 emails just got in over the weekends!

This time, you got stuck, and your breathing became deeper than ever knowing you have more than 500 emails to read. And the worse is you have not even started your tasks, and now you have so many emails to read.

Ten minutes later, you saw your phone in a skype message; your boss is messaging you to check on when he can see you to discuss for the quarter’s marketing campaign.

As a marketer, you always have tons of things to get done every day. How do we keep our laser focus and understand the priorities in all our marketing effort? With the endless distractions we get daily; it is challenging to keep your sanity and productivity up as a marketer.

Today we will share 5 of the valuable digital marketer and marketers alike share on improving their productivity at work and get more things done.

Early Riser

Productive marketer usually wake up earlier like one or two hours earlier than their work time that normally start at 9 – and ends at 5 pm.

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man, healthy wealthy and wise”

Entrepreneur and marketing experts suggested waking up even earlier, like Jason Kim, a writer, entrepreneur, and freelance content marketing expert.

He starts office daily at 8.30 am, and before the office even opens, you will see him ready with his computer. He wakes up every 4 hours before the regular work hours and concentrate only on writing. Those early hours were crucial for productivity; you are not allowed to do any other tasks, distractions of all sorts, but focused on writing the number one task you have to get done.

Jason works on many multiple project for his business, such as personal blog, his online and offline courses he is teaching, and his client’s work. It is very easy for him to lose sight of what are his priorities and what are the things he needs to get done first.

Instead of waiting for you to get back from work, usually as exhausted as you can get. You can get working on your side projects, having the job started and done early.

Giselle, a content marketing manager from WebFx, suggested the same thing about waking up early before work. It allows her to catch up with reading all the blog posts, latest trends, and things that are happening in the world of marketing. You will have all the time to do the planning, slow down, and come in fresh in the office.

Getting up early and starting work earlier is proven by many researches to be beneficial to boost productivity, mental health, and the like.

The office is waived off from the office chatters and unscheduled meetings. It makes it conducive to get all the tasks done.

Focus and getting things done early in the morning is the main point here and not what time you wake up in the morning. Learn to manage your tasks and stay on with the highest priority until the work is finished.

Doing things right at the right time

As marketers, we usually get overloaded with a lot of tasks such as emails, meetings, calls, news, social media, chats. These are but just some of the distractions faced by marketers.

We need to learn how to set out a block of time so that we know how to dedicate time to where it counts. The biggest battle is staying focused on the right things at the right time. You need to know what are the most valuable part of your business process.

If you have always wanted to set up a new event campaign to get promotional with your products, services, or any email automation system but do not seem to have the time to get it done. I suggest it is time you get started by organizing your calendar. Start using the ABCDE methods to prioritize all your tasks, know what things you need to do, get started and get things done.

ABCDE Time Management Task Strategies

ABCDE method is one task management strategies you can use to learn how to be self-disciplined ruthlessly. This system is powerful, and it helps you to prioritize your tasks by putting A, B, C, D, E next to each of your tasks.

A means something you must do, reserve it for essential tasks that produce serious consequences. B stands for should do, and you have to get time for it, take action so that things get done; these are tasks with mild consequences. C stands for a could do and have no significant consequences, but it will be nice to do when you have time.

D stands for tasks that you can delegate to others, and the delegation method will allow you to work on higher-value tasks that only you can do at the allocated time and pay you with whatever you want to earn. E stands for elimination; these are the things you should not do, such as distractions watching social media and the likes during work. You should never do a C task when you still yet finish a B task and a B task when you have yet done with your A task. This single handling focus on getting on one thing done before moving to the next is one powerful method of high productivity.

You need to have self-discipline with your work schedule. No one will force you to act on your negative thoughts into losing your concentration like clicking onto social media, checking your Whatsapp message. You are your own enemy when it comes to dealing with distractions. You must be strict when you want to increase your productivity and get more work done.

I get my balls together and discipline myself to finish a blog post at least everyday or in advance. I structure every day of my time to half now, I protect the first half for writing, creative work, while the other half more focused on sending, replying, and meetings in the late afternoons.

Focus on clearing the most important tasks first; remember that whatever you need to do, you only have so many hours to get it done. Focus on the top 3 most important tasks and leave all the non-important tasks later in the day.

Learn to ignore your distractions

We have many real-time “challenges” we have to face nowadays. In the old days, we can sit down in the office and focus on the time to work.

Smartphones and the Internet devices; however helpful they have helped us in life today can also hurt us in our productivity. We need to learn when to play with it when it is time to get things done at work.

Distractions and negative thoughts are the biggest challenges to significant productivity. We are constantly distracted by constant emails, voice messages, text messages, social media, negative thoughts, etc.

We live in a world where people want immediate responses all the time. These interruptions are challenging to make you keep into the momentum and do things you should be doing focusing on your highest task.

Distractions are also what I faced, and feel are the most significant challenges to my productivity goals daily. Constant emails, phone calls, messages are popping right up in front of me when I am writing and editing this blog post now!

Jason Yim, content marketing strategist in ChillyBin once mentioned that one biggest mistake of most marketers are with the constant stream of distractions, they ended up trying to do everything at the same time.

This multi-tasking behavior is not uncommon, and many marketers commit this mistake, spread themselves thin, and end up getting no much done at the end of the day.

He suggested to practice single handling, practicing mindfulness, ruthless prioritization to kill the thoughts or feelings of missing out something. Multi-tasking slows us down; it is better to do single handling and complete the task on hand before moving on to the next one.

Single handling is essential for high productivity and help you have a more concentrated, sustained effort on the go.

There are so many distractions nowadays that you might have thought that it is better to shut down all your phones, close all your doors, isolate yourself from the whole world, to be able to get things done.

Extreme situations may help to relieve critical conditions but not a long term strategies for reducing your workload, boost your productivity, and get more things done.

Practicing self-control and starting with the basics might be more helpful. You can learn to airplane mode your phone, ignore any notifications from desktop, and locked yourself from offices, etc.

Turning off the notifications and phone calls to respond later help me focus on what is best and do the best work.

I will also recommend to use some apps like Freedom that help block you from browsing websites that are killing your productivity. You can set a time to have it blocked for an amount of time you desire, such as 5 minutes to 8 hours. You will be surprised how much it makes you a more productive digital marketer.

Distractions destroy productivity, negative thoughts destroy productivity – you have to learn how to counter it.

Practice mindfulness and staying focused on your goal is one way to kill it, know what are the task on hand and how much time you have to complete it will produce an urgency to get things done faster.

It is you fighting against yourself at the end of the day to get all these distractions out and do not let them disturb your productivity.

Plan your day and have a morning routine.

We have discussed earlier about waking up early so you can set yourself up for success. Waking up early and not doing what you need to do may hurt your productivity and not bring any success.

Productive digital marketer usually has a morning routine written down on their to-do list, this leads to the success and get them started, know what they need to get done.

Morning routine is used by many successful people all around the world to increase productivity. Benjamin Franklin is one legendary figure that taught many successful men how to have work done by incorporating a morning routine.

benjamin franklin productive schedule

Benjamin Franklin’s famous daily schedule, including his morning routine

Gabriel Lim, one of our copywriting and SEO experts, mentioned that having a morning routine was what drove success to him and one that drives him for higher productivity and he, in turn, became a more productive digital marketer.

For the past few years! I had learned to become a productive marketer following the routine as follow:

  1. Early wake up at 4.00 am
  2. Wash up and drink a glass of water 
  3. 5 minutes stretching and exercise 
  4. Prayers and meditation for 10 minutes 
  5. 1 hour and a half for reading 
  6. 1 hour 30 minutes for writing 
  7. To do list planning for 20 minutes 
  8. Listen to music 10 minutes 
  9. Exercise session for 45 minutes
  10. Breakfast 

You have to do it daily instead and not once in a while. You have to put this into your muscle memory and change it into a habit. Just like my favorite philosopher and writer Aristotle always say: 

“95% of what you do is the result of habit.”

Exercise and keep moving

You have to exercise to produce better work, get your blood rushing, and working again. Digital marketers spend a lot of their time in front of the computer, which leads to bad posture, wearing them out both physically, mentally, and leading to lower productivity.

Occasionally, take some time off from digital marketing and maintain your health, you will be surprised how much it actually boosts your productivity.

Exercise is good for health and your brain. It gets the heart pumping more blood, helps you reconnect to the world, making sure you start and finish the day feeling stronger. Many studies have shown us that keeping to a regular exercise regime can help us in many ways: 

  1. Our brain become more receptive, and we can learn faster
  2. We can concentrate better 
  3. Build mental resilience 
  4. Improve your memory retention

The key here is to increase your heart rate, keep it pumping harder, increase the blood flow, and increase your productivity. 


Mastering your productivity is something that might take you months to learn. The key here is to stay focus on getting all your work done. Take it one step at a time and explore new ways to understand what works best for you.

A productive digital marketer knows that time management is crucial when it comes to organizing your life and work generally. Above are some of the tips from top digital marketers and how they use it to become even more productive during their work time.

Remember to keep your life in balance in terms of the 5 areas of success: work, health, fun, relationships, and learning.

I hope you can take something out of the information to improve your life and make it better, increase your productivity, start getting things done and become one productive digital marketer!

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